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Author has written 3 stories for Silent Hill, Assassin's Creed, and Clock Tower.

Techne: -

I am 24 yrs old, my name and location are a need to know basis.

I first began writing back in my freshman year of high school. They were short stories based on vampires—a topic I actually cared for at the time—until I discovered a few years later. Most of them had plots even more cliche than being "sucked into the game", but since then I've been slowly working on becoming more creative with my writing. I'm not a professional. Nor will I ever claim to be one. Everything I have learned over the last five years have come from observing others writing, trial and error, as well as seeking the opinions of my friends.

Over the last year I've made considerable changes to what interest me, but I have to say that anything to do with horror, action, romance and anywhere in-between those three can catch my interest.

Milestones I have brought to FF.Net: Establishing the Fiora/Cesare coupling in the Assassin's Creed fandom, as well as having brought some level of historically accurate writing. Also, I am the first to write a believable and creative Novelization of the Japanese Survival Horror game, Clock Tower.

Favorite Games: Assassin's Creed, Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Clock Tower, CoD Series, Final Fantasy, Red Dead Redemption, Dead Space, Last of Us and Bioshock.

Faq: -

1. What is your stance on Yaoi/Yuri?

Only if the characters are truly into the same sex, should they be in that set sexual mind and no, subtle hints do not count as actually being into the same sex. Other than that, neither should be required.

2. Have you ever gone by review quotas?

As a beginner writer, admittedly yes. Now? No. I write for fun and to relive my favorite moments in the game/history.

3. Will you be writing for your Silent Hill and Clock Tower stories again?

Yes, I do plan to get back to both of these stories that I have started but set off to the side. For now, I am working in the Assassin's Creed fandom and on occasion when I have the muse for it, I will go back and jot down a few paragraphs. However, do not expect to be seeing any updates for them any time in the near future.

4. You write a lot about the secondary characters in the Assassin's series. Why is that?

To be honest, I find them to be more interesting than the main characters (Altair is not included in this, I just don't think I could do him right), so I write for them instead. You can probably see that I really like the Courtesan character from the Brotherhood Multiplayer—she the most favored one of the franchise I like. I don't know, I guess I just have a liking for characters who are not thrown into the spotlight and everyone jizzes about them for months, plus I prefer to be able to have creative commons with my characters. There is not that much known about them, it makes them more flexible when writing and you can shape them in your own three-dimensional image.

5. Are there characters in the Assassin's Creed series you don't like?

There certainly is. I have a great disliking of two actually: Connor Kenway and the Borgias.

When the third game first came out, everyone was looking forward to having a new assassin to play as and I was one of them. The saga of Ezio Auditore had finally come to an end, giving us a new character to explore and learn about who he was. Instead, we got a person who was brought into the creed during a time where the tenants were not being taught by the Grand Master to his disciples. In doing so, it ruined the imagery of who the assassin's were suppose to be and what they stood for in the previous games. Feeling more like its own stand alone game than an actual sequel, making it hard for those who were true fans of the original to connect with Connor because he showed no regard for any of this. Truthfully, all he cared about was saving his people and killing Charles Lee. As much as Ubisoft tried to make this man care about saving the world, rather than his own agenda, it was obvious where his true allegiance lied at. And then at that, they try to make you feel horrible about what happened to the Native American tribes by trying to bastardize and demonize the white man because of what he did. Yes, you can say that this is true, but portraying someone as good and then trying to bastardize them over something like this is straight and simply put: bad story telling. His emotions as well, they were all over the place and he acted more like an attack dog at some parts than someone with a mind of their own who should question what is going on.

Now, lets evaluate the Borgia's. While I do like the actual Borgia's in my own interpretation of who they really are, I find the game's interpretation to be very poor. They were a family struggling to survive and prosper in a time period where you had to lie, kill and steal your way into surviving. Instead, we get a family that is so filled with rage that demonizes them to make Ezio look golden in the players eyes, when historically they were nothing as near as the way they were portrayed in the game. And then there's the incest between Cesare/Lucrezia/Rodrigo. There was NEVER any concrete proof that this happened, once again, another imagery used to demonize the Borgia's to make Ezio look more golden. It makes people automatically hate them, when in reality, this interpretation of them is poorly done and most people don't know their history when it comes to the Borgia's. Overall, what I'm saying is that the Borgia's are not the monsters that the game makes them out to be and its a poor move on Ubisofts part when they claim to be doing a game based upon historical facts, yet seem to fuck up some of the little things like this.

