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Hey everyone! I'm seventeen years old and I'm a writer. Seriously, food and water is optional but give me a pen and I'll write forever. I live in Australia at the moment, but I'm English originally. I'm not as clever as I think I am and not nearly as funny as I am in my head. I excel at daydreaming, making obscure pop culture references at inappropriate moments, bursting into laughter for no particular reason and standing around looking awkward. I know way more than I should about topics that are completely irrelevant to everyday life and not nearly enough about common sense. I spend far too much time reading, writing, watching anime and surfing the Internet and think way more than can possibly be good for me.

I get really attached to characters and they're usually one of my favourite parts of any series I read/write/watch, so it's always fun to put them in different situations and play around with them. It's also a brilliant way for me to practise writing when my creative juices are a bit clogged; the world and characters are already there and I know I love them, so there's always something I can write. It actually helps to inspire my original work. My favourite series is actually Fullmetal Alchemist (Brotherhood FTW) and I love a whole bunch of different animes and mangas, but I mainly write for the Hetalia fandom because I adore history and culture. There's just something that gets me about Hetalia fics - they can be so cracky and hilarious, but at the same time you can get such meaningful and poignant stories... It's easily my favourite to read/write fanfiction for.

So... hi! Stick around for a bit, read some of my stories, maybe post a few reviews (please do; it's immensely inspiring to know that people actually read and enjoy what I write). I can tell you and I are going to be best friends.

Ships On Which I Sail:

PrussiaXHungary. Possibly-probably my Hetalia OTP. I just... I love these guys. You have no idea.

AustriaXHungary. Though I might live and die a Pruhunner, there'll always be a special little place in my heart for Austria.

SpainXRomano. These two. I just. SPAMANO. I love both Spain and Romano individually and when you put them together they're better than the sum of their parts, and that's saying something.

AmericaXRussia. My America OTP. THESE TWO. Oh my God. Could your relationship BE any more dark and messed-up and paradoxical? If you have a couple of hours I'd be glad to tell you why thinking about AmeRus can make me break down in public.

TaiwanXJapan. I have a multichapter for these guys long in the works. All I'll say about it is: you think these two are too sugary-sweet? Ha. Hahaha. HahaHAHAHAHAhahaHAHAHAHAhaha. HA.

SwitzerlandXAustria. Oh, belligerent sexual tension.

LithuaniaXBelarus. Because Lithuania deserves to get what he wants for once in his life, and he'll probably be good for Belarus anyway.

AmericaXBelarus. It so shouldn't work, but it so can. Especially in Cold War based fics. Come on. Russia's little sister? YES.

AmericaXVietnam. Before Fires of Saigon I was all up for any variation on this, but since then I've been seriously creeped out by any fics with America and northern or current-day Vietnam (headcanon alert), so this should really be AmericaXSouthVietnam.

GermanyXItaly. How can you NOT?

Soooo I have a North Korea OC. And have done for ages. I'm massively interested in North Korea as a country and spend a great deal of time researching it. It's so fascinating and so emotionally devastating at the same time, and the fact that it's just so different to anything I've ever known is insane to me. I've poured a great deal of love into this character but I haven't really given him any exposure because I can't draw for shit and I don't have enough time to get into rping. He's been in Fires of Saigon, An Earthquake in Minsk and The Death of a Leader, but he's never really had his own story. Hopefully I will eventually change this. But before that, I thought it was time I gave Yong-Hwa a glimpse of the outside world.

My profile obviously doesn't have a comments section, but please treat my inbox as one. _ If you have any thoughts or opinions at all, please flick them my way even if you think they're insignificant. I'd love to know someone's read this.

Basic Information

Name: Im Yong-Hwa.

Physical Age: About nineteen or twenty.

Height: 5'7”.

Weight: 152 lbs. This is all muscle. He has almost no excess body fat.

Hair: Black and chopped short. Like South Korea's but not as long. He has a similar ohage that he constantly tries to flatten and tame, with varying degrees of success.

Eye Colour: Dark brown, almost black.


Yong-Hwa is and always has been an unusually serious nation. He's very intelligent and places a lot of value on logic, taking great care over his calculations and planning meticulously for every situation. In his own mind, he is the picture of sense and perfectionism. He sets himself rules, regulations and parameters and rarely deviates from them; schedule and routine make his life bearable. For instance, he wakes up at four thirty every single morning and puts himself through rigorous physical training exercises. This also serves the dual-purpose of preparing his mind and body for when he is inevitably invaded by western imperialists and providing him with a convenient explanation for the sharp pains and throbbing aches he constantly feels. He is also extremely stubborn; once he decides he's going to do something, he will pursue his goals doggedly until he achieves his aim.

