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Guess what? I ended up lieing.. For some reason I've been on DeviantART alot, Username in the same if you feel like yelling at me...

I HAVE RETURNED FROM MY ABSENSE!!! My computer had a nasty virus, but its all good now! sorry but, I just can't write my IZ/HP fic. It will be deleted soon. I will start writting tonight, but instead of a Invader Zim fic, its just gonna be a sappy one-shot with, well... Its kinda embarresing... but it will be a Sonic the Hedgehog fic with Shadow... Then I will return to IZ.


Old Fanfiction Name- Invader Jane

Avatar- NOT MINE!! It belongs to Sanjiko on DeviantArt.

Age-I'm IMORTAL!!! Take THAT Voldemort!!

Gender-I would like to believe you can guess

Is from-Texas

Last Thing of Slight Importance Acopmlished- I remembered my E-Mail password!

Appearance- Reddish brown hair, well, to be precise its more of a "early sunset with more orange than red" My hair is curly, its goes just past my shoulders and my left side falls in my face making me look emo. Thankfully its not Afro poofy, its kinda wavy so I'm okay with it (Sometimes it is. So I'll straiten it) . I like pants. Especially jeans (My legs never show.) I like black shirts. I only have two that aren't. One of them has black on it and the others army green. I like tennis shoes. I only have one pair of shoes and I'm proud of it (well, I also have a pair of hiking boots...)! I have pale skin and I'm covered in freckles... I have big brown eyes. there not dark brown, but there not that lighter yellowish brown... I never ware make-up, mostly, because I don't see a point in it. Thats kinda it.

A little personality info- I like to think of myself as a girl who may be the school freak, and the family member gone wrong, but is still a nice person, and no matter how many times she's been picked on, will always reach out and help the new kid fit in. People may not accept me, but here, I'm surrounded by others who accept me! I tend to percrastinate, and I think that all my work is sloppy and awful, even though I get comments that say what an awesome job I do. I enjoy snow and winter, its all black and white when snow covers mountains, I love the pure simplicity of it. Even if Texas doesn't get snow. Or Autom leaves...

Likes-Pokemon, Invader Zim, Harry Potter, Fullmetal Alchemist, Animaniacts, The Gravediggers Squad, Teen Titans, Fruits Basket, Kids Next Door, Sonic the Hedgehog, Avatar the Last Airbender, and a hole bunch of other things.

If I Lived in the World Of Pokemon- It would be awesome if I could be a gym leader... I would train Water and/or Grass types. My Gym would be FULL of plants, and the walls would be black. There would be a BIG pond for the water types. And I would have a floor to cieling bookcase... *sigh* I wish Pokemon were real...

Wierd stuff you probably don't need/want to know about me!

1. I can touch my nose with my tongue

2. I might as well be scared by my own shadow. I'm a coward.

3. I dislike Twilight, nothing against the fans.

4. ...

6. I am a history nut

7. I'm the clumsiest person I know

8. My spelling is almost as bad as my sight

9. Yes, I ware glasses (there all, old-fashioned)

10. I am old fashioned

11. I get writers block easily...

12. I have A.D.D.

13. Or its A.D.H.D. I can never remember which...

14. I have three furry animals in residence. A cat (sitting on my lap while I type) and two dogs

15. My dogs have pathetic breed names (Multapoo and Labradoodle)

16. I have adopted all my pets. (none were from a breeder)

18. All of my pets are female

19. I have two older brothers (explains why I'm so masculine)

20. I'm a romantic

21. I may be the youngest and only girl, but I am the least favorite by parent stand point

22. I just noticed how ridiculously long this list is getting... I'm that slow sometimes

23. If I went to Hogwarts, I would be a Hufflepuff

24. I'm NOT Amish!!!

25. I believe strongly in astrology


Movie?:hmmm... Either Wakko's Wish, or Pokemon the First Movie! (aren't I mature?) My favourite DISNEY movie would either be Beauty and the Beast, or The Hunchback of Notre Dome...

TV show?:Invader Zim

Singer/Band?:Kelly Clarkson, Lincoln Park, Simple Plan, Three Days Grace, Green Day, Skillet...

Song?: Too many to list

Actor/Actress?: none

Food?: Fish. Or spicy food in general. (not really into mexican though..)

