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Poll: Ok, out of all my OC's, who do you think i should give a backstory to. if they don't appear on here i'm already making one for them, if they do appear but you don't see them on my profile, i haven't written their info yet. so, any thoughs? Vote Now!
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man, I've been away for a long time. but! I've recently began to make an effort to return here to fan fiction! I have a good few stories I greatly wish to complete, although they still have quite a ways to go. the main thing keeping me away though is the fact that I seem to have lost nearly all drive to write and have been making efforts to rekindle it. anyways, if any of my watchers from back in the day, or perhaps the newer ones happen upon this page and like my work. please, let me know through PM! I just want to know if people are still watching my stories because who knows. that may be just the thing I need to get my motivation back!

Hey there doods! the name's Kalgante. for those of you who don't know me, I fancy myself a writer and an artist but I'm mainly intending on getting into a video game career, you know, designing them and whatnot, even found myself a cool dood to partner up with. for those of you who do know me however, you may have been wondering at one point where I have been, as it has been quite some time since I lasted posted anything. well, worry not as I'm alive... I think, but what have I been doing? well, not writing too much. a bit of a story behind that, mostly related to not having a writing program for a while, but also since I've decided to pursue more original paths by developing my own characters and storylines. some of these can be found on my Deviantart page if you are interested . the rest however are still locked away in my head until I find the time to draw them out. yea, there's another issue. I have a job so free time to do any writing to begin with is limited and I need to be in the right mindset to do it. that, and i'm also learning how to program.

but, yah, that's aboot it. a quick update about stuff I've been up to lately. I'll aim to get back into writing as I have plenty of stories here I need to finish up. until then, enjoy what I've already got on here!

To anyone interested in RPing i have begun a club for it on deviantart it is a general RP where you simply create what you wish to be. from there anything may happen. all the details are on the site but it is pretty much a crossover of whatever fandoms you wish to use.

Info about my reading: if i review a story i will always read it until it is finished and will leave a review at least every two chapters. when a story ends i may give a critique of what i though of the story over all. i will never flame or insult a story, i don't have the heart.

I'm now a Beta Reader and will gladly help out with any story!

anyways here's some of my OC's.

Name: Remmie

Species: Hedgehog

Gender: Male

Appearance:red fur with Purple spikes covering his back all the way to his forehead. had a dark blue belly and nose and a slightly lighter blue patch of fur around his left eye.

Personality: Remmie is dedicated to his friends and is very protective of them. he is selfless and empathetic. he is usually quite easygoing and rarely gets angry. instead of getting angry in situations he is more likely to just get annoyed. uses sarcasm at times but tries to make it clear that he is being sarcastic. though he usually says things as they are there are times when even he can't bare to tell someone the truth of a situation. that aside he is honest and only lies to avoid senseless conflict. feels sorry for people but hates it if they make no effort to cheer themselves up. He hates injustice to people who don't deserve it and enters a berserk state when fighting an enemy or protecting a friend. he rarely has a mean thing to say. he is somewhat lazy and if he has nothing to do he often naps. he is adventurous but prefers to do it with friends as he does not like being alone. he can be calm and level headed in even the most desperate situations. cannot stand betrayal. he thinks situations through to find the best course of action. He takes death of his friends hard but mourns only when he can.

Relationships: has a mother but lives on his own, he can make friends with just about everyone and is friends with most of the tree friends. has feelings for Petunia and Flaky but is mostly unaware of them, if he were to realize them, he would chose only one.

abilities/ talents:Remmie can roll into a tight, spiky ball. is an adept fighter but prefers to avoid fighting. When fighting he goes berserk and in such a state he feels no pain but knows when he's been hit, he does not hold back and hits quite hard, and he has a superior focus as time seems to move in slow motion in that state to him. he has a surprisingly high endurance. he cannot dance and is bad at strategy games. he can think on his feet and can find last minute solutions in a pinch. he can use just about anything for a weapon and is quite good with them, despite having no style but to batter or blast his opponent to pieces.

Misc: when he goes berserk his pupils shrink and his eyes become bloodshot. he has a peanut allergy similar to flaky's. likes video games. likes food. if death is involved with a berserk Remmie he will often tear during the phase. he has complete control and awareness when going berserk. he uses his berserk state to fight or run (if others are around those are his tactics of protecting them).