Yong-Hwa's seriousness is evident to anyone who meets him, even if only for a short time. He sits straight-backed, rarely blinks or looks away and never shows emotion. However, this doesn't mean he doesn't have any. Far from it. Yong-Hwa has been fighting a battle with his emotions for decades. Even more so than America and South Korea, they are his enemies. If Yong-Hwa allows himself to feel emotion, all hell breaks loose. His painstakingly-laid plans fall to pieces as soon as his enemy makes him angry. Excitement or happiness cause him to spill secrets. Love or concern makes him doubt the very foundations of his existence. So he keeps them tightly locked away, forcing himself to exist on a carefully chosen combination of love for his Dear Leader and complete emotional emptiness.

During the latest period of his history, he has developed the ability to 'doublethink'. His people are starving and dying, but they're also prosperous, healthy and joyful. His country is slowly beginning to fall apart, but it's also a beautiful, perfect utopia. His government spies on and manipulates and abuses his people beyond imagination, but they're also a benevolent protective force that works only for the good of the DPRK. As long as he can keep those ideas precariously balanced in his mind, he can continue to exist without issue.

Yong-Hwa has earned the title 'The Hermit Kingdom' through being both fiercely independent and extremely antisocial. He rarely meets other countries face to face and, if he does, tends to put them so on edge they can barely concentrate. He has an unusually stiff demeanour and an incredibly intense stare that gets focused directly on the person talking, which makes most rooms containing Yong-Hwa unusually silent. Since separating from his twin brother, he has been absolutely determined to succeed in his own right and often refuses offers of help from other nations, even if he desperately needs it. His greatest dream is to become completely self-sufficient and to reunify with his brother.

Foreign Relations

South Korea

Yong-Soo and Yong-Hwa have spent centuries of history together as brothers. Before their split, they were absolutely inseparable. They completed each other; Yong-Soo's happy-go-lucky nature and sense of humour would soften Yong-Hwa's seriousness, and Yong-Hwa's logic and diligence would balance out Yong-Soo's laziness and procrastination. However, there were a few things about his brother that annoyed him. If Yong-Soo and Yong-Hwa were both set to the same task, they would go about it very different ways. Yong-Hwa would work at it to the best of his ability, pouring in all his time and effort to come up with the best possible result. Yong-Soo would muck about, take a nap and sit around eating kimchi before throwing something together at the last minute. And Yong-Soo's offering would always be better than Yong-Hwa's. While that didn't make him love his brother any less, it did bother him.

The twentieth century was a time of great turmoil for both of them. They supported each other through a brutal Japanese occupation and it was during that time that Yong-Hwa developed his dream of complete independence and self-sufficiency. Like many Koreans, they were forced to come and work in Japan and were in Nagasaki when the bomb fell. When the dust and the chaos cleared, Japan had surrendered and Yong-Hwa had been saved from the wreckage by Ivan Braginsky. The first thing he thought to do was check that Yong-Soo was okay. Ivan informed him that his brother had been rescued by Alfred F. Jones, but he wouldn't be talking to him. Over the next few years, Yong-Hwa spent almost all his time in Ivan's company. The bigger nation treated him like a friend, an ally, and like a student. He came to realise that the reason Ivan was so powerful, and so independent, was through a system he called communism. Yong-Hwa threw himself so thoroughly into this new idea that by the time he and Yong-Soo met again, they were both unrecognisable to each other.

The Korean War was inevitable. Backed by Ivan and Yao, Yong-Hwa invaded his twin brother and nearly conquered him. By the time an armistice was signed three years later, their new status as enemies was set in stone.

Today, the only time Yong-Soo and Yong-Hwa see each other is through extremely tense meetings or occasional glimpses over the DMZ. They never speak directly. Yong-Hwa hates his brother, but he also loves him more than life itself and misses him so much it makes him want to rip his heart out. But he can never let anyone know that.


