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Who am I? I'm the one who writes the one-shots in the spanish section and who is a crazy hermaphrodite who tries to balance its work as an english teacher with its college studies and the fanfic writting. Yeah, that's me.


Going on:

Katzen Blut: A vampiric story about the characters from The Cat Returns. Haru Yoshioka, who has severe amnesia and thus doesn't remember anything prior to the year she had spent with her family in Okinawa, one day suddenly discovers the existence of terrible cat-vampire monsters and the fact that she's the only one in the world who can fight them. Of course, she's not alone, since by her side is her eternal knight, Humbert and the elite organization known as Red Shield, which had vowed to help her destroy the source of the vampires.


La oficina de asuntos del gato: ¿Alguna vez te has preguntado qué otros casos ha tomado el famoso Barón Humbert Von Gikkingen? Muy bien, esta es la respuesta. Bienvenido a los archivos secretos de la Oficina de Asuntos del Gato. Pues claro, con una figurilla inmortal, aburrida de una vida de ver pasar el tiempo frente a él, tenía que haber dejado un largo camino de casos resueltos... ¿o no?

Nothing's gonna harm you: A one-shot for Halloween. After almost a decade of being freed from the clutches of the Cat King and her own fear, Haru Yoshioka still haven't been able to find the love of her life. But that doesn't mean she hasn't find her real calling in life. And while taking care of the young lifes that had been entrusted to her in the only night when the Otherworld connects with us, what does destiny has in stores for our young heroine?

Fantasía: Haru Von Gikkingen is the last daughter from a long line of Dollmakers dedicated to keep the balance between magic and oblivion. Some had thought her unable to take on the responsability of the continued existence of the imagination, but it's not her fault people had stopped to believe in magic. So, her only chance to succeed in her quest to save the magic from oblivion is the half-cat doll passed from heir to heir in her family's line, The Great Baron Humbert Von Gikkingen.

They think I'm a fool: But am I? Really? Am I and idiot as many people believe or downright everything that happened that day was something I schemed beforehand? (My beliefs on Natoru)

¿Qué significa el amor?: Baron y Haru han pasado por muchas cosas juntos, desde el día en el que se conocieron, salvando a la joven de un futuro que ella no deseaba. Pasado sobre todo, juntos por la vida de la joven, en una amistad que no conoce las barreras de la especie. Pero ahora que ella ha madurado y que la mayoría de los obstáculos han desaparecido de su camino, ¿podrán seguir ambos con la pantomima de una amistad o darán paso a los verdaderos sentimientos en sus corazones?

To those really interested to know the person behind the computer, who's willing to call itself an hermaphrodite:

Gender: whatever fits me the day, but it's pretty obvious when seing me in person, at least I think.

Reasons for my Username: I always announce myself as Charly (sometimes for Charlotte, sometimes for Charles), and Will once said me that I made her think of both Kaa, from the Jungle Book and the Chesire cat from Alice in Wonderland. But I prefer to stick to Kaa.

Physical description: "something" in the fat side, tall for my family, small for most of my male friends. I have waist-long brown/black curly hair, almost white skin and coffee brown eyes, abnormally small hands, asymetry from my left leg (so I walk somewhat funny XD) and use glasses.

Favourite movie: Coraline, now and until something better comes!

Favourite anime: Blood

Favourite manga: YamaNade or The Wallflower (a friend said me my "girl mode" is almost like Sunako)

Favourite TV show: Ruby Gloom

Favourite book: The Halloween tree, by Ray Bradbury

Hobbies: to try drawing hummingbirds, knitting, reading and studying religious anthropology.

No birthday because I hate it! (and not because of a reminder of how the time flies, but because the person I loved the most in this world, my dear best friend Will, died two years ago in my birthday)


Wow, so long after not writting anything. I'm here, really procastinating from a work I still got to do, even if I don't particulary want. But I must.

Writting, again, Katzen Blut, had turned into a real challenge, a really depressing one, when I stop to think about the number of the words it is composed from and the small amount of people reading it. Can you believe that more than 90,000 words and just 765 views! in total is the reality of my story? Ok, I know I'm not a great writer, nor I sell my story particulary well. I mean, most of the readers come here for the drama and romance (And myself counting between them) and something along the lines of "oh, by the way there will be thousands of dead people and lots of blood and I can't write romance to save my life since I haven't experienced it firsthand ever and I don't know how the hell it works..." well, that just doesn't call the attention of the readers, I bet mostly by the idea of having a Baron not exactly a "cat figurine slash perfect gentleman", but a bit of a servant to Haru.

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