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I Know Where You Sleep. Name taken from Emilie Autumn's song. Already has a FF account in spanglish.

1. The things, people and names from below inspire me pretty much while I write (not in any particular order of classification).

Neon Genesis Evangelion

Silent Hill

D. Gray Man

Nine Inch Nails

Emilie Autumn

Junji Ito (mangaka)

A Clockwork Orange

Devil May Cry

Hayao Miyazaki

Quentin Tarantino

Guillermo del Toro

Death Note


Hannibal Lecter

Final Fantasy VII & XIII (yeah, and I don't care about what bitches say)



Satoshi Kon

The Shining (movie)

Cowboy Bebop

Stephen King

Nightmare Before Christmas

MPD Psycho

Takashi Miike

Oscar Wilde

Edgar Allan Poe

Lady GaGa

Ju-On: The Grudge (well, in general, most of japanese horror)

Charles Baudelaire

The Legend of Zelda series

Courage the Cowardly Dog

The Big Bang Theory



oh, and latest favorite movie: Black Swan.

By the way, Honey is totally crazy for Kefka lately, so she got her way to change our user name again.


Current work(s):

–'Spiral' from D. Gray Man: So yeah... as the way I'm extremely proud of how did it came out this fanfic, I think I should share my Oh-So-Great-greatness with the rest of english readers. It's a "Yullen" fanfic, but it's risky, since it lacks of the yaoi or boy-love pattern that many fans are used to in fanfics (and I dare to say: much of those fanfics actually suck). I'll try to translate it for the readers out there, not only to feed my ego, but it'll also help me to improve my english... but aside that, I have the help pf my beta (Gracias Honey!!!).

So, Spiral is a fanfic that takes place a few months after the "Phantom G's" Arc, and Kanda is dealing with the memories of his so-fucked-up past. So, his relationship with Allen Walker is as rough and cold as always; but one day, as Allen tries to deliver Kanda a birthday present that Lenalee entrusted to him... catches Kanda on his sleep, muttering Alma's name. Curious and disturbed, Allen tries to figure out who Alma is and what he meant for Kanda. But besides worrying about Kanda's dark secret past, he must deal with his own identity problems, knowing how close the 14th was to take over his body.

Basically, I try to make the fanfic to follow the manga's plot as close as possible, but don't you think that Yullen develops romatically from one chapter to other. It takes time to make shit work properly... I'll ask you to don't mind too much the romance, cause I'm not a romantic person and you won't find me writing some silly gay fluff of Yullen, cause the pairing it's not like that. Or at least, that's not the impression it gives me.


Some interesting essays.

I do, barely, respect yaoi fangirls and their whole movement. And I do like certain types of yaoi –although, to be honest, I preffer a lot more the Bara genre, which presents more masculine characters–, but sometimes, their fangirls, their stupid ideas... just make my brain vomit.

I mean, we must be realistic. Yaoi doesn't even portrait gay men relationships as they really are. Yaoi is just a bunch of pretty faces and slender femenine bodies that intend to have homoerotic material... I mean, why the heck do they draw men who can easily be confused to women? Isn't the charm of yaoi meant to be to watch MEN kissing and fucking? Tell me, if you wanted so badly to see two effeminate creatures to have sex, why don't you keep watching yuri instead?

And about yaoi 'plots'... Plot? What plot? We just want to see two guys making out! We don't need a frigging plot for this, do we? Don't try to tell me that yaoi has plots, cause that totally untrue, otherwise, I must remind you that Yaoi actually means "Yama nashi, ochi nashi, imi nashi" –No climax, no point, no meaning–. If you're looking for something gay with plot, then you must be refering to Boy-Love genre –which I don't even consider as a promising genre, cause most of them don't have any decent plots–.

And what's all this huge shipping war about? Do you actually think that your stupid yaoi fanon can defeat the canon? –no, I don't watch Naruto since years now, but I can easily predict that Sasuke is painfully giving birth to all of Naruto's anus babies right now– You know that your pairing isn't going to happen? You can still write a good fanfic with your favorite pairing without making a shitty unbelievable development without raping the story's canonic line... unless your pairing actually sucks that hard :P

I mean, I had seen a lot of nice yaoi/homoromantic fanfics without the need of a terrible OOCness and plot raping... otherwise, I'm just reading the lemon parts of the joke to fap myself to sleep. I can't stand your unrealistic shit, but I do read your unrealistic porn text for personal arousal :)

Oh, and coming back to the unrealistic portrayal of gay relationships, I have to say that fangirls give a bad name to gay community, cause their doujinshis, their fanfics, their fanarts... most of them don't even bother to see the deepness and complexity within a gay relationship. Not all gay men are shotas or bishonens, not all have slender and effeminated bodies... not all have your pathethic views of society and love. Not everything is about sex and fluff. Gay men are just men, real men, like the men you can see everyday on the streets of a society who has learned to reject all unnatural selections of people. Us, the LGBT community, we want people to see that we're not their stupid social stereotypes.

And that's why yaoi bothers me so much. Gay men aren't all sluts who give their butts to anyone who says 'I love you' or 'I want to fuck you' as it's often portrayed. Stop pretending to know how a relationship should work, cause you don't. At least try not giving gay people a bad image, cause my gay friends detest yaoi for all this reasons above.


Honey changed her name to Kefka, cuz she wanted to. :P

Since we are now working together on this project, now we are sharing this very same account. Is it allowed? Who cares! The shit I do for having some time together with such a handsome bitch like she is. And besides, I get paid for my services. It's like prostitution! But you don't get pregnant or get aids! That's a life of a personal beta.

shit I like, uhmm... Well, I like D. Gray Man to begin with. Full Metal Alchemist, Gantz, Tomie, I adore Final Fantasy VI, cause Kefka is way better than that mama's boy of Sephiroth, still Pinkwhore loves mama's boy, but she likes Kefka too (cause I forced her to play FF6), so it's okay... :D

I like Quentin Tarantino, Wes Craven, Tim Burton and Roman Polanski, Also love Marylin Manson, Apocalyptica, Lady GaGa and Korn. I like Stephen King, Agatha Cristie, Oscar Wilde, Henry Miller... hahaha, am i supposed to write about this? xD really, who even bothers to read it?

Okay, the point is that pinky and I, we like pretty much the same things and we somehow got together into this. At this rate, we're getting someday married. :P

You interested on getting my msn? must be asked by PM... but I don't guarantee that I'll give it to ya.

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