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So yeah, I guess this is where I talk about me.

Given that I'm uninterested in going into exacting detail on my personal life, I'll just go ahead and cut right to the kinds of fiction I enjoy. Most importantly, I'm a huge fan of magical girl anime/manga. I'd consider Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha to be my all-time favorite across all media, but there's a couple (Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Day Break Illusion) which are serious contenders for that all-time favorite slot, and so far I have yet to watch a magical girl series that I actually despise.

I also like science fiction in general, particularly military-themed stories. Particularly, this is where my gaming comes in; I'm (finally) working my way through the Mass Effect trilogy (early ME2 as of the last time I updated this), and have played Halo through the end of 2 (and I know what happens in 3).

As far as print novels are concerned, I have a particular liking for the works of one David Weber, notably his Honorverse and Safehold novels. There's also Tamora Pierce's Circle of Magic, Protector of the Small, and Wild Magic books.

When it comes to my own writing... I like crossovers and other AU kinds of stories. I enjoy writing stories set in an existing world, but I generally prefer writing original characters when it comes to protagonists. I really like crossovers that can effectively bring together two different worlds and explain one in terms of the other, if that makes any sense. And most of what I've written so far is set in the Nanoha universe, both because it's my favorite series and because a universe that specifies a variety of different worlds is practically begging for some of those worlds to be ones from other games/anime/what have you.

I have pairings I like, and I'm sure they'll end up being visible in the stories that I write, even if they're only hinted at. Until I start writing stories that are more explicitly focused on those pairings, that's really all I have to say on that.

... That's about all I can think of. Given that I'm trying to write more this year, I'm going to start trying to update regularly, and the list of stories below should include information about when those stories are supposed to be updated next.

Hope you all enjoy my work.


Midchildan Music (Nanoha/Vocaloids)

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The Bureau and the Kingdom (Nanoha/Vocaloids, sequel to Midchildan Music, next update by Jan. 20)
Lost Logia Incident Report: Halo Array (Halo/Nanoha, next update by Feb. 5)

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