Ivan Braginsky is Yong-Hwa's mentor, the one who introduced him to the way of life he so loyally follows to this day. However, relations between them aren't quite as warm as they used to be. When Ivan was an ideal, a role model he could try and emulate, Yong-Hwa loved him almost like a father. But now he's fallen to the evils of capitalism and abandoned his comrades, he can't quite shake the feelings of hurt and betrayal. Yong-Hwa can never quite forgive him for what he suffered after the Soviet Union collapsed and all aid to his country stopped. Nevertheless, Ivan is still classified as one of his more amicable international relations.


Although he will deny it if anyone asks, Yong-Hwa is still incredibly dependent on Yao. Pyongyang's economy is almost entirely fuelled by China. His armed forces, his food and his fuel all largely come from his closest ally. Because of this, Yong-Hwa will act more warmly towards Yao than any other country on Earth. His behaviour wouldn't be classed as 'sucking up', per se, as much as constantly reminding him of their shared history and memories together. Lately, he's been feeling Yao's loyalty start to slip away, but he'll never stop clinging on.

The United States

Spawn of Satan. The devil incarnate. To say that Yong-Hwa hates Alfred would be putting it mildly. He hates him because he is the main source of capitalism, that disgusting western cultural pollution that threatens to overrun the planet and stamp out Korean culture. He hates him because he turned the United Nations against him and brought the world to push him back over the border in the Korean War. He hates him because he's the biggest military threat to his security and is constantly paranoid that one day, Alfred will decide that enough is enough, and he won't be able to defeat him. But most of all, he hates him because he's the one that took his brother away.


Yong-Hwa can never forgive him for the treatment he and Yong-Soo endured while under occupation. While he doesn't hate him quite as much as America, relations between the two are still very tense.


Yong-Hwa fought by her side in the Vietnam War and sees her as a comrade in arms, though the ending of her conflict somewhat disturbs him when he relates it to his own. Secretly, he admires her spirit and feistiness and would come to her aid again if she asked him. Although they're very different nations today and rarely speak in person, he nevertheless thinks fondly of her and considers her a friend. If you were a wholly impartial observer, you might say that he has a tiny little bit of a crush on her.

Everyone Else

Contrary to popular belief, Yong-Hwa is not a terrible person. To other countries, especially countries that have established diplomatic relations with him and haven't done anything to offend him or his Dear Leader, he shows complete courtesy. He's not great at parties, but nothing less than polite. However, he knows what other nations think of him and almost expects to be attacked. If you insult him he will turn on you very quickly.

Characters: The British Isles. This should be good...

The Republic of Ireland shall be South and Northern Ireland shall be North for clarity.

1) What gender are you?
England: All male except her.
South: This archipelago is drowning in testosterone.
England: Not true. Scotland wears a skirt.
Scotland: Hey! It’s a kilt!
England: Skirt.
Scotland: KILT!
Wales: Next question!

2) What is your age?
Scotland: Daes it mean our real ages or hoo old we look?
England: I don’t know. Both?
Wales: We’re older than we look, anyway. Much older.
Scotland: I'm oldest, though. Then England, then the Irelands, then Wales.

3) Do you want a hug?
All: NO.
Wales: Actually, I would kind of like a-
North: Shut up, Wales.

4) Do you have any bad habits?
England: I bite my fingernails.
South: And enslave defenceless nations.
England: Hey! I thought we agreed not to keep bringing that up!
South: We did no such thing.
England: Fine. I bite my fingernails and have had a past with a little understandable ambition, unlike some. The Republic of Ireland pretends to be drunk purely so she can behave shamefully without taking responsibility.
South: It’s not my fault I have an inconveniently high alcohol tolerance! Unlike some, England!
Wales: We should probably move onto the next-
Scotland: Shut up, Wales. This is gettin’ good.

5) What is your favorite food?
England: What? This stupid quiz can’t spell the word ‘favourite’.
North: I think America wrote it.
Wales: I like leeks.
Scotland: I like-
England: A sheep’s intestines cooked in its own stomach.
Scotland: Dinnae knock it ‘til ye’ve tried it!

6) What is your favorite ice cream flavor?
South: Strawberry is the greatest ice-cream flavour of them all.
North: No it’s not. I like chocolate.
South: What? No! I thought I knew you!
North: Chocolate is far superior to strawberry in every way.
South: Take that back!
North: Never.

