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I've been on this site forever, but I've actually taken a break for the past few years just to experiement with other styles of writing. I guess that's most obvious if you compare my earlier works with the pieces I'm working on now. I consider myself an innovator in that sense, despite if it's true or not. I welcome new styles and ideas and that's what I'm most interested on improving. Since fanfiction happens to be one of those genres of fiction that not only invites but also welcomes creativity, I've returned to it recently just to play around and find new things to try out. So that's my reason for being back!

Stories Completed

Tied Up With String: puppet pupt n. 1 a small figure, as of a human being, moved by manipulating with the hands, by pulling attached strings 2 a person whose actions, ideas, emotions are controlled by another. This is obviously Draco-centric, though it involves Hermione a fair bit as well. I guess it can fall under the HG/DM ship, though it is not meant to. In fact, I have a hard time trusting that ship, so if you were to ask me, I'd say, hell no, what are you smoking? But it is most definitely open to interpretation and you are free to ascribe it whatever label or ship you prefer. Also, please note it was written in 2002, before Rowling gave us a clear description of Draco's history and life, so that's why it's not very cannon at all. But I kinda still like it. I think it makes sense, for anyone who's ever been pressured to conform to an ideal before you're ready to make the choice yourself--and I know that's happened to you at least once. :)

The Bet: If I win, you have to kiss me. In front of everyone. Are you insane? Completely. As written in the summary, it's a semi-Takari. I actually like Takari, but I can also fully understand how and why the director had their relationship end. It makes sense to me (call me crazy) since not in one in a million does someone really fall in love and stay in love with their first love. That'd be nice, but that's not love. So, realizing this, I wrote a story that would kind of explain Takeru and Hikari's relationship and how they felt about each other and, finally, how they chose to remain friends and became the better for it. To me, Takeru's letter to Hikari in the last chapter is a true, honest-to-God love letter from her very best friend, and that's how I see their relationship: as best friends who understand each other in ways some friends only dream of. That kind of friendship, I think, is a million times better than any romantic relationship they could have had. On a completely different note, I also wanted to see what would happen if Takeru developed a crush the way Daisuke always seems to--almost stalkerish but still so very innocent.

An Ancient Magic: While walking through the library, Luna is tracked down by a rather confused Harry Potter, who is determined to get an answer. Unless she's too afraid to tell him. I love Luna. I just adore her character. I wish Rowling had included her earlier, but I can kind of see why she didn't. I wrote this in one sitting out of the very blue. Harry is exaggerated, but then I don't find him the strongest character in the series. If anything, he's the most human. He reacts with anger and fear and other emotions just like we all do, and for that it makes total sense how lost and confused he is after Sirius's death. Reading his conversation with Luna shortly afterward inspired this story, and I tried to focus on how Harry is more than what people think he is. Appropriately, I figured Luna would be one of the few to see that and point it out to him.

Stories In-Progress

To those of you who reviewed Seven Wonders, I'd like to say thank you, first of all, but also that I decided to discontinue it for various reasons. However, I am considering re-writing the story, particularly combining it with one of my old fanfics that I have always wished to continue. So keep an eye out! Update: It's back! It's very different, so if you were fortunate enough to read the original version, you won't recognize this at all. However, I should remind you that the aim of both versions (and especially the final one) was to examine the power of friendship when it's been tested most strongly--specifically, how do a group of people with nothing in common but the one person who ties them all together deal with losing that one person forever? It's more of reflective piece, so you'll see that in the deliberate angst and teenage drama. It's a highly emotio, nal and emotive subject, so please do keep that in mind, and I hope you enjoy it!

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While walking through the library, Luna is tracked down by a rather confused Harry Potter, who is determined to get an answer. Unless she's too afraid to tell him.
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