Number?: 97

Soapy?: your kidding right?

Cartoon character?: Dib, Raven, Zim, Misty, Gaz, Wakko, Robin, and Numbuh 3

Colour?: Army Green, brown, midnight blue, black, or anything natural.

Sport?: ???

Quote?: How bout' the pirate monkeys! its a awesome name!-Shlonkapookalis

Memory?: Cocoa...

Dream?: Er... I met George Washington and ate cheesecake with him, while he told me why he chopped down the cherry tree... He gives good advice... But when I told him that he never chopped down that cherry tree and that it was something people made up, he completely ignored me.

I also had one ware a bunch of my freinds had to go in my imagination cause a guy was there messing with my mind... That was REALLY weird...

Place to relax?: In a tree

Hero?: Tohru Honda (Fruits Basket)

Book?: Harry Potter series, Percy Jackson and the Olympians series, Watership Down, Eregon series, ect.

Drink?: coffee


Music or TV?: Depends...

Guys or girls?:Friends or dating?

Green or blue?: Depends...

Pink or purple?: Ugh! I hate both... Purple

Summer or winter?: Winter

Night or day?: Night

Dopey or funny?: Dopey

Diamond or pearl?: pearl

Sunset or sunrise?: Sunset

Funny or scary movies?: Funny

On the phone or in person?: in person

Hugs or kisses?: Hugs!

Rich or famous?:neither...

McDonaldsor KFC?:kfc

Single or group dates?:depends

Chocolate or vanilla?: depends...

Cappaccino or coffee?: coffee!


Who is the nicest person you know?: People on Fanfiction

Who is the funniest person you know?: ...My Boy friend... Ethan... (Not his real name, I asked him what I should call him on Fanfiction and he sad E beacause thats what he names himself in video-games, so I asked if I could use Ethan and he said O.K. And I'm not sure why he calls himself E, his name starts with a B...)

Who is the loudest person you know?: My Dog Cami

Who is the wierdest person you know?: Can I pick me?

Who is the wisest person you know?: My Brother Don

Who is the hottest person you know?: I don't THINK about stuff like that! I judge a person on actions.

Who is the best all-around person you know?: Everybody has faults, but that also means everybody must have something good about them. I always try to find both in a person. So, I guess I don't have an awenser..

Who are the four people you are most open with?:My Brother Don, my cat Luna, and Ethan... Those 8th grade girls that sit in the back of the bus. I tell them EVERYTHING. (Now there Freshmen! I miss them so much...)

Are you/have you ever been in love?:I don’t know… Maybe... I do have a boy friend... Still can't believe I do... GAH! I sound like such a girl!

If so, what was/is so special about them?:He's so funny, treats me like I'm amazing, calls me pretty, and just wants to be with me...

Do you think it is right to flirt if you have a bf/gf?: No, enough said.

How far would you go on a first date?:um... do I have to answer? this is getting awkward!... A hug at most

Where would you want to go on your honeymoon?: maybe some European country...

Describe the type of person you would want to spend the rest of your life with: friendly, kind, nice, funny, clumsy, smart, and respectful of my feelings and dreams

When was the last time you talked to the person you like?: I have half my classes with him! so.. every weekday!

What are the qualities you find most attractive in the opposite sex?: personality, voice (cause I'm practically blind, my hearing is freaking AMAZING!!! So sounds really messs with me) and eye color. Black hair is also neat...


What is the song you are listening to right now?: Monster by Skillet

What is the next CD you are going to get?: I don’t know... I don't plan for this kind of thing!

Which song reflects you the most?: not sure... Maybe Count on Me by Whitney Houston...

If you were on Australian Idol, which song would you pick to sing and why?: um... I have a horrible singing voice...

If you had your own band, what name would you give it?:Truth


Met Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny?: I'm scared of the Easter Bunny... and I met Santa once! He was at the mall!

Gone skinny dipping?: no. never. just, no.

Danced in a public place?:Yes... soooooo many times...

Smiled for no reason?: sometimes.

Laughed so hard you cried and/or peed your pants?: ...yes...

Written a song?: no... I tried to!

Made out in a movie theatre?: no...

