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Author has written 7 stories for Soul Eater, Inazuma Eleven/イナズマイレブン, and Bleach.


Although while i was looking for the Kazemaru pic up there in the corner...I stumbled upon some disturbing things...Kaze-kun is a boy please get that straight, and don't draw such "pictures" I'll never be able to forget it...Eeeck. I'm not much of a Yaoi lover either, kinna ruins their innocence a bit. i don't hate it though, i just dont read.

Aight Before u Fill up da Application Here's an intro/summary about SoccHers...Which will be put up tomorrow, and yes I decided to accept OC's...plz do not fill till I give yah da clear, but u can reserve ur crushes!

The battle's between The Academy, and Blackthorne institute began 5 years ago. Back then, Blackthorne didn't even exist..neither did The Academy. The two were actually one school, before they split, that school was called Eden Academy. It was mainly a private school for orphaned kids with talent, or a refuge for those living in a bad environment. There many of the kids got along, and the Headmistress, and Headmaster were highly respected there. Those two were actually a wealthy married couple, they were the one's who inherited the rights to the school when the old Head's died, and were the one's who brought upon the downfall of the Eden, and the saddening memories that came after.

The downfall began when the couple began to fight about The Eden. The woman disagreed with her husband about opening the school for the public. She feared for the students protection because big shots of big companies would hire spy's to infiltrate the place to steal some documents from the school. This school has many gifted children since the main focus of it was to help the children excel in the things they love the most, and use what they know to achieve their dreams when they graduate. Even though the school was kept a secret in a disclosed area, those in the education board knew about them, and swore to keep the school a secret for the students sake. Some ended up telling the info to their friends, and it reached through those competitive companies. They tried all sorts of things to get the products, devices, and works sealed in the school. Many rich people knew about this school, and no matter how hard they tried, the head's refused. The only thing they allowed the rich was to let them enter the school on special occasions like fairs, and such. To operate a big school, they need money. The greedy thought of this as a chance to get the stuff without breaking a sweat, and they can give it to their scientist to figure out the components used to make the product. Unfortunately for them, all of the products (mainly technology or machinery) have a self-incinerate mode when the item breaks, or is torn apart.

Also the kids there create many wonderful things that are never sold to the public, and that infuriated the greedy. They even went as far as kidnapping. The big shots aren't the only one's in it to win it. These kids sell for a lot in the American trafficking biz. These reasons are what made the headmistress argue with her husband. In the end they got a divorce, the husband got authority of the boys, while the wife had authority of the girls. Thus The Academy, and Blackthorne was born. Academy for the girls, and Blackthorne for Boys.

The Academy's ways was the same as the Old head's ways. The girls weren't allowed out of the school without permission, or until they learned how to fight for themselves through training then they are given special permission. That's why the Academy girls are known as dangerous, but for the wrong reasons.

The Blackthorne institute operated differently, the ex-husband made an institute where Undisciplined Teens can go to(mainly boys), to get disciplined. It's a Juvenile Detention center made out of the ex-husbands anger, and bitterness. He uses the boy's as tools to get back at his ex-wife, and he does it through soccer.

The sport he hates most, since its the sport his ex-wife loves. The girls had no other choice, but to fight off the boy's the same way, since they always manage to kidnap an Academy girl to use as a hostage. The penalty for losing is that the Academy loses their friend which was held hostage, if they win their friends safety is ensured.

Although this bitter way of getting revenge happened when the ex-husband got brainwashed by Kageyama, and his evil ways of doing things. The Academy fought back hoping to reclaim the boy's they once knew when they were little, it was for that sole reason they fought. But as time passed they slowly seemed to forget that reason, and thought only of victory. Hopefully the outside world can change them. For its been so long since they last saw the light.

Ok, now I'm going to explain to you about the system of these schools. Whatever team you're in, that's your sector. For example if you're in eternal darkness you're in the purple sector. The sector of the most dangerous girls, the same thing applies for Black Knights. The schools are split into color groups, each group stands out in in something in particular. Just Look at the Oc form, and you'll know. AL so each team represents a certain element, so you're hissatsu techniques has to resemble the element in a way.

