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I am basically just a tomboy. I LOVE sports and I love to write and read. I am always the "class clown" and I make sure that everyone knows it! The only other thing in the world that I live and breathe besides soccer is reading; yes I am bookworm.=) Please read and review any of my stories, I am just here to improve my writing skills and learn how to be the best author that I can. Love Fantasy and Fairy anyone out there with stories along those lines...beware; I will be reading them. HAHA love you all, HAPPY WRITING!!!

Some Stuff About Me:

I love to text

I believe in magic (I'm a kid at heart)

I just moved to Louisiana with a friend

My room mate is into voodoo...I try my best not to piss her off

I hate the typical helpless damsel in distress character{I try to make all of my female characters tough and courageous.}

I am super short and tiny...well not that short:)

I play select soccer and I am now coaching beginners soccer

I am insanely funny

I love music...I'm into Florence and the Machine

My favorite playlist is Pirates Of the Caribbean (all of them)

I play the guitar and the drums

I absolutely hate Burger King

I love to sing (Justin Bieber eat your heart out)

I read and write every chance that I get

I love to surf when I go to Florida...I'm quite good if I say so myself

I never dress up...HATE IT!

I love to snowboard in the winter

I have bright blue eyes and dark brown hair

I am very tan...from my love of being outside

I love being scared...horror movies...haunted houses ect

I despise people that don't like gay marriage. I mean come on people it's none of your business who other people want to marry!

Last but not least my friends and family are my life; without them I would be lost

On that note if anyone dislikes my stories I invite you to tell me, for I am here to improve. I take all kinds of criticism; it's just the rude, unnecessary comments I don't accept.


My friend recently tried this and it sounded like fun so here it goes!

Your own movie (life) soundtrack; you can either go on your i-pod and click random or choose the songs yourself...either way is amusing!

My Soundtrack:

Opening Credits: (Til the Casket Drops- ZZ Ward)

Waking up: (Black Horse and the Cherry Tree- KT Tunstall)

First Day At A New School: (Barton Hollow- The Civil Wars)

Making Your New Best Friend: (It's Time- Imagine Dragons)

Falling in Love: (Cosmic Love- Florence The Machine)

The Break Up: (Black Dog- Kelli Schaefer)

Prom: (Just Say Yes- Snow Patrol)

Graduation: (Lost and Found- Katie Herzig)

Life's Good: (Young Blood- The Naked and Famous)

Party: (Miami 2 lbiza- Swedish House Mafia)

Driving: (Evelyn- Hurts)

Car Accident: (Chasing Cars- Snow Patrol)

Hospital: (Graveyard- Feist)

Death Of a Close Friend: (Be Still- The Fray)

Mental Break Down: (Turn To Stone- Ingrid Michaelson)

Funeral Song: (Skinny Love- Birdy)

Meeting Again: (Devotion- Hurts)

Getting Back Together: (No Light, No Light- Florence The Machine)

Wedding Scene: (Steal Your Heart- Augustana)

Scenes With Family Years Later: (Little Talks- Of Monsters and Men)

End Credits: (Pull My Heart Away- Jack Penate)


My Absolute Favorite Shows:

Vampire Diaries (Ahhh! Damon run away with me!)

Pretty Little Liars

American Horror Story

Make it or Break it

True Blood

Real life

Jersey Shore (Yeah, I know what your thinking)


Ghost Adventures

The Secret Circle

The Game of Thrones

Grey's Anatomy




Switched At Birth

Goosebumps...Along with any other 90's show:)

Hart of Dixie



Teen Wolf

Boy Meets World (Nuff said)

Favorite Movies:

Scream 4 (I love Kirby!)

She's The Man


Horrible Bosses

The Hangover

The Others

Twilight Movies

Interview With a Vampire

Insidious (Just saw it)

The Book of Eli

Step Brothers

Titanic (Even though I hate the ending)

Pirates of the Caribbean


Red Riding Hood (2011)

The Woman In Black

The Lucky One ( I'm a sucker for a half naked Zac Efron)

Leap Year

Practical Magic

Favorite Books:

Shadow and Bone

The Night Circus (Absolute Favorite!)

The Hunger Games Series

The Pledge

The Blood Red Road (Dust land Series)

Spellbound Series

Twilight Saga (Don't be haten the Cullens)

Need series


The Little White Horse

The Woods

The Maze Runner

The Unbecoming Of Mara Dyer


Wake series

The Luxe series


Divergent series

Sweet Evil


Lux series

The Discoverey of Witches

Beautiful Creatures


Beautiful Disaster

And many many more...

Favorite Pairings:

Damon/Elena (Vampire Diaries)

Caroline/Tyler (Vampire Diaries)

Ron/Hermione (Harry Potter)

Robin/Maria M. (The Little White Horse)

Jasper/Alice (Twilight)

Caspian/Susan (Narnia)

John Bender/Claire (Breakfast Club)

Vivian/Peter (Red Riding Hood 2011)

Mark S./Lexie (Grey's Anatomy)

Katniss/Peeta (Hunger Games)

Toby/Spencer (Pretty Little Liars)

Caleb/Hanna (Pretty Little Liars)

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