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Hey this is Mitchi-Chans alt. A little about mon self

I am french-american

I am old enough to drink,vote, have sex, party, and go to college

I am working mostly. Taking care of myself. And trying to get a degree in Literature and Creative Writing while taking other fun college courses.

I am somewhat born with a silver spoon in my mouth.

I am adopted.

I dont like rude, racist, or ratchet people xD

I am somewhat in a relationship with a cute guy from the UK

My other account Mitchi-Chan is my first account here.

I am best friends with CrystalCastles.

Oh and my birthday is Oct. 13th c:

Rules of My Page

1. Do not give me crappy reviews, if you dont like the story then dont read it. Plain and simple. If you do like it, tell me something more then. "Its awesome!!"

2. Do not send me rude messages or I will result to a bad side of me you do not want to witness

3. No I will not fave your story or Fave you. This account is made for friends. So if I add you, your mah writing buddie B;

4. I sometimes answer my private messages and sometimes I dont. So send me an email by or or

5. Please do not fangirl me. I know I am a good writer dont have to fangirl every single chapter o.e Just write a longass review when you get to the end, K?

6. I may or may not be active in forums

7. I am taking stories requests to expand myself so please read those rules

i. I will only write rated m or t stories. Sorry there's nothing kiddy about me

ii. Please suggest a theme, like adevnture/action/drama/comdey/etc. I am best with romance and the sorts

iii. Please choose a tv show/cartoon/etc... something that I am use to

iv. Please note I have a right to decline the idea so dont get pissy at me. I either didnt like it or dont feel a strong urge to do it, kthanxbai

8. I am not a mean person I am just allergic to bullshit

9. I am taking a sneaky histatus from my Main account Mitchi-Chan even though I have alot of hits but some files got misplaced or lost so I am re-writing them

10. I do have a life. So dont bum rush me to do stories or update something because I will send a "piss off" message because I do not like them. I do other things too, people. Eat, sleep,fuck,take a shit, and all that good stuff. So please undertsand that c:

11. Do not make fun or bash or flame or even rant about my Oc's in any fanfic being Mary-sues or Gary-stus Because 9 times out of 10. They are not!!

12. This is a biggie since it is in bold,duh! Do not, I repeat do not put my one-shots in alert when I am not going to add any more to it. Shit,people! If it says complete that means its all that I have to offer. There will be no added anything unless I am really into it or have a shitload of reviews to put the time and effort to make something! Please refrain yourselves from doing it...I have a life hint hint rule number 10

13. Trolls will be ignored or eaten whichever they prefer

14. Leave a review with poor spelling will be highly IGNORED. I only answer to negative reviews with correct spelling and given good direct points about my writing.

15. I come on this site to have FUN. Sometimes my writings are not serious, sometimes they are. So please dont be a butt-hurt, whiny little bitch who dont appreciate a author in progress c;

so...thats all the rules until I think of some...

Remember, I love you all

My goals

I dont know for the year 2013


About my stories, sometimes I make good ones and sucky ones. I either write because it sounds cool or some being begged to be write. Some are inspired or requested. All in All each fanfic is a part of me. Sometimes I will update or worry...feel free to toss messages about un-updated stories

I am mostly known for the epic Adventure Time fics Panty Time and Sequel Time

My Ocs

1. Flo and Pecan- Mostly noted in the popular cartoon Adventure Time with Finn and Jake. Is in the opposite world of Ooo where Fionna and Cake resides. Flo is a fox like character opposing Fionna while her trusty side-kick Pecan is a energy absorbing squirrel. Flo may not be a weapon specialist but she is a expert in different types of hand to hand combat. They are not bad guys just the anti-heroes who make their own rules.

2. Fooyung and Robyn- Mostly noted in the popular cartoon Adventure Time with Finn and Jake. Is in the opposite world of Ooo where Fionna and Cake resides. Fooyung is a panda like character opposing Fionna while her trusty side-kick Robyn is a high flying bird that can multiple into different clones of herself! Fooyung likes her nunchunks and tonfas but she can use magical spells such as fire,wind,earth,and water. They follow close to Flo and Pecan since they were involved in the same incident as them. But they are overally nice.

3. Monsoon- PENDING

4. Minto Senju- PENDING

5. Dante- Mostly noted in the popular tv show called Wizards of Waverly Place. PENDING

6. Warrick- Mostly noted in the popular tv show called Wizards of Waverly Place. PENDING

7. Cheshire- Mostly noted in the popular web/tv show called Happy Tree Friends. In her animal form she takes a slick,slender form of a purple and pink striped cat with pale yellow eyes. Her human form is much alike her animal form, she has long lilac hair with deep purple streaks. Her eyes are still a pale yellow. Her wardrobe consit of deep purples or pink colors. She mostly wears long dresses or skirts with black boots. She smokes and drinks. She suffers heavily from PTSD but her condition is slightly different then Flippy. She always inflicts pain on herself to take away the pain of losing her mother and older sister to the WAR. But that isnt the main cause of her flip side. She is injected with a virus called VENOM. A failed experiment making soilders into cold blood killers. Cheshire is number 5, having the mark on her lower hip right above the buttocks. She is also evolved, when put in danger or in harm, her eyes turn a deadly red color making her a force not to reckon with. She has a strange realtionship with Flippy and Flipqy respectivily. But she is currently dating/pinning after Splendid.


My Lovely Betas; I thank you all for your time and work for putting up with my errors. Without you, I wouldnt be a decent writer in my own right. devilsxgirl,TheWolfHourx,joesph33759,crystalcastles

Go check out Crystal Castles! She also contributes to Three is a Crowd and is writing an awesome Kingdom Hearts Fanfic!!!! You guys should check it out when it releases!

Will began writing in August...

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Histatus...Be back next Saturday
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