OC application form 4 SoccHers!






Hissatsu's(Unlmimited): There will be times when it fails

--Details of Hissatsu's: OR you can leave it up to meh!




Crush: -Taken: Hiroto/Fudou Akio/Hiroto/Goenji/Max/Kazemaru/Aphrodi/Genda/Burn/Sakuma/Midorikawa



Top 7 teams for The Academy (All My Oc's are the captains, but they will rarely be there for their team so the first to apply for one of the teams down below will be sub captains/2nd in command)

1. Eternal DarknessPurple/Dangerous/dark

Captain: Nyra -FW- *Aphrodi

Sub Cap: Namekaze Yuuki -midfielder/striker- *Fudou Akio

DF: Noire Alexandra (Alex or Ice for short) *Burn

2. The DevilsRed/Ruthless/Fire

Captain: Ember -FW- (?)

Sub-C: Yukira Imai -FW- *Genda K

FW: Angel Starling *Toramaru

3. Nature's GiftGreen/Pacifists/Earth

Captain: Gardenia -GK- Gazel (Suzuno Fuusuke)

Sub-C: Azumi(last), Haruka(first) -MF- *Hiroto

4. AvalancheElectric Blue/Gangsters/Ice

Cap: Crystal -MF/FW- *Kazemaru

Sub-C: Ito Yuzuki -GK- *Goenji

FW/MF/DF/-Akimoto, Akari *Fidio

MF: Isabella Sakuma *Fubuki Shirou

5. Deep BlueDark blue/Flirters/Water

Cap: Aqua -MF/DF- (?)

Sub-C: Kazane Hinako MF/DF

6. Heaven's AngelsSky blue/airheads/Air

Cap: Sky -MF/FW/DF- *Midorikawa Ryuuji

7. Shooting StarsYellow/Nerds/Lightning

Cap: Mandarin -FW/DF- *Max

Sub-C: Fudo Natsuki -FW- *Sakuma Jirou

Top 7 for Blackthorne (The order for those up there have the same meanings for the one's down below)

1. Black Knights

Cap: Raven

Sub-C: Noire Adrian/Forward/Ace striker

MF/DF: Satoshi, Ruka

MF: Atom Meteor

FW: Goku Starling

2. The Reds

Cap: Red

Sub-C:Takuya Yagami/DF&F

3. Wild

Cap: Trick

4.0 Degrees

Cap: I.C.E

5. Sharks

Cap: Rico

6. Air StrikerZ

Cap: Akigo

7. Lightning Crusaders

Cap: Prince

OC Chara's:

Name: Namekaze Yuuki

Age Normal age of IE characters( around 14? shes as old as Endou and others)

Gender: Female

Quirks/habits: Bites her thumb when nervous or upset. Hates to cry infront of others. Is impatient and easily annoyed. She is also very sarcastic

Description/Looks: She has pink hair till below her shoulders, Really light blue eyes which are big with long black eyelashes, very pale skin, medium height. People have described her as pretty

Hissatsu's(Unlmimited): NO GOD MOD N * KAYZ! Darkness Storm, Rose thorn, Ice Shards, Demon Snatch, Fallen Angel, Medusa's Glare

--Details of Hissatsu's: OR you can leave it up to meh! Ill leave it up to you :)

History/Bio: Her father was a French noble decendant and they are quite wealthy. Father killed mother when Yuuki was six becuz he was drunk. Diied in a car crash in the same night. Her grandmother lives in a mansion in France. Has an older sister who has adopted a 3 year old girl. Lives with her housekeeper.

Likes:Spicey foods, art and drawing, watching horror movies, history, traveling and taking long walks

Dislikes: Swearing, Looking on the bad side of things, Mean and rude people, people who talk too much, being late

Crush: Fudou Akio

Position: Midfielder and sometimes striker

Team: Second in command for Eternal Darkness


Name: Ito Yuzuki

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Quirks/habits: She's a a quiet person and is a huge bookworm. Most of the time, she'll always be late and her reasons of being late are really... exaggerated. Inside, she's really sweet and fun to be with.

