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All right, if you're reading my profile, then you're probably here as a result of reading Shadow's fanfic, Polishing Out the Flaws. Either that, or you're one of my old watchers, and you've wandered back for whatever reason. (To all of you that Author Watched back before HP Facebook got banned from the site, you can unwatch now that I'm posting an MLP fic, if you'd like. No hard feelings) As you can see, my profile is in a bit of a disarray due to the fact that I haven't updated it since January of 2012, so please try to look past it for the time being. I'll get it straightened out eventually.

To all those looking for more My Little Pony fanfics: There are none. I never ended up getting any of mine typed up, and Polishing is Shadow's first work.

To those seeking more Harry Potter fanfics: Maybe. I didn't write any more since last time I posted, but you never know what my brain might do.

And, of course, to those seeking more TV Commercial fanfics: I'm sorry, but I do think that I'm done on that front. My work with the Trix Rabbit was a one-time deal, and I've only been mildly inspired by other commercials.

This reminded me a bit of Lily and James from Harry Potter- it's from 'The Boy Who Harnessed The Wind' (which is a great book, by the way)

Although his friends had no idea, for quite some time the Pope had been keeping his eye on a particular girl. She appeared at the market at the same time each morning, only to disappear in the crowds. An hour would pass, and she's reappear, carrying a bundle of vegetables or a bag of flour, then make her way home to the neighborhood down the hill. These brief moments became the most important part if my father's day, and he made sure he was always at his stall where he could watch her. Even though he'd never heard her voice, something about her seemed to change something inside him. This girl, as you probably guessed was my mother, Agnes.

Well, my father must not have been very smooth, because my mother was well aware of him staring, the way he gazed at her like a puppy at the henhouse door, never sure what to do. She'd asked around and knew his reputation. For some odd reason, these stories of fighting and misbehaving made her excited. Each day she couldn't wait for her mother to send her to the market. Even before entering the rows of wooden stalls, her heart would pound like the chiwoda drums of her childhood dances. Making her way across, it took everything inside her to keep from grinning. But my mother couldn't let on; she was no easy fish to catch.

This game of staring continued for several months, and my mother wondered if this man would ever make his move. If he was so strong and brave, then why on earth was he frightened of her? (as my father tells it, she was always too far away to chase after, and also, yes, he was terrified.)

Finally, my mother decided to test this big, powerful man.

One morning, my father saw her enter the market, and as usual, he quickly became lost in the sight of her. But this time, she did something different. She took a new route through the market- one that was bringing her straight in his direction.

My father became nervous, but knew the time was now or never. This is my big chance, he thought, but what will I say? He didn't have much time to think, because in a matter of seconds, my mother was right upon him. It was the closest she'd ever been, and the sight of her skin made his heart go mad, as if it were trying to run away.

Somehow, he managed to find his courage and leaped over his stall. As she passed, he shouted, "You're the most beautiful woman I've ever seen!"

My mother spun around. My father was standing there in the row, arms open, those same eyes now meeting hers.

"I've loved you my entire life," he said "and I want to marry you."

Struggling to stay composed, my mother said,"I'll have to think about that one." then turned and ran away.

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