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Hey guys! My name is Riley :D and I'm a girl XD I really love Teen Titans. I fell in love with the show when they first showed the promo (the one with Punk Rocket) and I've been a big fan of DC comics for over 8 years (before Teen Titans started). I'm 17 years old and I read my first Batman comic when I was 10.

Things you should know about me . . .

1. I plan to do mostly Robin/Nightwing and Starfire fanfics.

2. I promise I will always finish my work. No hiatus or breaks.

3. I love high school stories and "Starfire leaves because Robin is an ass" stories.

4. I might do some rated M fanfics, I'll give you a warning if it will contain some lemons.

5. I might use some intense language. Again, I'll give you a warning at the beginning.

6. Sadly, I don't own Teen Titans or any DC comic stuff.

I also am a big fan of Pokemon! Been there since the first episode aired on September 8, 1998! (I like to write down important dates.) N and White (/Touko/Hilda) are awesome together so I might be planning to do one of those. Maybe some May and Drew ones. Some Brock and Nurse Joys :D (I wiggle my eyebrows at that one.) About Ash . . . I might do it with Misty/May/Dawn OR I'll just pair him up with Leaf XD Ash will be a tricky one to write.

As for the gym leaders . . . I really think Falkner and Winona are a good pair, since they do flying types as well. I also like to pair up Gardenia and Burgh. Some suggestions would be cool.


1. Against All Odds: High School Fic, Song Fic (Like a High School Musical Style.) Genre: Romance, Friendship, Drama, Action, and some Suspense.

2. Most likely, possibly, 99%, I will make a sequel for "Against All Odds."

3. Possibly do a Vampire fic (Richard/Kori.) Not your average vampire fic (It's not like: Kori is a human gets saved by Richard the vampire.)

4. I might make a different High School series.

5. Possible "Starfire leaves because Robin was an ass."

6. I would really like to make a Romeo-Juliet style fic.

7. Possible "Starfire was evil at first then becomes good when Robin comes along."

8. Definitely, a Nightwing/Starfire fic.

9. Possible, lemon.

10. Possible "Slade's after Starfire."

11. Some normal Teen Titans fic. (When they're at the Tower and missions.)

So, my number one priority right now is continuing "Against All Odds."

I might just do some one-shots in between. But, my main focus is on the sequel.

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