Description/looks: She has light blue wavy hair that's partly curled and at shoulder-length. She has big black orbs like Endou's and her skin tone is a peachy color

Hissatsus: Snow Hammer, Ice Brigade

Details of Hissatus:
Snow Hammer- She first gathers aura around her hand until it takes a shape of a hammer made out of snow. Next, she jumps up and dives dow, her hand targeting the ball. Next, her hand smashes the ball, trying to let it stop. The rest could be either she catches it or she wasn't able to catch it.

Ice Brigade- First, she waits for the ball to come close to her. Next, when she feels that it's close, she raises her hand up and an iceberg comes out. The ball hits the iceberg and it tries to get through. The rest are either she catches it or she fails to catch it.

History/Bio: When she was young, she used to live with Endou Mamoru because they're cousins. Around the age of five, she lost her memories of being with Endou and she thinks she doesn't live with anyone. Ever since, she studied in the school you mentioned and... you know what happens next.

Likes: candy and music

Dislikes: bullies, heights and insects

Crush: Gouenji Shuuya (I reserved him, if you remember)

Position: Goalkeeper/Sub-C

Team: Avalanche


Name: Azumi(last), Haruka(first)

Age: 14

Gender: female


Description/Looks: long black wavy hair, ties it with a green ribbon or wears a re headband, and has brown eyes. a white shirt covered with an open red jacket, then with the green ribbon tied to her hair, then she has white rubber shoes...


- Aurora Beam: kicks the ball to the sky and jumps, and kicks the ball, the ball goes to the goal like there's an aurora coming...

- Allegro: dashes fast and passes all opponents

- Moonlight Sonata: jumps up with the ball and kicks the ball, the ball shines like a moon when kicked to the goal...

History/Bio: she doesn't know her father or that side of the family, her mother died when she was in the fourth grade, she and her sister moved to her aunt's house

Likes: pastries, music, violin

Dislikes: called by her last name

Crush: Hiroto... I think I reserved/said it in the review in the first chapter...

Position: midfielder

Team: Nature's Gift/Sub-C

Quirks/habits: hurts people when annoyed or irritated even though she doesn't want to...


Name: Noire Alexandra (Alex or Ice for short)

Age: 13

Gender: Female

Quirks/habits: Never uses honorfics...even her captain, she only calls by last name which irritates a lot of people and they say she has no respect. She calls everyone by their last name. Never uses -san, -sama, -kun, -chan for signs of respect.

Description/Looks: She has black shoulder length hair streaked with dark purple. She has death pale, translucent skin. She has strange black eyes that sometimes (when she's really angry) flash silver. Her lips are blood red, and usually curled in a sneer. Either she shows utter contempt or no emotion whatsoever.

Hissatsu's(Unlmimited): Extrasensory Perception (Shooting); Boread's Curse (Stealing); Penalty of Adam (dribbling)

--Details of Hissatsu's:

EP - she closes her eyes and a purple aura surrounds her. SHe then kicks the ball in the air, and kicks it towards the goal, with black and purple flames surrounding it, without opening her eyes.

BC - she raises her right hand, and a whirlwind of ice starts to form. It circles around the player with the ball, battering him or her until he/she is unconscious, at which point the wind subsides and Alex takes the ball.

PA - when she's dribbling, she snaps her fingers. One second later, a full blown blizzard appears, knocking down all those in her path. THe blizzard carries them in the air, buffeting them, and so on until she walks past all of them.

