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Author has written 5 stories for Peter Pan, Nightmare Before Christmas, Castle in the Sky, Peter Pan, and Jane Eyre.

Eighteen. Single. Chick. Straight. Christian. Aspiring Author. Anything else you wanna know? Didn't think so.

Well this is the part where I babble about myself, eh?

I quite like the idea of being anonymous, so just call me whatever you please.

I'd love to be an author someday. That'd be simply marvelous.

My Rules: No Profanity, No Slash/No Femmeslash, No Smut, No Misusing the Lord's Name, No Mpregs.

There's really little else to say...

Happy reading!

On THIS profile, you'll find:

*Peter Pan fanfics

*Studio Ghibli fanfics

*A few other miscellaneous movie/book fanfics


*Peter Pan

I had a huge crush on Peter Pan when I was little. When I would pray at night, I would always ask God that if he wasn't real & couldn't take me to Neverland, could I at least dream that he did? Yup, slight obsession. I was the happiest little first grader ever when Peter Pan 2: Return to Neverland hit theaters. & then the Universal Studios version of it came out? Goodness, I kind of died. I loved it so much. Still do. The beginning titles give me chills. & I mourn a little each time the movie ends. Okay, so major obsession.


Peter Pan & Wendy Darling

Peter Pan & Tinkerbell

John Darling & Tiger Lily

*Spirited Away

One of my best friends convinced me to watch Spirited Away with her at her house once. She'd described it to me before because I had asked what her favorite movie was, and to be honest, it sounded really lame. But it is so good! It is the most bizarre movie I have ever seen, but it's amazing! I love it to pieces. I always get all sad when Chihiro's on the train to Zeniba's house because I know the ending's coming.


Haku & Chihiro

No Face (Kaonashi) & Chihiro

Haku & Rin


What a cute little movie. I didn't really like it at first honestly, but it's really grown on me now. Ponyo is the most precious little girl ever; I love her. & I am VERY pleased that the movie is instant view on our Netflix stream; I watch it quite often.


Sosuke & Ponyo

Fujimoto & Granmamere

*Laputa: Castle in the Sky

I actually didn't like this movie that much. It just seemed extremely long to me, but I did love Pazu & Sheeta's interactions in it. That made it worth the watch.


Pazu & Sheeta

*Howl's Moving Castle

Classic Studio Ghibli wonder. It's no Spirited Away, but it's pretty fantastic-probably my second favorite. & Howl & Sophie compete only with Haku & Chihiro for the most epic Studio Ghibli couple ever.


Howl & Sophie Hatter

Prince Justin & Sophie Hatter

Howl & Lettie Hatter

Other Ships:

Jareth & Sarah (*The Labyrinth)

Raoul & Christine (*The Phantom of the Opera)

Romeo & Juliet (*Romeo and Juliet)

Mr. Rochester & Jane Eyre (*Jane Eyre)

Heathcliff & Catherine (*Wuthering Heights)

Upcoming Works


Summary: After striking a deal with Yubaba, Haku is allowed to enter the human world to be reunited with Chihiro. However, in order for him to remain a human, Chihiro must confess her love for him and request him to stay. But Chihiro doesn't remember Haku or the spirit world, and Haku is running out of time. Haku/Chihiro. Multi-chap.

Length: ?

Rating: T

Genre(s): Romance; Angst


Summary: As a teenager, Ponyo doesn't understand her emotions, and she certainly doesn't understand Sosuke's. After a particularly hurtful fight with Sosuke, Fujimoto decides to act and returns Ponyo to her home under the sea. Sosuke/Ponyo. Multi-chap.

Length: 7 Chapters

Rating: K

Genre(s): Romance; Drama

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