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After a supremely long period of hiatus, chapter 14 of Distant Thunder is updated. Enjoy, guys :D

Cacat won't be making any excuses this time round. It all ended, she thinks, after her one-year-struggle (in '04) with chapter 14. Needless to say, she never managed to finish it. Cacat never really went away though. Throughout these two years, she's picked DT up god knows how many times.

Cacat is, contrary to popular belief, still alive and kicking somewhere in the globe. It was a very tough decision posting this update - crippled by the fear of being either completely lost and forgotten, or completely blasphemized - but it had to be done, and so here it is.

You guys might or might not still be around, and you might or might not be reading this, but she has just one last thing to say.

To her inspirations, her loveliest readers, her wonderful friends, blessed souls who'd forgiven her time and again, and given her unconditional support and strength since the beginning - you know who you are girls - cacat gives the assurance that she has never forgotten any of you, neither has she forgotten the beauty and the magic of the Inuyasha world, nor her writings, and however hard the path, she WILL complete what she'd set out to do 2 years ago.

So until the next chapter!


Wow. Has it really been almost half a year already? To those who have been following my stories, and loving them, I offer my deepest apologies for keeping all you dearies waiting. Much has happened in the past few months, I have graduated successfully from my art course, and I am currently taking a big break from all the hassle and bustle :-) In this period, I will still be working on my illustrations. But fear not, dear readers. I have started on a new chapter for Distant Thunder. While I am slowly, and steadily working my way out of this dreadful writer's block, I still need lots of prodding, so if anyone would be kind enough to IM me with ideas/offer to discuss Distant Thunder to me, I would be more than overjoyed :-) Now that I am finally able to devote some time to leisure, I really do hope to continue with my stories! /P

Important: My email has changed, so if anyone wants to contact me, please do so at . The previous email service I was using was discontinued very abruptly and rudely, so again, I beg pardon if anyone has tried to contact me for the past few months, and have not received any replies from me.

To those on my AIM list like Ms. Videl Son, I apologise too, for being missing in action for such a long period of time. With any luck, I will be seeing y'all around real soon :-)


1. Distant Thunder: Chapter 13 is in the process of being completed, and if anyone would like to help, I would be more than grateful. I developed a potentially huge love and craze for Hiten somewhere along the way. It's something more than just the way he looks and dresses (although that plays a decidedly big part in my obsession). I adore how maniacally homicidal he is (no just kidding), his almost devilish, sadistic sense of humour, his crazed mood swings, and just about everything else. And then I thought, who would be perfect for this hunk? Well none other than Kagome herself! And thus, DT was written.

This will be the fic I am concentrating on for now, because I've got loads of inspiration and ideas just waiting to be let out, and because of the wonderful support you readers have been giving me. Thank you :-)

2. Destiny: On indefinite hold. An attempt at a Dragon Ball romance, that centers on Cell, my all-time favourite Dragon Ball character,
and an OC. I just have a thing for tall, muscular villains, I suppose. This is a an exceptionally tough fic to write, and I will be putting it aside for when I am more free to develop it further.

3. Yakuza: On indefinite hold. A rather dark, Sesshoumaru/Kagome AU fic. I've received quite a few requests for me to continue, but I am simply not able to do so. It is going in a direction I did not intend for, and once I lose the feel for a fic, it is very difficult to pick it up just like that again. I do like this story very much, so one day, I will probably be giving it a revamp. But for now, let's just say that I've written myself into a corner. Well hey, if it's a consolation, this is open to any suggestions you folks have, and if I do meet one that agrees with me, I will use that idea to continue with Yakuza.

4. Eyes On Me: On indefinite hold

5. Dark Heaven: On indefinite hold



If you'd like to chat with me, whether it's about your fics, my fics, other people's fics, need help, got a complaint, or just about anything really, don't hesitate to drop me an email. I'm friendlier than I might seem :-) No, really. I love talking to people,
so feel free to contact me!


For excellent reads, check out my list of favourite stories and authors. Extremely well-written fiction by some of the finest authors on Trust me, chances are, u won't be disappointed. And all of them are well-deserving of the wonderfully addictive drug called REVIEWS!!

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