History/Bio: When she was really young, like four, her parents tried to kill her by setting the house on fire. Due to that, she has a fear of fire, and flames, and she rarely lets people get close to her. Even her own team doesn't understand her sometimes. She falls into a coma when she sees fire, her only weakness. She can only be brought out of the coma with adrenaline. She doesn't try to get close to anyone because she thinks they'll try to harm her. She's arrogant, and has a superiroty complex. SHe thinks she's better than everyone else, and she hates falling into comas, because they make her feel weak. Only her captain and the headmistress know what happened to her, so she's often misunderstood. SHe finds herself falling for Burn, even though he's a boy, and she hates boys. Actually, she doesn't care much about her own gender either. She's kinda self-reliant and hates when relying on someone else. THe reason she hates boys so much, is because of her older brother, Noire Adrian (Drew) who is two years older than her. He also tried to kill her with her parents. He goes to Blackthorne

Likes: Ice, cold, winter, night, moon. She genuinly cares for her team although it takes a lot for her to show that.

Dislikes: Heat, sun, fire, flames, summer, day. She hates people that are more arrogant than her. SHe hates boys in general, no matter who they are. She hates herself for having a crush on Burn

Crush: Burn

Position: Defender

Team: Eternal Darkness


Name: Isabella Sakuma
Age: 14

Gender: Female

Quirks/habits: coasntally singing, very jumpy, hotheaded can go from nice to angery,loyal,kind, Scary.

Description/Looks: has tan skin, light cyan hair which goes to her waist, Orange eyes, always wears a penguin necklace.

Hissatsu's(Unlmimited): Fire strike (SH)
Lost in the flames (OF)
Emperor penguin 4 (SH)
Diamond gates defence (DF)
criminal (OF)
Revolution (DF)
God Secrets (SH)
Greek Mythology (SH)

History/Bio: she was kidnapped by a stranger then they abandoned her spent all her life trying to get back to her real family younger twin sister of Sakuma

Looks: short sleved black hoddie that covers the top half of my waist, a dark blue long sleved top underneath,dark blue jeans, trainers a sarf like this http:/

Likes:sweets, computers, soccer, books, music,dancing,art.

Dislikes: Fakes, airheads, muders,kidnappers.

Crush: -Fubuki

Position: MF



Name: Fudo Natsuki
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Quirks/habits: She rolls her eyes when she's annoyed. When she's nervous, she starts twirling her hair (Doesn't happen often)
Description/Looks: She is sarcastic to all. She is also very outgoing and uses her sarcasm as humour. She is smart and good at outwitting the opposition. She doesn't like the boys from Blackthorn. Natsuki has Jade green eyes, which are average in shape. She has Midnight blue hair that comes down to her waist (always straight). She has a slight tan. She wears green cargos and a blue long sleeved t-shirt, underneath a white hoodie (Short sleeved) that she keeps open. She also wears white trainers with a yellow lightning bolt on the side.

In winter she wears a white coat which has a lightning bolt on the back ( replaces hoodie) and she switches her trainers to snow boots of the same colour (no design on them). She also wears black gloves.

Hissatsu's(Unlmimited): There will be times when it fails

Electric Storm: The user kicks the ball into the air, turning the ball blue with sparks. The user then jumps and somersaults up to the ball. When she reaches the ball, she kicks the ball down and the balls aura increases. She then spins down to the ball before kicking it towards the goal.

Eagle Legend: The user kicks the ball into the air. The user then warps up to the ball. When she reaches the ball, she kicks the ball and stretches her arms out. An eagle appears behind her, turning the ball blue. She kicks it again towards the goal after yelling 'Eagle Legend' with a blue eagle following.

Lightning tread: Natsuki starts dribbling the ball, while electricity starts building up around her. She disappears, then appears again behind the defender(s). She smirks, and then snaps her fingers. The electricity then dispersers, sending the defender(s) flying.
Spinning Cut: Basically the same as the one shown in the game.

--Details of Hissatsu's: See above
History/Bio: When she was 8, her mother died in a hit and run accident, while she was walking her to school. She still has nightmares seeing her mum die in front of her. Her father remarried when she was 10. She has a weird (but happy) relationship with her step mother. When she was 12, she received the nickname 'Eagle of Tokyo', due to her speed and signature technique.

