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Name: João Miguel Loureiro Viegas

Gender: Male

Birth date: 12/02/1993 (Aquarius)

Country: Portugal

Lance's Role Version 3 Progress:

Revamp Progress:

Chapter 24: Posted

Chapter 25: 45% done, but progress has hit a hiccup. Will try to overcome it.

About myself:

I'm a college student studying Commercial Management. No more IT. I am Portuguese, so when you see me trash Portugal in my fic don't take it seriously.

I've always loved anime ever since I first started watching Dragon Ball, Rurouni Kenshin and Saint Seiya when I was just a little boy. I enjoy reading but not nearly as much as I used to. I like a lot of kinds of music, movies and art, but mostly I enjoy nothing more than a good story.

Favorite book: "Chronicles of Allarya" series, by Filipe Faria. I've learned much about group balance in a story and scene description by reading these books.

Favorite Game: Star Ocean the Second Story, followed very closely by Valkyrie Profile.

As a writer: I have a hard time focusing and staying true to professional writing practices, but I try to do my best to fight that flaw. I also struggle a lot with humor and characterization, mainly because I don't have a lot of actual social skill. I am very critical of my own writing which is probably why I take so long to get chapters done.

As a reader: I enjoy romance, but only when well-written and involving an interesting pairing of characters. Despite being Portuguese, I prefer fanfiction written in English because I believe that English has a professional, neutral tone to it that other Latin-derived languages don't. After all, it's the language of computers. Despite my fanfic being so action-packed, I have a hard time enjoying most written fight scenes. My tastes usually revolve around adventure and the fantastic with maybe a bit of history to it.

As a reviewer: I have no qualms with reviewing works, quite on the contrary, and I try my best to have a critique's perspective. You will never find me handing over a "I like it" review. Generally, I like to think myself as a friendly reviewer.

Favorite anime/manga/series:


1st) One Piece;
2nd) DBZ;
3rd) Saint Seiya;
4th) Rurouni Kenshin;
5th) Death Note;


1st) Star Ocean 2 2nd) Valkyrie Profile Series;
3rd) Fallout Series;
4th) Alien Isolation
5th) Europa Universalis 4

The next few segments are dedicated to laying out LR

LR Timeline (Beware Spoilers)

This is the timeline for my main story. Since I take a considerable while to write each chapter due to their length and beta-reading, I established this section so readers can more easily keep up with the events should they have any need to catch up with the plot before updates or not recall something mentioned in the chapter they're reading. Note that reading this timeline does not substitute the experience of reading the story itself, as it merely goes over the events and doesn't go in-depth into characterisation, development, settings, etc, not to mention the timeline is usually several chapters behind the fic's released story.

20th Century


April : Aguilon is born in Thebes, Greece, under the constellations of Heracles and Taurus.

May : Daniel is born in Recife, Brazil, under the constellations of Bear and Taurus.


May : Guardnia is born in Tanagra, Greece, under the Taurus Constellation.


December: Kastiel is born in Rome, Italy.


May : Late at night by Athena's statue, Hecate infiltrates Sanctuary, approaches Pope Shion and gives him her three prophecies. One announces an age of Holy War greater and earlier than what was predicted. The second announces the reincarnation of the Gold Saints who fought in the Lost Canvas. The third describes the importance a red-eyed child yet to be born that year would have to Sanctuary's near future.

June: Lance is born on the 12th of July in Athens, Greece, under the constellation of Cancer. Lance's parents die on the 14th due to a car accident. He's taken to an orphanage in Athens where he would spend the following ten years.


September : Shinta Akiyama is born on the 9th of September in Tokyo, Japan, under the constellations of Andromeda and Virgo.


May : Saga and Kanon are born on the 30th of May in Greece under Gemini.

October : Aiolos is born on the 30th of October in Athens,Greece, under Sagittarius.

November: Wyvern Rhadamanthys is reborn on the 30th of November in England.


January: Shura is born in Spain under Capricorn.

