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Author has written 15 stories for Bones, NCIS, Castle, Primeval, Merlin, Criminal Minds, and Blue Bloods.

Hi I am 19 and I live in Hampshire, England. I love horses and all other animals, reading and horse riding, I currently go to Queens University Belfast and I study Criminology.

My favorite tv shows are: Criminal Minds, NCIS, Castle, Blue Bloods, Major Crimes, Law and Order SVU, Primeval, Psych, Bones, Teen Wolf, Buffy, Firefly, Warehouse 13, Merlin, and most of the other shows like that, if i wrote all the shows i watch this profile would never end :D These are shows i think i could write for if i had an idea.

I love reading books, if i wrote all of my fav books again this would probably never end :) but i will say my all time favourite books would be The Inheritance Cycle by Christopher Paolini - he is my all time fav writer and he inspired me to try and live up to my dream and write. I also adore Kathy Reichs' Virals series and reccomend them to anyone who loves sassy teens out solving mysteries and a good laugh.

So far i have 7 complete books and a few in progress and a one shot i might one day write more too, the one shots i might write more for if i had an idea. i know it is weird to have to many up at once but i just keep getting ideas i have to publish. I just write for them when i have inspiration :) - List of my books and better synopsis' at the end.

i know that most of my books are quite repetitive but that is my strong point so that is what i write about, i am trying to do others but they aren't very good.

Writing fanfiction displays and allows our individuality, forming circumstances and situations to which we mold characters, even though not our own, we let our imagination free, setting forth from the boundaries built by origionalities. We explore new meanings, new emotions and new ways to make these characters shine. In each story we breath our own breath into each character, making a small part of them our own- Detective Caz,

Link to Tumblr - Please Follow
Link to Youtube Channel -

The couples that i approve of in tv programs are:

Castle - Castle and Beckett (the perfect couple)
Bones - Brennan and Booth (YAY for them having a baby together :D)
NCIS - Tony and Ziva (Obviously) McGee and Abby are quite cute too
Primeval - Abby and Connor (made for each other)
Warehouse 13 - Pete and Myka of course
Psych - Shawn and Jules (perfect)
Merlin -Gwen and Arthur (too cute)

Well let me know what you guys think, if anyone wants me to write a specific story inbox me and i will see if i think i can do it

thanks :D

I am a Primevalian. We are rare and close to extinction but are slowly spreading into the hearts of civilians. If you are a Primevalian - copy and paste this to your profile.

If you wished you could either own or star in Primeval copy and paste this onto your profile.

I am the girl ... that doesn't go to school dances, and when I do go, I sit in a corner and read a book. I am the girl that people look through when I say something. I am the girl that spends most of her free time reading, writing, or doing other activities that most teenagers wouldn't call normal. I am the girl that people call weird, and a freak either behind my back or to my face. I am the girl that doesn't spend all her time on MySpace, or talking to a girlfriend on a cellphone or regular phone. I am the girl that has stopped to smell the flowers and jump and splash in the rain.

But I am also the girl who knows and is proud to be who she is, doesn't care if people call her weird (it's a compliment), who has a comeback for whatever you say to her, who loves reading and writing and doing the things that no one seems to have the time to do any more, who loves and is obsessed sci-fi and fantasy, who can express herself better with words, and knows the importance of the little things.

Copy and Paste this onto your account, if you are anything like me, so the girls who are different and unique can know in their weakest times that they are unique, but not alone.

You know that you're addicted to NCIS when...
1. You have seen every episode several times and still never get tired of it.
2. You will yell if someone tries bothers you on Tuesday night when you are watching a new episode of NCIS.
3. You find yourself Gibbs slapping people. (Or yourself)
4. You have had a dream about it or involving one of the characters.
5. You daze out while sitting at your desk and imagine yourself running alongside Tony and Ziva with your gun drawn yelling, "Federal agents! Drop your weapon!"
6. You watch the movies that Tony has mentioned. As many as humanly possible that is.
7. You wish USA would put more than just three episodes a night on.
8. You have started using military references. Hit the head, scuttle butt, hit the rack, etc.
9. The majority of television you watch is of NCIS.
10. You smell something funny or hear a beeping sound and your mind goes to a chemical attack or a bomb.
11. You call people Probie and use McNicknames.
12. Your dog goes missing and you say to, "Put out a BOLO."
13. You try and convince every person you meet to watch it.
14. You use the term Hinky.
15. When anyone says your obsessed, you reply starts "Yeah, Gibbs would say that."
16. You have hooked your family and friends as well
17. On Tuesday, your friends ask and answer the question, "What are you doingtonight? Oh wait, it’s a Tuesday, never mind."
18. You make it a point to drink coffee black
19. You attempt to dress up as one of the characters on Halloween
20. You reference NCIS in your homework
21. When your friend can’t remember where he/she parked, you say "Put a BOLO out."