Likes: soccer, puzzles, sarcasm, creating nicknames for the boys of blackthorn, running
Dislikes: Spiders, the boys from blackthorn (I see a pattern emerging), spicy food, her nightmares
Crush: Sakuma Jirou (Doesn't let her feelings show)
Position: FW/Sub-C
Team:Shooting Stars


Name: Yukira Imai


Gender: female

Quirks/habits: she's rather shy and quiet but if she gets * she can be really evil. she's cheeky and gets back n people who hurt her. she absolutely refuses to talk about her past foster family, and pretends to be cold towards everyone else even members of her own team. she doesn't get into physical fights often but her mouth works like a scissor and she often says hurtful things she doesn't mean.

Description/Looks:Blonde hair, green eyes-almost gray, fair complexion.


1. infinite flame attack: Offensive technique, flames engulf her and the ball and by the time they clear she shoots and the ball is already in the net.

2. ash of roses: flames shape themselves like giant roses at her feet and make her rise up, then she kicks the flaming ball three times and the third time it flies into the net.

History/Bio:she won't talk about it.

Likes: she likes being left alone sometimes, but other than that she likes to hang out with her friends, bunk classes and go shopping, and eat lots of ice-cream,play soccer esp. in the rains.

Dislikes:she absolutely hates it when anyone cries. she hates it when her team loses or her team members act weak or give up hope. and she hates Takuya (my other OC) because they both have fire as their element and they often get into fights.

Crush: -Genda K.

Position: full time forward./Sub-C

Team: The devils.

element: fire.


Name: (lAst, First) Akimoto, Akari

Age: Just turned 12


Quirks/habits:Cries very easily =.= more like a flaw.

Description/Looks:Hip length dark brown hair, tied in a high pony tail. Innocent expression.

Hissatsu's(Unlmimited): There will be times when it fails. um...Musical Notes, FW( you can describe it in any ways as long if their is music related to it.), Musical Shield: DF/MF ( sames as the top hissatsu, u can make the movements up for me.

--Details of Hissatsu's: OR you can leave it up to meh!

History/Bio:She is from Greece. That is all u need to now. Wait, and also childhood/best friend with Crystal.


Dislikes:Scary Stuff, ANything scary, animals that are not fluffy or cute.

Crush: -Taken: Fidio.

Position:FD, MF, DF(not usually a DF)
Team:AvalancheElectric Blue/Gangsters/Ice


Name: Kazane, Hinako

Age: 13/14 (same age as the other characters)

Gender: Female

Good: caring, friendly, kind, patient, romantic, cheerful, peace-loving
In-between: ladylike/girly-girl, usually follows her emotions (not her head)
Bad: too trusting, flirty, very ticklish, gets frightened easily

Description/Looks: Layered (but straight), light brown hair that reaches her upper-back. Her eyes are vibrant sea blue, and she has peachy colored skin. She has an average height and delicate features.
Clothes: She usually wears a dark blue baby doll blouse with long sleeves and tied with a white ribbon. She wears gray shorts underneath, with black leggings and brown boots. She usually wears a blue beret on her head and a simple silver necklace.

Hissatsu's: Aqua Jet(stealing/dribbling), Hydro Cannon (shooting), Infinity Wave (shooting), Water Geyser (dribbling), High Tide (stealing)

--Details of Hissatsu's: AJ- she is engulfed in water and gets a sudden burst of speed from the pressure; HC- (I'll leave this up to you); IW- it appears as if there are many balls heading towards the goal with a wave behind them, but most are just illusions; WG- when she runs past others, bursts of water suddenly come out from the ground behind her; HT- when she steals the ball, it's as if there is a wave rushing at the person and sweeping the ball away.

History/Bio: She has a younger brother who is rather sickly whom she cares for greatly, so she knows some basic first aid. Her father is a part-time astronomer, but is mainly a teacher. Her mother used to be a famous pianist, but she was died of illness when Hinako was younger.