7) Are you a virgin?
*awkward silence*
Wales: I am.
Scotland: Big surprise. You look aboot twelve.
South: I’m not!
England: Why are we even talking about this? Let’s stop talking about this.
Scotland: Are ye, England? Gae on, tell us!
England: No.
Scotland: I bet he is. Who bets he is?
South: Ten euros he is!
England: I... I’m... you can’t...
South: Prude.
England: I’m not a prude!
Scotland: So ye’re nae a virgin, then?
England: I... I just...
South: Wow. He really isn’t. He’d never blush that hard if he was.

8) Have you killed anyone?
England: We’re thousands of years old. What do you expect?
Wales: I didn’t mean to...
Scotland: I did!

9) Do you hate anyone?
South: Him.
England: Her.

10) Do you have any secrets?
South: Nope. All clean.
North: Yes she does. Ever wondered why St Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland?
South: What? Don’t bring him into this!
Scotland: Aw, daes little piuthar have a crush?
South: I hate you all.

11) What is your favorite season?
England: Summer.
Wales: Spring!
South: Autumn.
Scotland: Winter.
South: What about you, North?
England: Yeah. Which is your favourite?
Scotland: It’s obviously winter, isnae it? Snow!
Wales: Come on North, spring is when all the flowers come out!
South: Don’t be stupid. He likes autumn, don’t you?
North: Next question.

12) Who are your best friends?
Scotland: France and Prussia!
England: What? What’s so great about the frog?
Scotland: At least I have friends.
England: Hey! I have friends!
Scotland: Name one.
England: ...
South: *snigger*
Wales: You’re my friend, England!
Scotland: Ye like everyone. Ye dinnae coont.
North: And me.
South: You have terrible taste in friends, North.

13) What are your hobbies?
England: When I’m not taking care of the international affairs of the United Kingdom, I enjoy reading, drinking tea, needlework and practicing the arcane arts.
Scotland: I like watchin' telly, sword-fightin'-
England: And reading poetry.
South: Lighten up, Scotland. I like poetry too.
Scotland: ...You're a girl.

14) What is your favorite drink?
England: Tea.
Scotland: Irn-Bru!
Wales: I like tea as well.
South: A proper Irish whisky. On the rocks.
North: ...
South: You were going to say Irish whisky on the rocks, weren’t you?
North: ...No.

15) When is your birthday?
England: Don’t have a clue, but I usually celebrate it on the 23rd of April, St George’s Day.
Scotland: Me neither, but St Andrew’s Day’s good enough fer me. That’s the 30th of November.
Wales: St David’s Day, 1st of March.
South: North and I both use the 17th of March, don’t we, North? But I'm thinking of changing it to the 21st of January.

16) What age did you die?
South: Ooh, that’d be a twist in the story, wouldn’t it? We were all dead all along!
Wales: I hate ghosts! That’d be really scary!
Scotland: Ye ken, Wales, that if ye have unfinished business when ye die, ye have ter stay and haunt the Earth?
South: And sometimes you don’t even realise it’s happened. You could be dead right now, doomed to unknowingly walk the land with no purpose except to jump out at people and yell-
Scotland: BOO!
Wales: AAH!
Scotland: Ach! I’m sorry! I didnae mean ter-
North: No... please...
England: Oh, now you’ve done it!

17) Are you nice or mean?
Scotland: Wales is nice. We’re all mean.
England: I’m not mean!
South: I’m nicer than he is!
England: You wish.
Wales: I think you’re both nice.
South: Shut the hell up, Wales.

18) What do you think of your creator?
England: She’s always so horrible to me! And she’s even one of my own people!
Scotland: Ye stand the tallest, so she thinks it’s funniest ter knock ye back doon.
England: That’s just unfair.
Scotland: Ach, stop yer complainin'. I'm the one who always has ter carry ye.

19) What is your weakness?
Scotland: I have no weaknesses.
England: You’re a frozen wasteland with a terrible economy and people who speak so strangely it’s barely even mutually intelligible with English.
Scotland: Okay, ye just made that oop.
England: I didn’t make all of it oop.
Scotland: England’s weakness is mockin' people who he feels threatened by.
England: Hey!
South: He’s also a terrible drunk and a total lightweight.
England: Hey, you-
Wales: I daydream in important situations and get songs stuck in my head so badly I can’t concentrate on anything else.
North: I don’t like loud noises, strangers or people who hug.
England: I’ve never understood hugging either, Ireland.