6. Who are your favorite Assassin's Creed character(s)? And why?

Not that hard to pick. I am a very big fan of Fiora Cavazza/Courtesan and Caleb Garret/Sharpshooter, and as well, Eleanor Davenport/Red Coat. Outside of Multiplayer Characters, I am a very big fan also of both Altair and Maria Thorpe.

Out of all of the mentioned characters, my favorite is and always will be Fiora. I don't know why, but there's just something about her that captivates me. Shes a hidden gem in a pile of coal, just waiting to be discovered by the writers and then shine. Her lifestyle and story are both unique to the series, never has there been a character as dark, provocative and sexy as her, while at the same time being a prostitute in the series. Yes, there are others NOW. But, she was the FIRST and it does make her story and experiences in the Renaissance that much more special.


Assassin's Creed

Femme Fatale

Main Cast: Fiora Cavazza, Cesare Borgia, Leon Altieri, Lucrezia Borgia and Rodrigo Borgia.

Sub Cast: Sancha of Aragon, Giulia Farnese, Niccolo Machiavelli, and Ulderico Giordano.

Multi-Player Cast: Lia de Russo, Faustina Collari, and Brother Ristoro.

This story is set a considerable amount of years before the start of AC: Brotherhood and follows the story of Fiora Cavazza/The Courtesan as she search's for her place among the on-going war between the Assassin's and Templar's, the latter whom she is affiliated with. Little to nothing is revealed about her during the course of the game and her being my favorite multi-player character from Brotherhood, I decided that I wanted to do her some justice and write out a believable story about her life while working for the Templar's.

I think what separates this story from the rest of my current projects is the underlying adult theme that's hinted at throughout the chapters. It has a unique experience for the reader to see both the gritty and much darker side of the Renaissance than what was shown in the game. The underbelly of a society that indulges itself on wine, sex and scandalous murders.

Over the course of the going on two years that I've been writing and developing this story, its undergone quite a lot of changes. The plot will eventually unfold and know that there will be some time gaps as I plan to cover the course of three years worth of events in what I'm hoping will be kept to a minimal of under sixty chapters.

I have added some new photo's up for characters that will be making an appearance in the second Arch of Femme Fatale.

All in all, its been quite an adventure itself just writing it.

Clock Tower

Clock Tower/Clock Tower: Rebirth

Cast: Jennifer Simpson, Laura Harrington, Anne Wooten, Charlotte "Lotte" Shepard and Mary Barrows.

Jennifer and her friends have been adopted by the mysterious Barrows family. Everything seems fine and the girls are loving their first night staying at their new home, that is, until someone begins killing them one by one. Will Jennifer and her friends live to see dawn? Or will they fall victim to the predator that hunts in the darkness?

I have no idea why, but writing this story so far has come very easy to me. Maybe its just where I grew up playing the first game, I don't know, but it is interesting to see where this will be going. I also found a really cool theme song (its from the Remothered OST) that I think fits extremely well with the story of Clock Tower.

At first, I had been skeptical of doing this, but I have decided that once I have completed this I am going to be doing a complete re-imagining of the story. The reason behind this is because from the start I wanted to bring some new imagery to the story of the game, but at the same time also keep as close to the original as I possibly could. Halfway through, I realize that it will be impossible for me to do this. So, I have decided to continue with completion of the original version and afterwards, do it my own way. Expect there to be a LOT of changes, as well as a more fluid plot upon the beginning of Rebirth. When that is done, I may or may not be doing a sequel. To which version, it will remain to be seen when and if we come to that day.

Silent Hill

Lost in Nightmares

A tale of the aftermath of Silent Hill 3's ending.

There's something about this story that has intrigued me ever since I first began plotting it out. Laced with hints of doubt and the likely-hood that her recollection of what happened to her, it makes you wonder if maybe it was all in Heather's head to begin with. Shattered Memories gave me the idea for this piece and I cut together plot points from SH3 and SH:SM, to make it what it is. What I'm trying to portray is a sense of dread, to make even the reader doubt and wonder what's going on inside Heather's head as the story progresses all the way up until the very end.

Although I have to admit it has slightly become difficult to write with such a complicated plot as it has, considerable amount of planning goes into each chapter.

Cover Art - By Ygure of DeviantArt.

Fan Art:

Leon Altieri and Fiora Cavazza - by Neko-Poisoned of DeviantArt.

Update Corner: - March 30th, 2014.

Working on the next chapter of Clock Tower.

(This section indicates updates and any future work)

Story Status: -

Clock Tower - Chapter 11 - In Progress

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