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Author has written 3 stories for Walking Dead, and My Hero Academia/僕のヒーローアカデミア.

Ahahauh! Suh, dude!

It's been a while. I'm here for at least a few seconds. I have new interests for stories to make and new ideas about how to make them. You guys should stick around and see what I have in mind.

Current Fanfictions and Projects - NEW!

Frigid Winter, Heartwarming Christmas - 12/18/2018 - My Hero Academia - Completed
A simple and cute one-shot I formed for /r/BokuNoShipAcademia's Secret Santa event on Reddit! /u/lannerz13, if you're reading this - HELLO AND MERRY CHRISTMAS. I hope you enjoy the story! The pairing in this one-shot is Shoto Todoroki and Ochaco Uraraka.

Do Heroes Date? - 10/24/2018 - My Hero Academia - In progress
Plot - Izuku Midoriya and his old childhood friend Katsuki Bakugo have a very strange and chaotic relationship; they end up fighting in Battle Grounds Beta and getting put on house arrest. While sitting in the dorms doing nothing, young Midoriya asks the blonde rival an intriguing question that spreads like wildfire through Class 1-A and eventually the entire school: "Do Heroes Date?"

Chapter 1 - Do Heroes Date? was released Wednesday 10/24/2018

Chapter 2 - What it Takes was released Monday 10/29/2018

Chapter 3 - Work Studies was released Sunday 11/4/2018

Chapter 4 - Work Studies Part 2 was released Monday 11/12/2018

Chapter "Interlude" was released Thursday 11/15/2018

Chapter 5 - Work Studies Part 3 Finale was released 11/21/2018

Chapter 6 is being worked on but has no official date of release. I'm on hiatus! Check here every few days to see when I'm coming back!

Planned Fanfictions and Projects

Sword Art Online something
I do not know what story this will turn out to be. It is still in the very early stages of development. Just keep in mind one might be coming at some point.

Quick Summary About Me

Firstly, my dog Abby Grace, whom I have had since I was 5, passed away July 25, 2018. She would've been 15 on October 30th. R.I.P Abby

My real name is Jacob Peoples but I have taken a new online "persona", if you will, of Jakob Kane. I'll be 21 on December 21st, 2018. I'm also fat and have crippling depression. My interests consist of food, video games, football, anime, and writing. Although I haven't actually published anything serious in a long while I am continuously writing, whether it be thoughts in my head, lyrics for a new song I may or may not ever make (haha seriously), a mock-review or even "official" review on certain games or anime, or just summarizing anything and everything. Writing has always been a passion of mine; I have a lot to say. And even though I like writing a lot, much of it is never publicly seen.

My favorite food is anything seafood or anything Asian (sometimes go hand-in-hand, huh?) depending on my mood that day. As for football I mostly watch college and my favorite team is the Crimson Tide of Alabama. I sometimes can be caught watching professional football a.k.a NFL. I truly don't have much care for who wins in NFL and tend to just root for any team that hasn't done well in past years though if I had to pick three favorites they would be the Ravens, Titans, and the Browns. Also on a completely unrelated note I absolutely love art. It can be digital art, watercolor, pencil drawing, colored, painting, abstract, or anything. Now don't misunderstand; I'm terrible at those things, myself, but I still love it haha.

If there is anything else you wanna know about me or you'd flat out just like to talk to me and see how I'm up to then you're more than welcome to hit me up with a PM and just chat for a minute.

Now I shall go in depth with my current and all-time favorite games, anime, etc...

My Interests

Video Games - Currently Playing/Just Played
I finally started Hyperdimension Neptunia Re:Birth 1 on Steam and is GOOT fun. I love JRPGs, specifically turn-based, and this is a great spin on it. I haven't gotten far enough into it yet to truly judge but so far I'm digging it.

I was also playing Friday the 13th The Game for a while due to it coming out for free on PSN but I kinda lost interest. The game is fun but too much BS goes on and kinda gets annoying after only a third match. I'll most likely play it again because it is fun, I just need a break from it. And finally, prior to grinding Friday the 13th, I was extremely interested in all of the Sword Art Online games but then lost that interest after I finished the main story for SAO Hollow Realization and attempted the DLC. I barely got past the first part of it, sadly. Burned out on SAO I then went and tried SAO Fatal Bullet and it was yet again another wrong move. Soooo...yeah

Video Games - Plan to Play
I plan on checking out the entire Hyperdimension Neptunia series. And once Senran Kagura Burst Re:Newal releases I may hop on that train, too.
As well as...
Read Dead Redemption 2
Yakuza series
Persona 5
God Eater series
Valkyrie Drive
and maybe... My Hero One's Justice all come to mind as well. Yeah. A bunch of Japanese games and one game set in the midwest hahaha

