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"Sadly, we can't control lives. But luckily, we can control the way our imagination runs."

What happens when you crossed an overly obsessed otaku who absolutely loves cheese and chicken with a top-notch student who is a member of the Hobo Awareness Campaign?

Obviously something that has nothing to do with me. Meh.

The name? It's MahinaWalangKwenta AtDapatMamatayNa Tao. Oops. That's Chise's name. Though sometimes I feel that name's quite fitting for me.
But anyways, you can call me anything you want. Mitsuki, Mika-chan, Mika, Ugly, Beautiful, Handsome, NEET girl, Whatever. Just don't call me in a really insulting name, like... never mind.

Nationality/Location? So yeah, I'm a Filipino in Chicago. Blah blah blah. Who would care to know?

Age? Fifteen years young. Explains why my stories are way to amateur for you old professional hotshots.

Likes? Manga, Anime, Cheese, Eroge and Galge (I have played only some like Tokimeki Memorial, Harvest Moon BTN and Amagami SS), Role Playing, Vocaloid (screwing them haters), Reading as well as Writing, Doujin, Guys With Glasses (I apparently have a fetish with them and I wonder why), Days with No Homework, Home Alone with the Laptop, the rain, starry nights, and of course Family, Friends, and the Almighty Father.

Dislikes? Cramped spaces (curse my claustrophobia), Homework, My Homework-Giving-Obssesed Teachers, Disaster (though I love writing and reading some tragedies), Getting up from bed on a school day, Cursed Internet Lags, massive profiles filled with a bunch of 'copy and paste this if you...' crap, Chemistry, Fakers who back-stab people (Ugh, don't you just want to kill them?), Non-fakers who front-stabs you, and yeah, DAMN WRITER'S BLOCK! Ugh.

Let's Talk Otaku. (How do you do that? "Otaku. Otaku. Otaku." Like that? Hey, I just did what the title said...)

Favorite Animes? Need I put it in a complete list for you? I like almost any anime I watch, regardless if it's yaoi, yuri, incest (twincest is my ultimate favorite actually), hentai or what-not. I'll break down The World God Only Knows and Kimi Ni Todoke as my all-timers. And as of the moment, I'm watching Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, Angel Beats, Amagami SS, Working! and Kuroshitsuji.

Favorite Manga? It must be The World God Only Knows. Don't know why I am so obsessed with it. Kimi No Iru Machi's another one. As well as Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei. I read a whole lot more manga than that, though.

Favorite Pairings? Is there a need for that? As long as that pairing's deserving then that's fine by me.

Anything Else? Never stay up late until 5AM in a Jet Lag sickness drinking Dr. Pepper fangirling. Especially if it's about Kamiya Hiroshi's voice when he goes 'Zetsuboushita'. Trust me! It ain't pretty!


Sure, as a writer, I am open to all kinds of reviews, comments and critics for my stories, but I just can't stand people who just crush you. When you just burn somebody down with your explicit comments, it's not constructive criticism anymore. And don't push me to 'update faster, will 'ya?'. That's just plain wrong. I have a life too, you know?

Hate me or my stories? Just jump to another page.




The Girl God Only Knows is now under hiatus until further notice. I felt the need to close it because I am running out of ideas. This was my 13 year old self's fanfic. I have forgotten how I was thinking since then. I'll let you guys know when I plan to open it again.



Whispers of An Angel (currently on it's fifth chapter). Thanks for all those who reviewed. It means so much to me. ^^

[Coming soon...] A super secret fanfic on the ready. Loads of suspense and loads of love. Watch out for it! ;D





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Whispers of An Angel reviews
Len is living in a world of madness, with a spoiled brat Rin, an aggressive Meiko, drunkard Kaito, neat freak Gakupo and 'motherly' Luka all living in one roof. But where's Miku? You'll be surprised when you find out.- LenxMiku with a lot of tragedies.
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