Likes: astronomy, singing to herself, the beach, fashion

Dislikes: cooking (REALLY bad at it), ghost stories, thunder

Crush: Ichinose Kazuya

Position: Mid-Fielder/Forward

Team: Deep Blue


Name:Angel Starling

Age 14

Gender: Female

Quirks/habits:She is really energetic and helpful. she is quick thinking and can get one out of the stickiest situations. she is really soft but when she is angry she would break ones bones if she has to

Description/Looks: She is a beautiful young girl. She has knee length silky black hair with curls in the end, She has grey shades in her hair and her bangs are small that cover her forehead, She has blue eyes and fair skin. She has a crown shape birth mark on her right shoulder. when her hair is tied in a ponytail(which is most of the time) she is cold and heartless and when her hair is open kind and cheerful.

Hissatsu's(Unlmimited): There will be times when it fails

Fire phoenix reborn; a phoenix made of fire appears and she kicks the ball when the ball gets near the goal she snaps her fingers and the ball zooms into the net.

Fire twister; Angel and Goenji spin in the air as the same fashion of fire tornado the two tornados combine and form a twister they kick the ball and yell FIRE TWISTER
fire tornado... any other fire hissatu
History/Bio:She is childhood friends with Goenji. She lived her life in misery and despair when an earth quake took everyone but her mother away.

Likes:soccer, fashion, being with her friends,sweets and ice cream. reading she id kind of a book-worm, martial arts

Dislikes: anyone who underestimates a females true potential and thinks girls are weak

Crush: Toramaru

Position: Forward

Team: the devils


Name: Noire Adrian (Drew or Flames for short)

Age: Two years older than his about Alex is 14 and Drew is 16

Gender: Male

Quirks/habits: He, like his sister, shows no respect for anyone on the planet. He uses honorfics to patronize. For example, he'll call his captain with the honorfic -sama to be sarcastic. He calls his sister Alex-chan because he knows she hates that name. He also calls her imoto, which means younger sister. He calls all girls of the Academy with the honorifc -chan to be sarcastic.

Description/Looks: He has black spiky hair which is tipped with purple. He has slightly tan skin with black eyes. He, unlike his sister, shows his emotions. Mostly an arrogant expression is on his face.

Hissatsu's(Unlmimited): Forges of Hephaestus (Shooting); Hyperion's Fury (Dribbling); Sixth Sense (Shooting)

--Details of Hissatsu's:

FH - he claps his hands and the scenery changes into a forge. He kicks the ball and the flame surrounds it, making it super hot. He kicks again and the ball flies into the goal

HF - he raises his left hand and the sky begins to glow orange. Flaming fireballs come down and strike the players in his path, leaving them unconscious and his path clear

SS - exactly like his sister's Extrasensory Perception.

History/Bio: When he was six, he assisted his parents in trying to kill his sister. Deep down, he does love his sister, but it takes a lot for him to show that. He has to see the hate in his sister's eyes. On the outside, he pretends to be a sadistic brother. He tortures her when they meet, using his fire type hissatsu to knock her out. He taunts her every time they meet but he does genuinely care for her. In a weird kind of way.

Likes: Heat, sun, fire, flames, summer, day. He likes his sister even though he never shows it. He likes soccer.

Dislikes: People stronger than him, people more arrogant than him, GIRLS better than him. He hates the feeling he has for Nyra.

Crush: Nyra

Position: Forward (Ace striker)/Sub-C

Team: Black Knights


Name: Satoshi, Ruka

Age: 14

Gender: Male

Quirks/habits: has the tendency to annoy people with sarcasm, and before the match starts, he licks his tongue in interest

Personality: he's mostly calm, serious, and sometimes sarcastic... But he really doesn't like it if the atmosphere is too tense

Description/Looks: he has brown hair and has brown eyes. He usually wears a black shirt and jeans, then rubber shoes


1. Shikigami Defense: he calls out 3 or more white dummies, and the dummies blocks the shoot, as the he takes the ball
2. Ayakashi Rumble: he snaps his finger and the opponent with the ball sees his/her nightmare, and then he gets the ball while the opponent is distracted
3. Yokai's Night Parade: he kicks the ball upwards and jumps up and kicks the ball. 100 of Demons/Yokais' goes/follows the ball and towards the goal.

History/Bio: he was happy with his family until his parents died, he eventually went to Eden Academy, and eventually to Blackthorne

Likes: music, food, soccer

Dislikes: raw food, too tense atmosphere

Crush: none...

