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Well, I've been this site for over two years. I first fell into this place when I was about 12 and was shocked by the fact that people actually wrote down things about what happened after books ended, or two other characters. I had always done that in my head. It took me half a year to gain the courage to sign up and between the ages of 13 and 14 I wrote quite a bit of Harry Potter fanfic, and was as bad at it as I was enthusiastic (in other words: very). I stopped for reasons I can't quite remember. Maybe because I didn't have enough time. Or something. But I did stop. And now I've taken every last bit of my Harry Potter fanfic off of here and as soon as I can, I'll upload some original stuff. I'll always have this site to thank for kick-starting my writing, for if it hadn't been for fanfic I probably wouldn't write very much at all. Fanfics and re-tellings (which are a step up, and which I like to write) are good practice.