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Author has written 8 stories for Mortal Kombat, Saints Row, My Little Pony, Five Nights at Freddy´s, and Until Dawn.

Writing is like a turn table of mixture, and creativity is like a rhythm...Mix it together, and you got a DJWriter! B )

CodeName: DJWriter

Age: 20

Basic Information: I'm a gamer always and foreva...I got the name DJWriter, because I love to write and I have a way of mixing things for a sweet rhythmn or vibe to the stories...To make a story exciting, you make a movie in your head and write down all the motions that are happening...Every little detail counts...Write something for your enjoyment, but also what the fans want! =D

Favorite Video Games: Mass Effect Series, Saints Row Series, Dead Rising Series, Resident Evil Series, Obsure I and II, Super Smash Bros series, GTA series, WWE or WWF series, Final Fantasy series, Left 4 Dead series, and anything else that can get a Spike TV video game Award...

Favorite Movies: Final Destination series, Stay Alive, SAW series, XMen Series, Spiderman Series, Batman franschise, Resident Evil, Shrek, WALL E, Click, House on Haunted Hill, Return to House on Haunted Hill, and Spongebob Movie..."You can't hate Spongebob cause he's yella..." lol

OC's (Original Characters)

Within my fanfiction universe, I connect the stories together by having characters connected with someone or something in different stories.

The OC's Bio will grow further as the stories or new stories process.


*A hint, if your reading my profile, you can send me a message of a OC and I'll gladly put them in one of the stories of your choosing...*

Alex A.K.A The Boss:

(The Saint Row Series)

The one character that has been through it all, he's still the original Saint from the start and the longest running Saints since the beginning. He's still the Badass from the series, power hungry and not caring who he kills. The one thing that's different from the series is having relationships with the females of the Saints. He's very fond of each of them, especially Shaundi and Kinzie. He doesn't take betrayal too kindly, and does whatever it takes to remain the Top Dogg. Much like Gat, he's trigger happy and thinks the only way to solve his problems is to shoot something or destroy the main thing in his way. His main Antagonist that seems to never die or who always interfer in the Boss's plan is Lil Joker. He's not much of a holiday person, but willing to make his friends happy, even if he hates the situation he's in. In the final chapter of Saints Row: A VERY * UP CHRISTMAS, the Boss proposed to Shaundi, saying they will be together after he's done with gang banging.

Lil Joker:

(Briefly in Saints Row, Saints Row 2 and Half, Briefly in Saints Row: Street Legends Vs. Urban Legend, The Aftermath of Saints Row: A VERY * UP CHRISTMAS)

After departing from his family in Silent Hill, this character took his chance into gang banging. He join the Los Carnales in Stilwater after growing a love interest in a woman named Luz Avalos. Soonafter she leaves and cheat on him with Angelo Lopez, the brother of the leader of the Los Carnales. Before he could have knew, He was shot in the head by a Vice King member while attacking the Vice Kings and Westside Rollerz during a drive by. Luckily he survived the bullet, but It was later found by prison doctors that the bullet lodge into his head, left him with mental problems and a unfit mind, where he's too dangerous for himself and others around him. In Saints Row, He wears a red bandana scarf to cover his mouth and nose, due to what happened to a gangbanger Its now a black scarf, In Saints Row 2 and Half he takes on being a vigilante, rather than being a gang banger. His main goal is to take out anyone that's in his way, or revenge even if it involves him killing love ones or innocent people. He seems to take a liking to witchcraft, and its unknown whether he's alive or paranormaly existing now.


(Saints Row: Street Legends Vs. Urban Legend)

He's a local electronic store manager, and a Star Wars Nerd. He's one of Kinzie Kensington's good friends. He has a major crush on Shaundi, and is willing to ask Kinzie to help him get closer to her. He once tried out for "I Wanna Sleep with Shaundi" but was rejected. Kinzie agrees to help him, but only to get free stuff in returned. He cares about Kinzie as a friend, maybe even more. He wants to be a Third Street Saint, but Kinzie thinks he's better off just being a store manager.

The Dire Mafia:

(Saints Row 2 and Half)

They are a secret organization mafia gang, led by Adriano Zefiro. They stay hidden underground to handle business from the authories, but soon came up top after finding out that the Saints are ruling Stilwater. They aren't much of a threat, but they have contacts that can make them powerful enough to take care of people for them. They soon met their demised at the hands of the Saints, but only with 7 members, missing one. Lil Joker join after being a Los Carnales, until Adriano mistreated him to the point where he wanted Adriano dead to prove he doesn't need a gang to gain what he wants.


(Saints Row: Street Legends Vs. Urban Legend, The Aftermath of Saints Row: A VERY * UP CHRISTMAS)

Based off the original Creepypasta, this character is no ordinary character in the stories, he has the appearance of young Link from the legend of Zelda, but has a demontic face with blood pouring from the dark shadow of his eyes and a smile that never seems to go away. He has demontic and paranormal powers that can be violent jokes on people, and can turn serious if they provoke him. Whenever he's around, a reverse flute song from the Legend Of Zelda series will find its way to play somewhere BEN is. Left off from the original creepypasta, BEN found his way out through Kinzie Kensington's supercomputer after playing the destroyed game he was trap in. Since his released, he wants to create harm to anyone for fun or revenge. In the final chapter of Saints Row: Street Legends Vs. Urban Legend, Lil Joker seems to have a connection with BEN, maybe even hinting that he was the one who brought BEN to life, but it seems that both of them are working together to cause demontic harm to those of their choosing. Like Lil Joker, its uncertain whether he's alive or just a imagination for taunting others.


Secret. In. Natural. Twist. Situations

(Saints Row 2 And Half, Saints Row: A VERY * UP CHRISTMAS)

This character has his ways and this character has been a fan to the Saints in the beginning. He supported the Boss all the way and has a thing for the Third Street chicks, but doesn't like when the Boss treats them terrible. He breaks the fourth wall in each story and helps out the Saints in any way he can.


Brooke Price:

(Unleasing the Wraith on the Row)

The sister of John Price (from the Call of Duty series) and a rookie soldier who is assign to help and protect the U.S Senator Monica Hughes while she runs for President.

Kyle MacTavish:

(Unleasing the Wraith on the Row)

The brother of the deceased John "Soap" MacTavish (from the Call of Duty series) and another rookie soldier who works aside with Brooke in helping and protecting the U.S. Senator Monica Hughes while she runs for President.

Mr. Goldman:

(Unleasing the Wraith on the Row)

A corrupted rich business man that only cares about his money. Matt Miller is currently working for him and hopes he can be able to rid the Saints for good. He has a thing for Viola and hopes he'll get her to join him.

Senator Jonathan Loranbuytis

(Unleashing the Wraith upon Row)

He is Monica Hughes election competition, and his main goal is to win and do whatever it takes to do so. He also trys to win over the public views and think he can do better at getting rid of the Saints himself.

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