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I thought it might be a good idea to post a bio on the two girls in my story, so here they are! Enjoy!

Also, if anyone is curious, here's how I picture the girls in my story. But if you already have a preconceived idea of how they look please do not click on the link! I'm hoping everyone will like them but if you don't agree with how I picture them, sorry about that. This is how I see them and I can't change it! :-)

Rivan Arlyn Langston

DOB: December 12th, 1984

Height: 5’3

Hair Color: Dark brown. Or as Sam likes to call it, mahogany brown.

Eye Color: Cobalt blue

Rivan Arlyn Langston was born and raised in Baker City, Oregon. Born to parents Jacqueline and Daniel Langston, she was the only child and a bit spoiled as a result, but not overly so. At the age of four she met her best friend Eden Sterling, who was five at the time. The girls couldn't be parted from then on and Rivan’s parents often joked that they now had an adopted daughter.

Daniel Langston was the manager of a bank in Baker City, and because it was such a good job Jacqueline was able to be a stay-at-home mom. Most of the time Eden, who lived with her mother and grandmother, stayed at the Langston house while her mother worked, and together Rivan and Eden would get up to all kinds of mischief, earning them the title of the “cute little trouble makers” in their neighborhood.

At the age of ten Rivan met Ellen and Jo Harvelle through Eden’s mother, and the meeting led to a friendship between Jo and Rivan. They wrote back and forth to each other for several years, and in that time Rivan came to learn about Jo’s life, as well as her past. Though Rivan did not scoff at Jo’s belief in spirits and demons and other supernatural creatures, she didn’t encourage talk about it, so her knowledge of it was limited. Later she would learn more than she ever wanted to know.

At the age of eighteen Rivan’s parents were killed in a terrible car crash. The loss devastated her and ended her plans for college for sometime afterwards. Not long after that Eden’s mother, stricken with lung cancer, passed away. With her grandmother already gone, Eden was alone and opted to move in with Rivan. Rivan’s parents had left her money, and Eden had some money from her mother, and for the next three years the girls helped each other through their grief and pain.

Finally ready to greet life again, Rivan started college at the age of twenty-one. College did not interest Eden, and she got a job at the bank that Rivan’s father had worked at. For two years Eden worked and Rivan went to college, and then, one day before Rivan’s birthday, something happened that changed her life once more. Left alone for a few days while Eden went to stay with her then boyfriend, Rivan came home one afternoon to find Jo waiting for her, and it was then that she learned the truth about a ring her mother had given to her hours before the crash that killed Jacqueline and Daniel Langston occurred.

Vampires sought the ring Rivan now wore, for it would give them complete control over the entire human race. Once Jo had finished with this story she then informed a stunned Rivan that she would have to go into hiding. On the day of her birthday Rivan met Sam and Dean Winchester for the first time and was told that they would be protecting her until they figured out how to stop the threat that was bearing down on them all. Rivan left with them that night, not even able to tell Eden that she was leaving and why. That task was left for Jo.

For the next two years Rivan traveled with Sam and Dean, and in that time she came to love Sam. She learned a lot about the supernatural world, and she often noted that she had never wanted to know so much.

Over time Eden, who was being targeted by the vampires in an attempt to get Rivan to cooperate, came to join Rivan and the Winchesters. In what seemed like no time at all Eden and Dean became a couple and the four of them traveled all over the United States, the boys fighting all kinds of creatures while the girls remained protected and (most of the time) out of sight. They continued this up until the point of our story, and, if you have been reading it, you know what has happened so far. So there you are. A short but hopefully informative bio of Rivan Langston.

Eden Regina Sterling

DOB: October 20th, 1983

Height: 5’4

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Light blue. Has also been described as the color of a deep summer sky. Once during a quiet moment together Dean referred to the color as a “Devilish blue” and was pinched soundly for his comment.

Eden Regina Sterling was born in Barstow, California to parents Angela and David Sterling, and was also an only child. Her mother was a nurse and her father a policeman, and they lived a fairly comfortable life. That all ended when Eden’s father left when she was three years old. To this day Eden doesn’t have many memories of him, and that doesn’t bother her. He left her mother for another woman and Eden did not care to know much about him.

At the age of five Eden and Angela moved to Baker City, Oregon, to live with Angela’s ailing mother. Only days after the move Eden met Rivan Langston, and they became instant friends. The two families often came together to celebrate birthdays and holidays, and after Eden’s grandmother passed away Eden spent a lot of time at the Langston house. Angela’s mother left her the house and a little money, and life got better after that.

Eden met Ellen and Jo Harvelle at the age of eleven through her mother, though Rivan and Jo developed more of a friendship than Eden did with Jo. She knew that Jo often wrote Rivan letters, and Rivan would share those letters with Eden. Jo’s talk of spirits and demons scared Eden, but she was tolerate enough of Jo’s claims. Mainly because she’d seen a few spirits herself. This was one thing Eden never shared with Rivan, or anyone else for that matter.

At the age of eighteen Eden’s mother developed cancer in her lungs, and it spread rapidly. Angela Jean Sterling died a year later, leaving the house and what little money she had to her daughter. Though she had a home of her own she decided to move in with Rivan, who was also suffering from the loss of her parents. For three years the girls merely existed while helping each other through the pain of such terrible losses.

At the age of twenty-two Eden got a job at the local bank while Rivan went to college. For two years they lived this way and life was getting better again. But all too soon that ended. After spending some time with her current boyfriend Eden came home one afternoon to find Rivan gone and Jo Harvelle in the living room waiting for her. Jo explained everything that had happened and what had led Rivan to leave, and who she was with. Eden did not take any of this well and only calmed down when she was permitted to talk to Rivan.

After that there seemed little she could do but go on with her life. She did so for two years, living in constant worry and stress over Rivan, whom she couldn’t even talk to because of the situation. Then after a close call with a vampire Eden also fell under the protection of the Winchesters, and as our story tells us, she fell in love with Dean.

For a few months afterwards the group of four traveled all around the United States, content with each other and what they were doing, all the way up to the point where Rivan and Eden snuck away from the Winchester boys in a misguided attempt to protect Sam and Dean from the dangers that the ring brought on them. And that’s where Eden’s bio ends. If you want to know the rest, feel free to read the story if you haven’t already! ;-)

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