Name: Reuger

Species: Skunk

Gender: Male

Appearance: Crimson stripe running from his crimson bangs all the way down his back to the stripes on his bushy tail. he has a black torso with grayer limbs that grow lighter on the way to the hands and feet. has a crimson belly and ears. He wears a Snow cammo headband that this bangs hang over and a snow cammo bandanna he wears as a neckerchief.

Personality: Reuger is really quite friendly. he is highly social and enjoys partaking in activities. he can be a father figure to those who need it. he is a leader and knows how to get jobs done fast and done right with any work force. he is strategic and decides what the best course of action is to take in situations. he does not like to fight un-necessary fights and if one ensues he uses a keen focus to evade and absorb incoming attacks until his opponent grows tired. he protects those who cannot protect themselves. he takes death hard but stays strong if it occurs. he laughs at most jokes and comedy routines... even if others don't. he always has something to say.

Relationships: Good friends with Remmie and most other Tree Friends but has a grudge against Lifty and Shifty (due to his hatred for thieves). they know this about him however and sometimes try to pull pranks on him in which Reuger usualy beats them senseless for (to him, punishing them is not a fight).

abilities/ talents: Reuger was an esteemed general in the army though you'd never guess it by his demeanor. Regrets every kill he's made and has killed allot. he is quite strong and often takes it upon himself to do the heavy work. He is skilled with most weapons and vehicles. he is a capable fighter. can spray like most skunks. his spray burns the eyes and sinuses and occasionally induces vomiting; he is immune however. he will fight when necessary and will not try to fool himself into believing it's not necessary. is a skilled mechanic.

Misc: Reuger has a large weapons stockpile he kept from the war and has maintained it quite well. He has a museum display of several war artifacts but it's only a small fragment of his collection. he is partial to tranquilizing people to avoid senseless conflict. has a modified military Humvee and Armored Person-ell Carrier in his large garage, even a tank that he is in the process of restoring. owns a fighter helicopter and a troop transport helicopter. most of these were given to him after the war as newer models began mass production. He served as a commander in the war with an inexperienced Flippy as part of his regiment. suffers from a strange muscle disorder that causes his muscles to cramp and lock up unless he takes his medication (large blue pills) regularly (every 8-12 hours). has trained himself in limited movement if his condition acts up (mainly so he could take his medication in such an event). he has a bad reaction to sudden surprises (like a sudden loud noise that scares everybody) in which he inadvertently discharges his full payload of spray which effects everyone in the vicinity. His pupils shrink and teeth grit when he accidentally sprays and is very embarrassed as a result of spraying. he wears a brown duster with black boots in the cold but removes them when he's inside where it's warm. he keeps several small covered tranquilizer darts in his headband (covered so they do not poke him).

Name: Komei (Co-May)

Species: Cat

Gender: Female

Appearance: light blue with purple stripes on her cheeks and around her eyes. slightly larger than average ears that are very bushy at the tip and are tipped with white. wears a green scarf. bright green eyes. light blonde hair with bright green tips that go down to a little past her shoulders. white belly. thick fur on her tail that tips with white that is also tipped with green.

Personality: very up beat and cheerful. loves to talk. will help her friends with tasks. fears being attacked if the threat is present. fears being alone. loves to try new things. Loves mysteries and tries to act like a detective when one is present but is very bad at it. loves to receive presents and prizes. loves stuffed animals. loves to sing. tears when others cry, she gives them tight hugs to help them feel better. loves to snuggle. loves tennis. loves to dance. laughs often. loves music. very spunky. frequently runs from danger but will not leave a friend behind. very curious and can get herself into danger that way. loves anything cute. loves to participate in activities.

Relationships: likes most anyone and rarely hates people unless they are directly mean to her often.

Abilities/ talents: Komei is a very fast runner and often runs from danger. she is skilled in the things she loves... that are skill related. good at squirming away. can swim well but usually likes to swim with floaties so she can enjoy the water

Misc.: Komei has a very high decibel scream. sings into a hairbrush when she's alone but gets embarrassed whenever anyone shows up and hears her but will sing in public without a problem. does things weather or not she's any good at them. hates bad smells. loves good smells. loves food and drink. loves diving.

Name: Belle (Bell)

Species: Raccoon

Gender: Female

Appearance: Sapphire blue fur. red face mask markings. light blue bow behind left ear. red tail rings. pink belly. wears a red neckerchief.