Position: midfielder/defender

Team: Black Knights


Name- Takuya Yagami.

nickname: Yuu

Gender- Male!

Position- forward, starts out as defender, switches from defense to attack in rather skilfully when his team needs it/The Reds Sub captain.

Apearence- rather rough and scruff.

messy brown hair with hints of rust and gold which falls into his eyes, hazel eyes with golden lights.

Personality- he's considered to be plentifully evil and cold hearted especially towards weaker players.

loud mouth,


cusses a lot, A LOT,

frank (TOO FRANK),

DOESNOT know team work,

will NOT cooperate,

gets * off easily and gets out of control often,

he hates Gouenji's guts and tries to win the game all by himself.

oh, and he HATES the coach, really hates him!


REIGN OF FIRE- a very strong offensive hissatsu, flames (yellow-red) burst out everywhere around him blocking out other players (even his own team members), completely ruthless towards the goalkeeper especially, he can't do this when he's upset or else the flames go out of control and end up hurting him and those around him.

FLAMES OF HEAVEN- defensive, blue colored flames burst out knocking over the player with the ball, he then takes the ball, and usually does reign of fire. (too proud to pass the ball)

Past- he grew up in an orphanage, after nearly being killed by his parents when he was seven, (you know, people have children and suddenly don't want to be parents anymore),that's the main reason why he's so cold and doesn't trust anyone.

his element is fire- strong, uncontainable and that's why he has that weird want for power,

Jersey number: Seven! (Ronaldo!)


Name: Goku Starling

Age: 13

Gender: Male

Quirks/habits: He gives fierce death glares to people and uses slangs sometimes when he is really mad. He even has the habit of beating people up even if they are his team mates

Description/Looks: He has long black spiky hair with onyx eyes and fair skin. he has a scar on his neck

Hissatsu's(Unlmimited): Dark spear, Shadow's rage, black water, Black thorns,

Darkest fright: the opponent who has the ball is surrounded by darkness and their deepest darkest secret and fear appears in front of them

History/Bio: Same as his sister Angel Starling's. (I am the princess of flames' brother) I think she gave you the Earth quake came and took everyone she cared about died... Goku and Angel were buried deep in the rubble of the buildings. They miraculously survived. the headmistress and headmaster saw them and took those two with them

Likes: beating the academy girls, fighting, noodles, sketching, soccer

Dislikes: CATS (He is scared of them) THE HEADMASTER AND COACH!, Academy girls, waking up early

Crush: -Taken: no one

Position: forward

Team: Black Knights

Personality: He is energetic and really cold and ruthless.

You know Goku from dragon ballz that's how my OC looks.

Extra info: no one knows that he and Angel are siblings


Name: Atom Meteor


Gender: Male

Quirks/habits: Hates showing his emotions in front of others also when angered his eyes turn red and his alter ego comes out, always wants to be better than others and hates to lose things.

Description/Looks: Atom:He has green and Blue hair and a headband that is Red and his eyes are Blue. Alter ego (AKA: Suru) same as atom but has red eyes and is very aggressive and powerful

Hissatsu's: Meteor Blade XXV, Astro Tube,Eternal Blizzard,Hunters Net

-Details of Hissatsu's: OR you can leave it up to meh!

History/Bio: When he was born he was abused by everyone from his school and eventually his family left him after they first saw his alter ego come out,

Likes: Winning,Football,Darkness

Dislikes:Losing, Light

Crush:None (Or you choose)


Team: Black knights!




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All is well at the DWMA. Medusa is dead,Arachnephobia is dead,and the Kishin is dead.What could possibly go wrong? EVERYTHING.The Kishin may be dead but its Insanity and Madness is not.New threats pop up and DWMA needs help whether they want it or not.
Soul Eater - Rated: T - English - Humor/Romance - Chapters: 9 - Words: 15,811 - Reviews: 9 - Favs: 3 - Follows: 3 - Updated: 3/11/2011 - Published: 12/13/2010
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