You know your addicted to Castle when: do weird things with your eyebrows
.. you sing in your car
.. you consider a wiper as a gun
.. you wanna play laser tag in your apartment
.. you compare coffee to monkey pee
.. you want a "WRITER" jacket
.. you ship Caskett hard
.. you don't say "good night" but "until tomorrow"
.. you dream of telling someone "Don't leave town"
.. you nickname people "Kitten"
.. your safe word is "Apples"
.. you want people to write a book about you
.. you read Heat Wave, Naked Heat and you're currently waiting for Heat Rises
.. you're the only one to look forward to Mondays
.. you think of Castle when someones talks about Men In Black
.. you hate Josh, Demming & Gina
.. you don't say you're cold because you know it could be worse (3x17)
.. you look for Castle or Beckett when you open your freezer
.. Martha-isms are your own philosophy need to go "over there"
.. some songs like "Rise" or " Into the Blue", "Stop & Stare" ... mean so much more to you than to other people
.. you turn every love song into a Caskett one
.. Alexander is more than a first name to you wish you had someone that could be there for you, and you could be there for them and you could just dive into it together
.. you exactly how to know when you're in love wanna have a drink in The Old Haunt
.. you bite your lips more often than you used to listen AT LEAST to one rap song : Get On The Floor
.. you want a space cowboy costume
.. you want to wear Beckett's heels, scarfs and coats
.. you love Ryan & Esposito's bromance
.. on the morning, you don't save a life, you just eat waffles
.. you "feed the birds" with people
.. you usually say "shut the front door!"
.. you try to speak with a Russian accent
.. you're a Stanatic follow the whole cast on Twitter
.. you have a complete faith in Andrew Marlowe
.. you ship Agent Shaw & Agent Fallon
.. you love leather jackets
.. you laugh when Lanie has a conversation with dead people
.. you call every panda "Ying Ying"
.. you wanna make "little Castle babies"
.. "you smell like cherries"
.. you cried watching the kiss
.. you've listened to "Drive Me Insane" manyyyy times
.. you never watched a promo as many times as you watched the one for season 2
.. you think you're cursed each time something bad happens to you
.. you're afraid of radiations
.. you wonder where Beckett's tattoo is
.. you love "Piano Man" and regularly sing it on Saturdays when "it's 9 o'clock"
.. you believe in coincidences
.. you love Caskett eyesex
.. you become crazy when Castle & Beckett call each other by their first name
.. you love "Alakazam, jackass"
.. you know what is true love : getting someone out of prison
.. you love the Castle family
.. you want a grandmother like Martha
.. you wish you were as serious as Alexis
.. the first thing you read when you got Heat Wave was Page 105 !
.. "Always" is more than a word for you
.."You here the word Casket and don't think about funerals

MY Books


- An Adolescent Alliance - CROSSOVER - Bones, Castle, NCIS - Complete

Written with Jisbonforever :D

The sniper that shot Kate is back but now he is in DC, after a violent shooting, three teams come together - NYPD, NCIS, and the Jeffersionion, and the 3 teams work together, their children meet and find that they are not alone in their pains and traumas, and that despite the fact that their parents are all from different teams, they prove that it isn't as hard as it might appear for different groups to work together when you are all after a common goal.
the three children, determined to prove that their trauma's will not cripple them forever, rise to become part of the team, the team where they are all one team together. Then Things get out of hand again.
It is mostly centered around Castle with the others mainly because i have done a sequel for NCIS and Bones but not for Castle - i would suggest you read my other books first to make this one easier to understand.

- Kindred Spirits - CROSSOVER - Bones, Castle, NCIS - Complete

Co written with MissZivaBeckett

Similar to my Adolescent Alliance story but not linked at all. The three teams come together to solve a series of bank robberies and murders that have been moving from city to city. Meanwhile at NCIS tension is brewing between Tali DiNozzo and the recently discovered teenage daughter of McGee; Blair.
But before they can work things out disaster strikes and they find themselves trapped in a hostage situation with the very robbers their families are trying to catch, struggling to hide their identities as cop children. But of course things are never simple.
Will this situation strike an unlikely alliance between two foes? Or will this turn deadly as a bullet leaves the chamber of a gun? And will they ever see their families again when things go sour.

The characters, April, Livie and Tali are all mine. Blair belongs to my dear friend MissZivaBeckett who assisted me in writing this story.

You don't have to read the other stories linked in first but it might help.

Link to Trailer


- The Daughter In The Danger - Complete

Basically set 14 years in the future and Brennan and Booth have a daughter called April, Everything is fine until they find a body of a girl they once knew, the next day April is kidnapped by someone who calls himself Nemesis, he took her to cause her parents pain after they locked his brother up for killing his wife and he died. Nemesis hurts her and taunts her parents that they will never see her again but she is their daughter and well she was a fighter. Won't ruin it for you how it ends - it was my first fanfic so not my best. Would suggest you read it before reading The Daughter's Deja Vu.

- The Daughter's Deja Vu - Complete

Sequel to The Daughter in the Danger - April is now 15 and it has been almost a year since her kidnapping, things are almost back to normal until one day her parents mysteriously disappear after sending her a note telling her to run and a small computer chip which they tell her to hide where it will never be found, she runs but is taken into Foster Care as her mother was when she was the same age. It is about her struggle to hold onto her faith and love for them.