Personality: enjoys talking to people but has a very soft voice. loves to play. very gentle. loves nature. very friendly. often becomes a victim of peer pressure. cautious about new things. she will cry if threatened with death.

Relationships: Mother and father. friends with most people but dislikes "bad people". Crushes on heroic looking figures (Splendid and Russell, leaning more towards Russell as she sees him most often)

Abilities/ Talents: she can sing well but is self conscious about it.

Misc: somewhat afraid of the dark. afraid of being alone. loves fruit. sometimes pees the bed. often gets dragged into things she may not want to be dragged into. sometimes talks in her sleep. has a favorite doll named Tanya that she takes with her places but doesn't always carry it around with her. she is somewhat lactose intolerant but loves dairy, she only experiences symptoms by eating too much of it which she sometimes has a hard time avoiding.

Name: Sky

Species: Wolverine

Gender: Male

Appearance: light blue fur with white fur around his mouth. black stripes down his back and at the tip of his tail but are usually covered in long coats. stocky build and slightly taller than other tree friends.

Personality: takes his job seriously. merciless to his enemies but shows a great deal of compassion for innocents. normally level headed but gets frenzied during combat. very charismatic and stern. is stubborn when defending his point or idea. willing to speak out against something. is less childish than other tree friends. get's hot headed and forgoes most negative emotions for anger. can be impatient when under pressure.

relationships: friends with Reuger but is not likable by all tree friends.

Abilities/ Talents: is quite strong but has low sprinting stamina. his sprint however is quite fast considering the gear he carries for combat. he easily ignores pain when in combat. has some ability with medicine. skilled with explosive devices. a strong swimmer.

History: served alongside Reuger in the tiger wars.

Misc: became a field marshal several years after Reuger. he smokes cigars. favors heavy weapons and explosives. Has some medical training. is a decent driver but his occasional recklessness discourages others from making him the driver. usually mans the machine gun in armed vehicles. he is skilled with boats. enjoys fishing and swimming. hates snipers because he feels that they are cowards.

Name: Little Boom (Just Boom though, he's the regular Tree friends Version and is significantly different from Regular Boom)

Species: Rabbit

Gender: Male

Appearance: Lop ears that usually hang behind him. grey fur. very thick and puffy fur on chest, shoulders, and shoulder blades. has thick string woven into his lips giving him the appearance of having his mouth sewn shut but is loose so mainly effects appearance. very light grey belly but only part of it shows thanks to hid chest fir. thick puffball tail.

Personality: fun loving. cautious. reckless at times. has a very hard time understanding emotions and get's crazier the more complex and difficult the emotion is to understand (Example if he feels love for someone he does not understand it and will probably strive to kill the one he get's the emotion from... still to no relief though). becomes very focused on his goals. tends not to have too many morals. get's very jittery when nervous. can be sadistic and masochistic. can be cannibalistic if it requires he do it for survival but does not do so under normal circumstances. is merciless. can get panicked easily. can be very dangerous when he panics.

Relationships: friends with Cuddles and the more outgoing characters.

Abilities/ Talents: Boom has excellent abilities with chemistry and explosives. he has an incredible perception ability. is great with melee weapons.

Misc: often shakes when about to detonate explosives. won't hesitate to suicide bomb if he needs to. he can take off the string in his lips and usually does to eat but always weaves it back through. has a strong immunity to poison but if he knows he's poisoned he panics. he breaths heavily when he panics. makes his own explosives.

Name: Fizzy (Prefers to be called Fizz)

Species: Flying squirrel

Gender: Male

Appearance: White with a large black patch around his right eye. his tail is blue but white at the base. has a hot pink belly, ears, and four stripes running along four sides of his tail. has hot pink feet.

Personality: extremely self conscious about his female colorations and appearance. Tries to act cool and tough as a cover for his insecurities. he is hard to like at first as he is very defensive when it comes to others. when he opens up to friends he shows his true colors as being kind, compassionate, and happy, as well as being a total softy. is prone to humiliation and embarrassment when his secrets leak out and is made fun of for them.

Relationships: brother to Splendid and Confetti (Twitchy De Squirrel's OC) has a crush on Petunia

Bio: Instead of simply being born without super powers he inherited a large number of crappy genetics creating only a major weakness. This weakness essentially embarrassed and still embarrasses his family so his only major company was his brother Confetti.