March: Aphrodite is born on the 10th in Sweden under Pisces.

June: Deathmask/Mephisto is born in Italy, location unknown, under Cancer.


February: Camus is born on the 7th in France, under Aquarius.

Shinta (age 5) is separated from his mother and taken to Sanctuary, from where he is then sent to Andromeda Island to obtain his Bronze Cloth. At the end of his first month there he passes the Pretest and is admitted into Cepheus' Guardnia's tutelage.

Scorpio Paris retires, revealing his identity to Sanctuary and departing to unknown locations.

November: Milo is born on the 8th in Greece under Scorpio.


March: Mu is born on the 27th in Tibet under Aries.

May: Aldebaran is born on the 8th in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, under Taurus.

November: Orpheé is born in Greece, under Lyra and Scorpio.


January: Lance is named and taken to Sanctuary by Saint Triangle Noah. He is admitted into the Heart of Sasha orphanage.

Lance is punished with Jason's Exile for his behavior at the orphanage. He's then taken to Mount Olympus's Second Level to try out for the Pegasus Cloth under the vigilance and testing of Kerberus Kastiel. Lance fails the two-week testing period and is hence abandoned in the Training Ground.

March: The Pisces Cloth is recovered by Sanctuary after years of being missing as a result of the Civil War's 'Battle of Bluegrad'. It is taken back to the Isle of Gardens to the care of Maiden Elisa. Aphrodite is taken to the 'Isle of Gardens' where he begins his 'Path to the Pisces Cloth'.

May: Albiore/Daidalos is born in Argentina under Taurus.

August: Aiolia is born in Athens, Greece, under the Leo Constellation.

September: Shaka is born in India, unknown location, under the Virgo Constellation and as the new incarnation of Buddha.

October: Aiolos (age 5) and Aiolia's parents pass away, leaving them orphan. They arrive on Sanctuary and are taken into the Heart of Sasha orphanage, where Aiolos first meets Saga(age 6)


In an undisclosed incident, the former Gold Saint of Scorpio, known as Paris, encounters Lance in Mount Olympus.

1974 (First Arc)


Early January: After four years of survival and training in the Mount Olympus Training Ground, Lance (age 14) faces the Pegasus Temple's guardian, Bellerophon, as the final test to his Path of the Cloth. Though he is soundly defeated after a fierce battle, Lance's efforts impress the Pegasus Cloth enough for it to grant Lance its blessing and protection. Lance obtains the armor and is renamed Pegasus Lance.

Late January: Pegasus Lance returns to Sanctuary and exacts revenge on Kastiel by crushing his foot soldier division and defeating him in a duel publicly. Pegasus Lance then meets Pope Arles III (Shion) for the first time when the Holy father happens to walk on the occurrence.

Early July: Pegasus Lance conducts a mission on Death Queen Island.

Late July: Seeking to further his career and work for the Silver Rank, Andromeda Shinta meets and teams up with Pegasus Lance, who leads him on Assault missions. The both conduct several assignments together from that moment on, including a task to take down the Black Saint Island HQ led by Ray. Despite Pegasus Lance's protests, he is unable to convince the Pope to let him work solo again.

Early September: Bennu Kagaho and Shaman Kairos conduct a raid on Sanctuary's Austrian lands along with their large squad of Skeleton Soldiers. Pegasus Lance and Andromeda Shinta take an assignment as reinforcements for Sanctuary's Austrian fort of Ismara, within the Peloponesia fortress jurisdiction and near the border with Hades' territory, which has called for help after rumors of enemy activity. Ismara is attacked and destroyed by the two rampaging Specters before the Saints arrive, though. Andromeda Shinta seeks aid of the Pelopenesia Fortress while Lance attempts to intercept the attackers.

