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(heehee i'm a bad boyy ;)) So everything not bolded is moii!

Name:Melissa Mercer;

Yeah and she's a f*king cutie too.

Gender: Girl

If she wasn't I wouldn't say she's a cutie now would I?

Age: I dare not say ;)

Hehehe oh reallly now?

Height: 5" 8'

I'm still taller!

Fave Animes: Naruto, Ginga series,Wolf's Rain Sailor Moon and some Loveless :D

Hm... I like your Vampire Stories better tho...

Fave things to do: Play Hockey and Volleyball, Draw and write and well Read.

You're still a loner chick i see... But you still kick some a*


I know i haven't been updating my stories lately but I'm working it! What with School and Drama here. Believe me, it`s hard trying to keep up with it all... I`m trying to get new stories going and continue my other ones. So please be patient with me? xx

No, I refuse to be patient with you Melissa! Get your ass in gear and go back to writing! ...And Answer your God D*mn Phone!

Alright Tyler, My turn to write some stuff about our little friend here.

You got it all wrong. She's not cute, she's beautiful and a total hottie when she's not actually Stubborn and Reckless. (You know what i meann Melissa!) SO what you're taller, Tyler!. She is a loving and very caring person i'm pretty sure many guys would die to hold. She does kick ass and she can be a badass when she wants to be and a loner chick she is not when she has me :) (or any other of her friends in Gander...) She does write good stories, better than my own actually. She's multi Talented when it comes to...Everything, Sports, Art, Writing.. (Would you quit already Melissa. :D) And yes Tyler, Just like you. I am in Love with Melissa. (And it's very true if you don't believe me, Melissa...)

Now Tyler, Leave the poor girl Alone would You?! I'll kick your ass if you touch her any more! Or pick on her friends! (You know who i'm talking about)

-AJ :)

Okay, how about you both leave me alone? I think that works perfectly finee :) k baii

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Sasuke's Change by Akemi.K.chan reviews
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Temari is getting married to Kiba. But when her and the best man have a little too much to drink, what will happen the night before her wedding? Will she change her mind? Smut! Rated M for reasons people! XD
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The Rain Keeps on Fallin'
I always thought my life was hell before Dimitri walked into it.But having watched him ripped away from it and turned into something I was trained to kill.Now, my life is hell.Call me crazy,I'm un Siberia I will find him,even if it means becoming Strigoi.
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Naruto - Rated: T - English - Mystery/Supernatural - Chapters: 1 - Words: 177 - Reviews: 1 - Follows: 1 - Published: 1/11/2011 - Naruto U., Sasuke U.
Something About You reviews
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Expect the Unexpected reviews
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The Life of Mira Tazakage reviews
Mira is an orphan. Her mother died after her birth and her father unknown. She was kidnapped by Madara Uchiha and is being trained by him for a reason he won't speak of. She has yet to learn about the Ten tailed wolf inside her unlock other mysteries. R&R
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What Happens at the Party, Stays at the Party! reviews
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Stories I wrote for friends and other authors. A new Chapter Means a new stopry for someone. Inbox and I will write you one too! Happy Holidays everone!
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