Abilities/Talents: when embarrassed his organs become super charged but without the ability to unleash it in any way his organs swell up tremendously eventually causing him to explode in a large fiery explosion. this takes about a minute and is easy to escape from so it's almost useless as a power. he is not very good in combat and his best abilities stem from his desperation to keep himself and his brother alive. he is capable of gliding but not as a super power.

Misc: often wears a large black coat with a hood and several chains on it to make himself appear tough and cover up his colorations. is good at throwing things as this is all he is good at for defending himself.

Name: Miguel

Age: 30

Species: chinchilla

Gender: male

Nationality: Portuguese but speaks perfect English

Personality: often strict, will get things done in whatever way possible. has a strong sense of doing things for the greater good. strong hatred for criminals of all kinds. has little trust and faith in the law and often takes justice into his own hands. is fairly social and frequently kind to others. despite being social is often cold and difficult for people to understand.

Appearance: dark green with white belly and white fur on the bottom of his tail. short messy hair on head, blends with his fur. white left hand. wears a worn black vest.

Bio: He and his parents moved to the U.S. when he was nine. a few years later his parents were victims of gang violence. he spent much of his life training himself in combat, fire arms, and street smarts. when he was ready he became a vigilante targeting gang members and killing them. after a number of years his hatred for criminals reached it's peak and he began to target and kill any criminal who caused problems for others even as mild as shoplifting and other petty theft.

Sentence: several life sentences for murders. despite those murders being targeted towards criminals. he received life due to confessing to them all

Misc: does not hate law but has great lack of faith in them. depending on how he feels at the time and the degree of the crime they committed will also torture them. is very misunderstood and he no longer cares to make others understand him.

Name: Baldwin

Age: 50

Species: squirrel

Gender: male

Nationality: sweetish (has the accent too)

Personality: a big intellectual he strives to know everything about everything. he is relatively friendly, especially to those who share his interest in science. is vary chatty and loves to explain to people how things work. has a huge lack of morals and does anything to further his research. is happy most of the time and very energetic. has a hard time hating anyone.

Appearance: bright green with red around his mouth and red fur patches dotted around his face. he also has a single red stripe going down his back. has a pink belly. has red feet and red on his finger tips. often wears a white lab coat with random gadgets in the pockets. almost always wears a high tech set of metallic goggles with night vision green lenses. larger than normal buck teeth.

Bio: simply an eccentric scientist. he has been all over the world preforming various researches and understands a multitude of languages.

Sentence: lack of morality in his research has caused him to do a number of unethical researches that have finally caught up to him. research such as genetic experimentation on children... basically attempting to turn them into creatures of his own design. also technological things such as testing weapons out on others. he also nearly committed mass genocide but spilled coffee on his machine and ended up destroying the delicate project.

Misc: his goggles have heat vision, night vision, and magnification features. he is also able to locate forensics and unnatural distortions in things with them. they also have a flashlight attachment in case others need it and has a hidden camera. the lenses can extend and retract. has an interest in all fields of science. rarely shuts up.

Name: Desmond

Age: 20

Species: Fennec Fox/peacock

Gender: Male

Nationality: U.S.

Personality: incredibly self centered and loves to talk about himself and his talents. he is friendly to everyone but can easily get obnoxious. he loves to flirt with women but usually says something stupid and blows it... it fails to deter him however. he is a very determined person and rarely get's demoralized.he cares little about what people think of him. he is usually happy go lucky and goofy, fun to be around.

Appearance: has blue fur and a light orange belly. he has several long, colorful tail feathers that he can spread out. his large ears are equally colorful and are tipped with small colorful feathers. he grows wings on his arms in summer and fall but they molt in winter until next summer. he also has a colorful crest of feathers on his forehead and along the top that he can stick up. has golden blonde hair that he gels back.

Bio: N/A

Misc: has a very flowing combat style. loves singing and playing instruments. loves to show off his athleticism. he is quite athletic.

Name: Needles

Species: Tiger

Gender: male

Appearance: Toxic yellow fur with burnt orange stripes. pale yellow belly. messy fur. slightly longer messy fur on head. scar across the right eye as well as several on his body. light brown feet. a slit in the top of his left ear. wears a tattered green vest with numerous pockets when on a job.