Video Games - Ten All Time Favorites
In a listed order...
1.) Monster Hunter Freedom Unite (PSP)
2.) Final Fantasy X (PS2 PS3)
3.) Uncharted 3 Drake's Deception (PS3)
4.) Mass Effect 3 (PS3)
5.) Star Wars Battlefront 2 2005 (PS2 Steam)
6.) The Last of Us (PS3)
7.) Final Fantasy XV (PS4)
8.) Uncharted 2 Among Thieves (PS3)
9.) Detroit: Become Human (PS4)
10.) Life is Strange: Before the Storm (PS4)

Anime - Currently Watching/Just Watched
I'm currently watching Sword Art Online: Alicization and RWBY Volume 6 as they air this anime season. I also walked aboard My Hero Academia and while I thought the end of Season 3 felt extremely dry it's good to know Season 4 is already confirmed for April 2019. Other than that, though, I haven't watched much anime lately. The last two I watched prior to finishing My Hero was Accel World and Blend-S a few months ago.

Anime - Plan to Watch
My top three animes I'm looking forward to are Sword Art Online: Alicizationand RWBY Volume 6for this fall anime season, as well as My Hero Academia Season 4 once it comes out next year. Other than those...
Assassination Classroom (I heard it was really good and is somewhat similar to My Hero Academia)
Darling in the Franxx (Another anime I heard that was very good and recently came out over the summer)
Senran Kagura
Hyperdimension Neptunia The Animation
Will possibly check out Goblin Slayer because that one has been hyped to Hell and back and I wanna see what the fuss is all about
Valkyrie Drive -Mermaid-
Love Live!
To Love Ru

Anime - All Time Favorites
So...I honestly haven't watched much anime. I could be considered a newbie when it comes to Japanese media even though I played some JRPGs when I was younger, although that's about it. Out of the very few I've watched I will name my absolute favorites in no particular order...
Sword Art Online
My Hero Academia
Please don't judge me... Oreimo. It is low key one of the cutest things I have ever watched, okay? Also I'll give an honorable mention to Samurai Champloo. While I thought a whole lot of absolutely nothing happened in that anime and there were only four episodes that had anything to do with the main plot it was still entertaining.

Favorite Genre of Music
While I'll listen to and pretty much enjoy everything my favorite genre is Rap/Hip-hop. I also really enjoy classic rock, heavy metal, indie music (think Life is Strange 1 and BTS type), and basically any type of music that originated in Japan so long as it isn't a J-Pop boy band haha.

Favorite Song and Artist
I know people typically have multiple favorite songs and artists but I'm so open to different types of music I've narrowed down to what really inspired my taste in music. 6 Foot 7 Foot by Lil Wayne is my definite favorite song and performed by my favorite artist. Lil Wayne really gave me an interest in music and made me actually hunt down the different genres and artists that I'd never heard before.

I've Been Writing This for about Four Hours

All right. Well that pretty much sums up my interests. I watch television and I also have movies I like but honestly I haven't seen many television shows or movies that I really adore or enjoy. I could name a few but I would really have to think about it and I do want to eventually go to sleep tonight haha

So, in conclusion, you know a little about me, what I'm currently interested in, and what immediate plans I have for a story. If you actually read through all of that then I wholeheartedly congratulate you. You deserve a round of applause. If you still want more of me then check out my Youtube, Soundcloud, and Twitter down below and/or send me a PM!

Thanks and keep it purple!

Soundcloud - https:// soundcloud . com/ user - 190902084 (Copy link and delete all spaces in address bar)

Youtube - https://youtube.com/user/JakobKane55

Twitter - https://twitter.com/Lil_ _Sack (Copy link and delete space in between the two underscores when in address bar)

FF.net really doesn't like links, huh?

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Ochaco had gotten injured when sparring with Shoto one day during summer training. Luckily, the strong red and white-haired Hero was able to reduce her strain. The girl, unable to find a way to show her appreciation, finally decided the best thing to do is confess her love to him with a gift for the Class 1-A secret Santa game. Little did she know he had the same gift...
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Hot off the train of the Provisional Hero License Exam and ready for the second term of U.A. Highschool, Izuku Midoriya and Katsuki Bakugo...! Eh they're under house arrest for fighting. A curious Deku then asks the fiery blonde a strange question that sparks conversation between the two and eventually all of Class 1-A, even the entire school! "Do Heroes date?"
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