- Her Secret Life No More - Complete

This is a story i wrote for Jisbonforever. in this Kate has a 13 year old daughter called Livie that she has kept secret from everyone except Lanie. But that all changed when she was kidnapped, everyone finds out and they all fight to bring her back, but once they do, the battle is not over, Livie has a long and tiring battle to fully recover from her trauma, and nightmares haunt her, but she and Kate are not alone in their fight, of course Castle will be there to help along with the rest of his family and the team. Along they way though, will feelings change, will the young traumatized girl be able to bring Kate and Rick together as we know they should be, and for the first time will both families be complete. You will have to read to find out :D - this one is one of my popular ones. It is about how one person, if it is the right person, can change everything and make everything be seen differently, it is about how Livie see's something between Kate and Rick and she decides that it is time her mom started to follow her heart.

Link To Trailer

- The Next Chapter of Our Lives - In Progress

Epilogue to Her Secret Life No More & An Adolescent Alliance - Won't make sense if you haven't read An Adolescent Alliance (if you don't watch NCIS or Bones though inbox me and i can give you a summary of what you need to know) It does have a tiny bit of Bones and a bit of NCIS at the beginning. but from chapter five it is pure Caskett fluff. This is the story of Livie's recovery, how she fights her demons,& how hers & Kate's life change afterwards & how they continue to be a big happy family,& how that big happy family, slowly gets bigger with the arrival of a little Castle baby...

Criminal Minds

- Carpe Diem - Complete

I wote this because I wanted to give Reid a happy ending. It is about the BAU getting a new intern; a sparky and plucky young grauate called Livie whom Reid almost instantly falls for and the feeling is mutual. Over the case of a missing little girl the two of them bond and once the case is over they only grow closer. This story follows how their relationship evolves and develops over the course of Livie's internship. But what happens when her time is up and another offer is given? Will she stay with Reid? Or whill he have to say goodbye once more?


- One Big Dysfunctional NCIS Family - In Progress

This is still a working progress, it is a Prequel to my story Out To Get You, not done yet, but it is going to be a story of Tiva fluff and a baby that completes our favorite crime solving family. Will have pregnancy drama and the life of the DiNozzo child, growing up in NCIS with her family

- Out To Get You - Complete

I like this one, and was sad when it ended. In this Tony and Ziva have a 12 year old Daughter named Talia Kaitlyn (after Ziva's sister and of course Cait). She gets kidnapped by someone from Ziva's past to bait Ziva, but she escapes and saves everyone lives from a bomb, but of course it isnt the end and her kidnapper isnt going to give up so easily, he wants Ziva's life and he is going to add Tali's to that list, the whole DiNozzo family is taken and it becomes a race against time to save Tali, or Gibbs will loose the whole family. How will the events unfold?

- Family Blood Ties - Complete

Sequel to Out To Get You. It is basically about Tali being taken by Mossad and being forced to become her mother, a true kick ass ninja Mossad spy, she is sent into a supposedly easy mission which turns out to have a twist. Now it is down to Tali to not just save herself and her family, but to save her two countries from war. And along the way there are more complications, well what do you do when your mark has feelings for you? And You for him?

Link To Trailer

- Proud

A one shot i wrote, but might write more for if i get asked to. 15 years in the future and tali gives some sudden and surprising news, tony looks at his little girl and realizes that she isn't that little anymore, she is all grown up, but she assures him she will always be his little princess, and he realizes no matter what she does or how old she gets, he will be proud of her no matter what.


- Our Cretaceous Souvenir - Complete

This One is set after Abby and Connor return from spending a year in the Cretaceous Period, during that time when they fell in love they became intimate and of course they had no protection, so when they make it home Abby finds out that she is pregnant. Of course their life is not normal so things are not going to just be easy, Abby soon finds herself and their child in danger and Connor is the only one who can save them. Will he manage too, or will he loose the love of his life. If you like Primeval, i would suggest you give it a go, people really seem to like it. I know there are mistakes but i will go through and sort them promise


- Love Conquers All

Basically a one shot, maybe more if i get asked to write more. Set in the future, Arthur recalls a love story of his own to a rather intelligent 6 year old, who guesses the origin of the story. If i got asked to do more it would be just a story to a six year old, but much more to a 14 year old...


Blue Bloods - If Only He Had Known

When Eddie leaves her phone in the cruiser one night Jamie goes to drop it off at her apartment where he gets the shock of his life at what he finds in her apartment. Will the secret Eddie has been keeping be a make or break in their relationship? A story about the joining of families and even the eventually the expanding of a family.

Ones i am thinking of:

My brother challenged me to think of a story that would combine my three favorite crime shows: Castle, Bones and NCIS, i came up with one random one that has nothing to do with my other stories and one that could tie in after my other stories.

Random one
Serial killer from new York kills marines and leaves their bodies to decompose, the NYPD, NCIS and FBI/ Jeffersonion teams will have to team together to catch him before he strikes again, maybe closer to home.

Primeval - Ari

This is about Aralia - i was thinking of doing it where she is 12 and maybe runs in with Burton again, written loads but not sure about publishing it.

If you want more info on any of my unpublished stories do not hesitate to message me

Would love any feedback :) Thanks and enjoy

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