Personality: reckless and fiery. he is extremely sadistic and hyperactive. often laughs hysterically when fighting an opponent. cares deeply for his comrades but will throw them to the wolves if they betray him. loves to talk and show off. often laughs. very loud and can be extremely obnoxious. rarely shuts up if he is in charge of something. he is a good leader, even if he pushes others to their limits which he often will. very carefree and does what he wants. loves the rush of combat.

Relationship: his mother and father who are just about the only ones Needles truly cares about. has an uncle who he served under during the tiger wars. he is friends with the more rambunctious of the tree friends and has a crush on Petunia and Belle.

Abilities/Talents: he is extremely fast and agile. when fighting he is extremely aggressive. he is extremely resourceful and uses the environment to his advantage. has no named style to his combat. he is well versed in gorilla tactics and served as a leader in them during the war. he is skilled in knife work and often fights with them. skilled in trap making. uses his speed to overwhelm opponents.

Misc: will work as a mercenary. carries numerous knives and small explosives when on a job. his tongue often hangs out when fighting. loves fighting flipped out Flippy and will sometimes initiate it just so he can fight him.

Bio: was entering his teen years when he was conscripted into the tiger army. his father is wheelchair bound and his mother had to take care of him so he was not taken into the army. Needles was taken under his uncle who was close with the tiger general. after a period of training and several missions Needles's uncle died protecting him. his killer was a squad of a bear, skunk, and porcupine and had developed a hatred for those species. Needles took over as leader of his squad and loved the authority that had brought. he became extremely successful in it and captured a number of HVT's during his time as a leader. he later developed ambitions to assassinate the tiger general in hopes of taking over the army but the war had ended before he got a chance. in an accident after the war he became injured on a forgotten trap. he was still young at the time and the team who rescued him happened to be the same squad that killed his uncle. the war had left the country in a recession that would soon become a brief depression and when the squad located his parents they sent him back to the states with them for a better life. he was taken to Happy Tree Town where he lived with everyone and made a few friends. his hatred for the species that killed his uncle remained but he was able to form good relationships with some of them. his crush on Petunia is almost painful for him as a result. he continues to do mercenary work but is rarely needed.

Name: Leif

Species: Fox/Skunk

Gender: male

Appearance: light blue fur with electric blue striped from the top of his head, down his back, and along the tail. the stripes on his tail fade into a silver tip. longer, shiny fur on head. electric blue belly.

Personality: very laid back and calm. he is fairly serious but smiles often. it is a real accomplishment to make him laugh. says things like they are and often seems cold but is more than willing to help people, but only if they truly need it. he rarely responds to 'thank you' or anything that shows him people's gratitude. he will show some gratitude himself however. likes to keep things clean. he is an intellectual.

Relationships: he is difficult to befriends with if they are put off by his demeanor. he is however a good friend when people understand his personality.

Abilities/Talents: a very good speaker and enjoys debating. if someone is being unreasonable in such a debate he will ignore them. he is fast and more than capable of fighting. he is an excellent negotiator.

Misc: he is often a target of interest to women. There have been times when women have had contests on kissing him first. however all attempts have been rejected thanks to one simple fact, he is gay, and has an interest in Needles. he often reads. his spray is more of a choking cloud than a crippling liquid. he does not make a big deal about his sexual orientation. loves listening to any kind of music.

Name: Priscilla

Species: Warthog

Gender: Female

Appearance: Pink skin with blonde hair on her head rolled into a bun and secured with elaborate chopsticks. wears a silky white and yellow coat. wears a pair of round glasses. carries a blue and gold cane with her that she doesn't need in order to walk.

Personality: has the demeanor of a kind nanny. she is sweet and pleasant to be around. she is free of materialistic desire to things she doesn't need though likes her coat and cane. she loves to educate people. when fighting she will lecture her opponent on just what they are doing wrong. id the opponent has no chance then she will explain to them just why they are going to lose. she is very intelligent and wise. she hates to see people down on their luck. she will protect others who are being oppressed by someone. she is quite passive and prefers to evade attacks instead of fight. when fighting she becomes extremely serious

Relationships: she has an admirer by the name of Lavender who longs to be as great a magician as she is. she is trusted by all good tree friends.

Abilities/Talents: she's not very strong physically but she more than makes up for it in magic of all kinds. she is a powerful magic user who uses magic of any sort but favors elemental, restraining, and occult types. she is quite deft at evading.

