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Author has written 3 stories for Harry Potter.

About me... Er... Never quite know what to write here so lets start with the basics.

Hair: Brown (I'm allergic to every dye I've tried).
Eyes: Blue.
Age: 20's.
Species: Human.
Occupation: Perpetual student.

Um... Interests next I think.

Fics: Read the fave page, duh! Though Vorabiza doesn't have an account here so search her if you want original Drarry done well.
Books: Eclectic.
Films: The Purge, Daybreakers and The Hunger Games(wouldn't like that if I hadn't read the book though...)
TV: Don't own one but I do watch Documentaries, Young Dracula, Merlin, Suits and QI on-line occasionally.
Manga: Hikaru no Go, Piano no Mori, Death Note and Bleach are what I followed most but not overly into it at the minute.
Sport: Does my electric bike count?

Controversial views everyone seems to put up here.

Gay marriage: Almost as dumb as the 'straight' version, at least they can say they followed the other lemmings over the edge.
Politics: Shoot the politicians and return power to HRM the Queen, even if Her age-eventually- catches up to Her she would do less damage than they do.
Abortion: Everyone has the right to remove parasites from their bodies. Take the baby out and if it lives great! Put it up for adoption- it's the zero chance: poison after a point they would barely be premature that makes little sense to me.
Religion: Meh... might do something if Divine being X takes the time to ask directly, don't trust the other people involved in the large groups organised religion draws.
Transgenders: Either the most sexist or vain people around; I only keep company with the vain ones.

Me on this site

I have some WIP fics written but have yet to get the guts to post here, though I have posted under the same name elsewhere. When I do complete something 'I Solemnly Swear To Post It Within The Week'. My basic grammar is good(but not perfect) and I have some experience as a Brit picker, if I complained about either in a review you are welcome to take it as a offer to BETA, but I don't exactly define punctuality. While any WIP is eventually likely to be finished, if you are older than me don't count on it being in your life time.

If writing L.K.Hamilton of R.E.Finest was allowed I could have 30 shorts up in ten days but alas they shall remain under the bed, in the lock box, condemned forever to paper...!

To Blend...

Fully planned at 30 chapters of plot, though this may change when I get to writing them and filler jumps around of its own accord.
It is the ever cliché AU Vamp!Harry fic with a splash of Super!Harry and a healthy dollop of Bashing thrown in, but has elements my extensive reading in the genre has yet to find, I only started to plan it after trolling forums and such looking for something like it and giving up and writing my own.
When I say minimal Romance I mean it. My 'pairing' is more that of friendly flat mates with a bit of sexual attraction thrown in, I only read and write slash as I dislike the female characters Rowling gives depth to as partners for Harry. Slash can keep those relationship civil and is simpler than bring in a random OC off the street or including a named character who is practically an OC.(regardless of AU)
I have a working Glossary of characters and concepts type affair that I am happy to share on request, once the story is actually updated.

And to finish:

95% of people post copied material under their profiles to fit in; if you belong to the 5% who think this is stupid, copy this into your profile and add your name to the end: Aima, Hint007, Sarcastic180.

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“No more excuses. No more self pity” insisted his grandfather, not unkindly, but sternly. “It’s just a 19x19 board. A miniature world. If you can conquer your fears here, the real world is nothing. Just focus.” Author's Note: I'M BACK!
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Harry Potter - Rated: T - English - Drama/Romance - Chapters: 33 - Words: 196,164 - Reviews: 2846 - Favs: 4,929 - Follows: 1,690 - Updated: 6/4/2008 - Published: 4/30/2008 - Harry P., Draco M.
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