Battle of Arcadia (Chapter 7-8)

Unfortunately, the destruction spreads to the village of Arcadia, where a girl named Alexis lives with her father and mother, before either Lance or Shinta complete their parts. Lance walks in on the slaughter and defeats many Skeleton Soldiers, but is ultimately unsuccessful in saving the village. Though Arcadia's population is totally massacred and Lance is defeated by Bennu Kagaho, he miraculously manages to save Alexis' life. Meanwhile, though Shinta never reaches the overseeing Sanctuary fortress, he runs into Cassiopeia Cynthia, who alerts Fort Commander Ionia and joins forces with the Andromeda Saint to fight the Specters.

As Lance recovers from his defeat, takes Alexis to safety and unlocks the fire element, the two Andromeda Islanders reach the burning village and engage the Specters in combat. They are eventually reinforced by Pegasus Lance, who makes use of his new found power to help them defeat the Shaman Specter. They then fight the ferocious Bennu Specter to a draw until Gemini Saga arrives to the battlefield and puts an end to the violence.

Fort Commander Ionia takes control of the situation, ordering an investigation to be made on both the attack and any potential involvement of Lance on it. Alexis, the only survivor of the attack, joins Sanctuary's army to escape a life of brutal labor in the local Sanctuary mines.

Battle of Andromeda Island (Chapter 9-10)

On a visit to Andromeda Island, Pegasus Lance and Andromeda Shinta stumble upon the Specter attack on Andromeda Island led by the Basilisk, Taurus and Gorgon Specters. Through a combination of ambushes on the Skeleton soldiers by Cepheus Guardnia and a difficult battle between the two Bronze Saints and the Specters, the enemy force is defeated and wiped out and Lance learns about Andromeda Shinta's secret gold-rank wind elemental attack.


January: Through a series of Coliseum challenges, Pegasus Lance earns a shot at acquiring the Silver Cloth of Kentaurus, which chooses its owners mainly on battle attributes. He must, however, be tested in it by the veteran Gold-Rank Silver Saint Herakles Aguilon, who is picked specifically due to his overwhelming advantage in experience which leads Lance to believe the fight was rigged against the Bronze. In the ensuing duel, Aguilon completely dominates Lance despite the Saint being allowed to use the Kentaurus Cloth, demonstrating the overwhelming difference between the Silver and Gold fighting levels. While Lance manages to tap into his 7th sense as a result of the brutal beatdown and the six years of emotional stress Sanctuary put him through until then, Aguilon eventually crushes him in battle, denying the Pegasus Saint the Silver Cloth.

The Pope's attention, however, is caught by this and he deems the Saint worthy of consideration not for the Silver Cloth, but the Gold Cloth itself. Aware of the controversy surrounding the Pegasus Saint, he summons the Gold Saints to his temple so consensus over a proper decision can be made. After a full day of deliberation, the Gold Saints vote on awarding the Pegasus Saint with the Gold Cloth.

Following a week after his promotion, Cancer Lance accompanies Gemini Saga, Sagittarius Aiolos and the Pope to the Steiner Mansion in the Kastoria province in Greece, where the three are presented to Sanctuary's aristocracy as the new Gold Saints. There, Lance encounters Ionia again, meets Gigas and comes face to face with Akassius Steiner, the almighty and celebrated former Gemini Saint, and his wife Cecilia for the first time. He also meets the silver-ringued aristocrat Adriana Ghisi and discusses with her the upbringing of Sanctuary's nobility.

Finally, Lance travels to Mount Rozan in China to deliver a personal letter from the Pope to Libra Dohko and request his tutelage so as to learn the Gold Saint ways under proper guidance.

February: Andromeda Shinta enters the Virgo Temple to request his Zodiac constellation's new Gold Saint, Shaka, to allow him to learn in his House so as to reach the Silver-Rank. Shaka, however, refuses, claiming Shinta has unresolved guilt issues in his karma that impede him from being a proper student of the One Closest to God. Distraught, Shinta accepts defeat but eventually finds tutelage under Saint Daniel, the Gold Saint of Taurus, and meets Aldebaran, with whom he establishes quick friendship.


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