Misc: uses her cane as a conduit for casting magic, without it her magic is less focused and more wild. she has a library in town but has a secret section she allows people interested in learning magic to use.

Name: Lavender

Species: Rabbit


Appearance: bright green body with a yellow head and cream belly. his ears have blotches of red all over them and a large red patch on his left cheek to the back of his head. the back of his head has a number of vertical white stripes along it. has thick green puffs on the tips of his ears and a thick green puff tail.

Personality: likes to pretend that he is a magician but is terrible at making the illusions. he is friendly but gets a temper whenever anyone tells him he is bad at something. first he will shout at them and tell them he's not bad at it then he'll break down crying. he is a little bit of a crybaby some times. he is outgoing and always tries to impress people but often times fails miserably. he will cry if he gets hurt. he is deeply terrified of being alone and afraid of the dark but he is to proud to tell anyone or show it. he is also afraid of live fish and will run out of the water if one gets too close to him, he will cry if he is touched by one. he is kind and wants everyone to be his friend, as a result he often is a victim of peer pressure and will do anything to get people to like him.despite that he does not go out of his way to be the center of attention.

Relationships: easily falls for any girl who he thinks likes him. he is friends with anyone he can be.

Abilities/Talents: he has an overwhelming amount of magical power welled within him but has no idea it exists. there have been a number of times where he accidentally used magic and killed people violently with it. his magic mostly activates when he feels profound emotion which can also be anything from embarrassing to deadly for himself and others.

Misc: he often caries around a plastic wand. since he has no control or idea of the magic within him his body will use anything as a conduit often leading to ridiculous to nearly impossible outcomes.

Name: Honey

Species: Luna Moth

Gender: Female

Appearance: a vibrant green body built out of a three segmented exoskeleton. as a result, she lacks any apparent belly mark like other tree friends. other ways she differs is instead of pac man eyes, her eyes are slightly larger, completely black, and segmented. she also has no buck teeth. she has two large fern-like antennae and two large wings with yellow and black eye markings as well as red bordering at the tops. she's also a bit thinner than other tree friends and has a slightly pointed face. she also wears a pair of green cloth boots.

Personality: Honey, just like her name implies, is sweet and kind if also a bit shy. she is a bit of a nerd with some tomboyish traits and loves to read. she tends to stick to herself but will help people if asked. she can be a bit timid around certain situations but is not really a coward. she tends to put others before herself at times but won't want to help someone who is cruel, even if her conscience tells her to. she's very friendly and is difficult to catch being angry. if she does get angry she will attack with her large vocabulary of words. she doesn't often approach others for help and tends to keep feelings inside.

Relationships: though timid she will happy talk to people who want to talk to her. she is easy to become friends with provided that the person in question has nothing against her quietness or timid nature.

Abilities/Talents: Honey is a practiced artist and is extremely smart and creative. however, she is not particularly strong and her wings are too large to let her fly for too long. her exoskeleton makes her a bit more durable than other tree friends. she's also not particularly fast, again, thanks to her wings but they do help her balance if she uses them right. her antennae are also quite sensitive and allow her to feel things in the air as well as anything they touch to a remarkable degree.

misc: often spends time daydreaming and coming up with ideas. she also is often seen reading books.


I did the unthinkable and made kids... WITH CANNONS AND OC'S!... and here they are. (they can be edited depending on the story)

Name: Snowy

Species: Hedgehog/Porcupine (it was a pain in the ass to actually make physical differences between them)

Gender: Female

Appearance: white fur with blue belly. red marking next to her left eye. unusually long quills. forehead quills are darker red than the rest of the quills. all quills end in purple tip.

Personality: friendly and loves to do things with other people. she has acquired her mother's timidness and tries to stay away from dangerous things. she can sometimes give into peer pressure. she has the same protectiveness as her mother and father. she always thinks ahead. she loves activities of all sorts. she hates hurting people. she can be scared easily, a trait acquired from her mother. she often thinks of others before herself.

Relationships: she is easy to be friends with and Ritz is her brother. Flaky and Remmie are her parents

Abilities/Talents: has the same berserk ability as her father. she, like the rest of her family has a peanut allergy, her system however takes longer to flush the effects out. she can roll into a ball just like her father, it makes her resemble a large sea urchin.