20) How long can you stay under water?
Scotland: Longer than England.
South: Me too.
England: I once stayed underwater for a full two minutes!
Scotland: Yes, ye did. Before I saved yer life ‘cause ye’d fallen intae a pond and ye couldnae swim. Most pathetic thing I’ve ever seen.
England: It was still two minutes.

21) What do you do on a regular day basis?
England: Run the majority of the United Kingdom’s affairs, put up with this lot.
South: I run the entirety of the Republic of Ireland’s affairs and I don’t have to put up with any lot.
Wales: I like music.

22) Do you love someone?
Wales: I love all of you!
South: I don’t think that’s what the question’s getting at, Wales.
Scotland: He got shot by Switzerland fer comin’ onto Liechtenstein!
South: What?
Wales: It wasn’t like that! I was asking her if she wanted to play musical statues!
Scotland: Musical statues or musical statues?

23) Does that person love you back?
England: The problem with being a nation is that unless you fall in love with other nations, the person you love always dies.
Scotland: Someone’s feelin’ touchy.
England: It’s the truth.
South: You’re right.
England: What? Are you seriously agreeing with me?
South: Don’t let’s make this a regular thing.
England: Wouldn’t dream of it.

24) Do you like me?
Wales: I do!

25) What do you consider fun in the daytime?
Scotland: Practical jokes.
England: A great many things, unlike Scotland.
South: Dancing, sword-fighting and video games.
Wales: I like sheep!
Scotland: ...
Wales: What? They’re fun!
South: You’re so adorable, Wales.

26) At night?
England: Going to the pub.
Scotland: Goin' ter the pub.
South: Yep. Pub.
North: Pub.
Wales: Doctor Who!

27) Do you like meatballs?
England: Of course! Who doesn’t like meatballs?
South: I don’t like meatballs.
North: You eat meatballs all the time.
South: Shut up!

28) Do you like Chef Boyardee's meatballs?
Scotland: Who the hell is Chef Boyardee?
Wales: Isn't he one of America's?
England: No, then. If it's made by America then it's probably completely inedible.
South: Look who's talking...

29) Are you gay?
Scotland: No.
Wales: Aw, come on Scotland! I’ll sing you a song if that’ll make you gay!
Scotland: What.
England: Wales, ‘gay’ doesn’t mean ‘happy’ any more.

30) Say that you were trapped in a closet with your lover for 2 days straight. What do you do?
South: They’re British. They’d probably just take tea with them or something.

31) Wow, really?
England: There’s nothing wrong with a good cup of tea!

32) What is your place of origin?
North: I can’t believe you’re seriously asking us this question.

33) Large or small family?
All: Large.

34) Who are your parents?
Wales: Our mum was Britannia. I miss her sometimes.
South: Me too...

35) Do you have a phobia?
North: ...
Wales: He’s scared of loud noises.
England: No thanks to someone.
South: Your fault. Still totally your fault.

36) Piercing/tattoos?
South: Just my ears.
England: None.
South: Pfft, yeah right.

37) Addicted to anything?
North: She used to smoke.
South: It got really cold in the trenches! And after that, well, just try to tell me it didn't look awesome.

37) Is this quiz over?
South: I need a drink...
Wales: We have apple juice in the fridge.

38) If you could say one thing to your creator right now, anything at all, what would it be?
England: Why are you so mean to me?
Scotland: I want a chapter! I havenae had a proper one yet!
Wales: Can I have a pet sheep please? Pretty please?
North: Why do we call her South when the northernmost tip of Ireland belongs to her?
South: I hope you’re planning to give me my revenge soon.

39) Which of your parents do you look more like?
England: Mum. We don’t really have a dad.
Scotland: Nations dinnae have families like people dae.
South: We’re far from the weirdest. The Italians’ family tree seems to have skipped a generation.

40) Say you were locked in a room with the person you hated most for a full day. What would you do to pass the time?
South: *looks at England*
England: What?
South: *snaps pencil*
England: Um... next question please. Now.

41) What's the funniest thing that's ever happened to you?
England: When the Republic of Ireland got herself trapped in America’s bathroom at his Halloween party.
South: When England actually believed I’d put a curse on him and ended up hiding in a bush in the dark.
England: How did you find out about that?!
North: ...
England: I thought you didn’t talk to her any more!
North: ...
England: Traitor.

42) Are you tired of this quiz?
South: I wouldn’t be if I had something other than bloody apple juice.

43) If you were to choose who to tag, who would you choose?
All: You.
England: Oh, and Jenica King.

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