Lied when someone asked you "Do I look ok in this?":yes, I'm so ashammed! *cry*

Lied to make someone happy?:same as above.

Threatened someone?: once...

Been threatened by someone?: *nods* my mouth still tastes like pencil...


I am...: bored

My heart is...: full of blood

If I were a...: fish, I would get eaten

I wish...: I had super powers!

So many people don't know that...:Justin Bieber is a guy! (I'm so mean...)

If I could be anyone I would be...: a super hero!

If I could change one thing about the world, it would be...: I dont know...


Control weather or read minds?:Control weather. I could stop floods. And if I could read minds well... Thats the one place people can be themselves, I couldn't take that...

Be good or evil?: Good.

Be invisible or have super speed?: Super Speed!!!!

Have super strength or flight?:neither, I'm scarred of heights and against violence (even though its in most of my stories.)


What was the last thing you cried about?: with me, who knows!

Are you happy?: Yes!

What is something you can't live without?: my organs

When was the last time you were depressed?: with me, who knows.

Do you sleep with stuffed animals?: nope.

Are you an alcoholic?: um... under-age?

Do you have any piercings?:only one on each ear!

What are the last four digits of your phone number?: 6954, why?

What is your weakness?: animals, People I care about, and heights.

What is your greatest fear?:Someone dieing or being seriusly injured because of me...

What makes you happy?: fluffy things, and music

What would be your perfect pizza?: plain cheese

What was the best advice given to you?: Learn to let go. But, in some ways, it was the worst...

Have you got any special awards?: YES!!! I got a Theatre award! People had to vote for me! That means people care about me!

What are your future goals?: to be an author! And a zoo keeper...

Do you have any enemies?: sadly yes...

What are the three words you would use to describe yourself?: Romantic, modest, and shy.

Describe your perfect life:As long as there are people who actually like me, its perfect.

If you had three wishes, what would they be?: don't know...

What is your most embarrassing moment?: I drank out of a toilet because I was dared too...

What is your most overused phrase on MSN?: um... whats that?

What is your best physical feature?:I guess my eyes are a nice color...

What is your most missed memory?: cocoa...

Do you smoke?:Ew!

Do you sing?: often...

Do you swear?: I try not too...

Have you ever been drunk?: next question please!

How would you want to die?: umm... maybe saving someone I care about?

What do you want to be when you grow up?: an author! (like half of the people here...)

What is you're Contry(s) of origin?: I'm mostly Irish (75%-90%) The rest is mostly Italian.

Are you related to anyone interesting/famous?: Several! Grace O'Mally, she was a female pirate that took over most of Ireland and met the 1st Queen Elizabeth! Errol Flynn, he was a famous actor that stared in several pirate movies. He was the insperation for Jack Sparrow's costume. And then some guy whose name I can never remember... He owned the Oak Ally Plantation, his ghost may even haunt the grounds!

What is your biggest regret?: never standing up for myself when I really needed too...

Are you shy: very. But really, it depends whare I am, and who I'm with.

Are you competitive: I can be. Although I try not to. I avoid competion.

Are you selfish?:Um... no.. er... maybe... I don't know!!!

Are you spoiled?: No...

Would you walk by an old lady carrying groceries?:Sure, I mean, normally I don't pay attention ware I'm going.

Do you get into arguments with people other than your siblings?: Even the best of friends sometimes fight...

Do you believe in magic?: YES!!!

Have you ever skipped classes?: no.

Was highschool your best or worst years?:haven't been.

What was the reason(s) for that?: see above

What was the last thing you ate?: meat.

If you had a million dollars, what would you spend it on?:Um... I honestly don't know... I want to say something heroic, like finding a cure to cancer or something, but we all know the hard truth, that no one would do that... I'm sorry...

Where would you go if you had the chance to go anywhere in the world?: Japan!

Do you still watch cartoons on Saturday morning?: If only I could get up before 12:00...

What do you have handy at your bedside?: My glasses, and a clock.

If you were stranded on a deserted island, what would you have with you?: Rope!

What is the most annoying TV commercial to you?:The one's whare you have NO idea what there advirtising before the very end...

What do you think about before you go to bed?: My place in the universe. Or how my BF might be.. Or my stories... Hey! Look! There they are!

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