Misc: has a very difficult relationship with her brother who is extremely jealous of her. despite all he does she sill cares deeply for him and will always help him if he needs it. if she is startled and does not see what caused it she will immediately roll into a ball. if she sees what startled her she may hesitate to do so and skip doing it entirely depending on the situation. her quills are often a huge burden with her and others. she is afraid of going berserk. the causes of it are if she is continually threatened and her fear forces her mind into self defense mode. she will kill her assailant unless stopped. during the berserk phase all of her abilities are heightened.

Name: Ritz

Species: Hedgehog/Porcupine

Gender: Male

Appearance: purple fur with crimson spikes (hedgehog spikes). has a spike piercing in his right ear. dark blue belly, nose, and patch around his right eye. has his mother's dandruff.

Personality: selfish and envious of his sister. he can be cruel and unforgiving but feels guilty afterwards, though he will never say so. he can be friendly with people but is somewhat dark and withdrawn at times. despite how he acts there is a good person deep within him that is simply being blocked by self loathing. he takes his frustration out on others, mainly his sister. he is also protective, just like his parents. can be mischievous and cunning.

Relationships: can be liked by anyone. his sister is Snowy who he is extremely jealous of. his parents are Remmie and Flaky.

Abilities/Talents: he can roll into a ball but is not very flexible thanks to his mother's genetic, thus is extremely slow when trying and has a hard time staying in it. he is faster than his sister normally but is beaten at it when she goes berserk.

Misc: unlike his sister he cannot enter a berserk state. he is envious of his sister for that as well as her having longer quills, not having dandruff, and being able to roll into a ball in a second. he is also jealous of her friendly and likable nature. his envy is somewhat connected to his protectiveness and the fact that Snowy has better abilities for that than him. he is also allergic to peanuts like the rest of his family but recovers faster than them. he will pick on his sister in front of his friends which makes her somewhat self conscious. if he is mad enough at his sister he will sometimes try to initiate her peanut allergy which she has an overly bad reaction to. his parents buy him an expensive dandruff shampoo to manage the condition. his sister is more than willing to help buy it for him.


I've decided to post them as they appear in 6 ways to Oblivion so information on them will be temporarily limited.

Name: Diz

Species: generally accepted to be a cat

Gender: Male

Appearance: wears a long brown duster with a belt that holds two revolver holsters. wears a wide-brimmed black hat that flops over enough to cover his eyes. Eyes are blank except for the outline of a pupil. main colors are grey and dull black. only visible indication of his species is a dull black tail.

Personality: currently wrapped in enigma. lets on that he knows far more than he tells.

Relationships: unknown

Abilities/ Talents: shown himself to be a master of gunslinging.

Misc: has two strangely long barreled revolvers. talks with a Scottish accent and voice has a distinctive catlike quality.

Name: Boom

species: Rabbit

Gender: Male

Appearance: three and a half to four times the size of a regular tree friend. grey skin. brown patches of fur on his knees and elbows. large rabbit ears that flop on his back. small puffball tail. extremely muscular. wears a chain with a leather pouch tied to it to carry things. large hands capable of wrapping around a tree friends torso. oftentimes has a hunched posture. wears a gauntlet on his right arm. sometimes wears a helmet that covers the top and back of his head as well as his left eye. wears a pair of dark brown boots.blank grey eyes with few visible features. mouth loosely sewn shut but mainly only effects appearance.

Personality: mostly unknown for now but is seen to enjoy conflict.

Relationships: unknown

Abilities/ Talents: devastating and destructive in melee situations. very powerful. surprisingly fast. very durable.

Misc: carries a massive battleaxe. uses large explosives.

Name: Glory

Species: appears to be a mix of raccoon, porcupine, and skunk.

Gender: male

Appearance: grey fur, dark grey tail rings. black stripe running down his back. gold quills. about twice the size of a regular tree friend. wears a long white and black coat.

Personality: mostly unknown but seems incredibly stuck up and full of himself.

Relationships: unknown

Abilities/ Talents: produces barriers with his hand to deflect gunfire. can be quite swift. can fire missiles of distorted air at opponents that burst on impact. can levitate. can negate the powers of super powered animals and destabilize them. can negate magics of magic wielding tree friends.

misc: wields two hidden wrist blades beneath his coat sleeves

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