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Hello and welcome to my profile. I've recently done some clipping of stories that aren't going to go anywhere, sorry if this brothers people. It's just I find them so very Mary-Sue and over used. My writing style for them was terrible. I would have given them away but I don't know if they ever had a plot that could be well developed in the first place, no matter the author. I would like to say this though: If I deleted a story you liked I'm sorry.

With that said I would very much like to say that I will be continuing the stories I have here, revising and editing a few of them, and adding new ones that should be better.

Alright so I'm not going to list my fandoms, it's too long (should I be worry about this?), but I'll try and update this about my stories often so here goes:

Familiar Series: Goes in this order although some of them have events that cross stories:

Familiar Faces, Familiar Eyes, Familiar Smiles, Familiar Motions, Familiar Voices, Familiar Power, Familiar Feathers, Familiar Cravings, Familiar Gifts (which can go anywhere really), and last Familiar Fates (again goes anywhere).

Time's Corss: Will be edited and rewritten soon. I love this story too much to give up on it.

Game On: Will update soon. Anyone who follows/reads it please message me or review to tell me who you think that Petra should end up with please. Currently we have Mat Murdock (Daredevil), Harry Osborne, and Wade Wilson (Deadpool).

Up and Coming!

Crossroads: Superantual and semi prose Lucifer. It's me thinking too much up hey it kinda make eerie sense. Creepy.

Homeward Bound: Crossover between Supernatural and a world of my own creation. I made up this world ages ago and then left it all alone. I shouldn't have done that. The Monsters grew sharper teeth, bigger claws, and way more hungry. There will not be any romance between the Original Characters and the Characters of Supernatural. Maybe some unintended Supernatural shippiness because I can't help it and then the dynamics between my original characters shown. It's just my idea of what would happen if the Supernatural Crew came into contact with the ragtag heroes of Limbo (Earth and Purgatory have been combined into one world in this story and eventually the suriviving humans call it Limbo because survival isn't really living but no one (mostly) wants to die). It starts about mid-season 5 mostly because I want Lucifer to meet Lucilla Fur (Named after my own best friend though her name is Lucinda Furr we all call her Lucy...fer).

Raindrops on Roses: Serial Killer AU of Supernatural. Because I feel that Adam shouldn't be left to rot in the pit. Because I feel that Dean and Sam would make beautiful psychopaths that not even the BAU could catch (Reid would manage it only to be kidnapped and turned). It will be semi fast paced at the start with the focus on Adam and his relationship with Sam and Dean and how it is different from anything he's ever known. It will start with Adam at age 12. I have a twelve year old cousin, I remember being naive at 12, and I remember my brother at age 12. He would listen to anything that our older cousins and friends would say and believe it simply because he was 12 and they were older and related/our friends (More of his friends). So I think this is a good time frame for the Boys to meet their little brother since at 16 and 20 (I think they're all four years apart) Sam and Dean would already be killers but they would still be evolving and learning.

People in Clubs: Charmed/Supernautal crossover. Charmed Timeline is shifted twenty years back so that Chris is only a year younger then Sam. I love the idea of Dean and Chris hooking up. But I also think that Sam and Chris would have a shot too so I figure that here is my shot. Oddly enough I like Original Future (Because it was the Original Future) Chris and Sam together but Changed Future Chris and Dean together. I don't know. But this is a Changed Future Fic with Sam and Chris meeting when Sam was in Stanford and eventually helping them on cases with his kind of Demons and with other Witches.

Wings: Another Charmed/Supernatural crossover but this time focusing on Chris (I refuse to believe being half Elder didn't boost his powers or something. Elders are also known as Thrones and in the Third Sphere of the Angelic Hierarchy. They are the lowest of that level but they are very powerful) and Castiel and other Angels. Chris is the only true Nephilim of the Charmed Children so I believe that the other Angels of Heaven are his Uncles and as such he has the ability to summon them or they can summon him (Or at least always be able to locate him as a small child since he can't control the bit of Grace he has). The Charmed Timeline is left alone for this one.

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Death will always come to collect Chris personally. Sending a random minion would be an insult to someone of her character.
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Chris has so many Uncles and Aunts it's impossible to count them all. Some of them like to pop in from time to time and lend a hand or a wing or just generally side track the Halliwell Clan. Chris wouldn't trade his Family for the world, either side of it. Still this gives screaming at he ceiling whole new meanings.
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The beginning of it all. The events leading up to Chris going to the Past an the people she left behind, sacrifices she made, and the choices that will condemn her in not just her life but the next as well. Some of the songs will have more than one chapter and not all songs will be used.
Crossover - Charmed & Supernatural - Rated: T - English - Chapters: 3 - Words: 6,989 - Reviews: 2 - Favs: 15 - Follows: 12 - Updated: 10/26/2013 - Published: 10/22/2013 - Chris H., Wyatt H.
Familiar Cravings
He was Jealous of her. He wanted the Bond she had. She was kind and knew many things. She was willing to do anything for her Brother. Ezekiel watched her with envy but now he could feel what that Bond did, the strains it placed on a person. It hurt but he would not shy from his tasks now. He wished to see her again, if only for a moment through another's eyes.
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Her voice was the thing that calmed him down, the thing that relaxed him, the only thing he had left in this world that reminded him he was loved and he didn't want to lose it. Her voice was familiar. Like a foggy echo of a time he had long ago forgotten. Wyatt didn't know why he remembered his sisters voice from before she was an adult but he did it. Fem!Chris both OF and CF
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Piper never really trusted the Whitelighter from the future. Even if Leo did for some reason. It was her eyes. They were familiar, too familiar.
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