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Soooo yeah. The Naruto OC Story will probably be slow to come out. I'm not a very dedicated person to begin with, and without any feedback, I don't really feel a need to hurry with the story. I'll just write it for my pleasure and practice for the time being. :) I have no beta reader.

The Naruto OC Story will be more of a mystery. The farther you get into the series, the more will be revealed about the main character. (I'm warning you all now that the story has major kinks and a few Sue-ish qualities. I tried to keep it as balanced as I could.) It's OC centric. The majority of characters you see will be OCs. Oh yeah. There will also be cursing, violence, mourning, and various other aspects in the story that may disturb you. Please keep that in mind as you read.

I hope you all realize that I'm writing Life, Death, and Between to brush up on my writing skills -- not to use Kishimoto's already DEVELOPED characters. I'd like to create a seperate set of characters, but the story will continue to follow his plot line! This story is a test-run, if you will, for a book that I am writing. This way I can put out my ideas without worrying about anyone stealing them. :C Hopefully. And please, I need feedback to improve. I can't post my book online because I don't want anyone stealing it, but I need to hone my writing skills somehow. Why not here?

Groveling over.

Feel free to message or whatever! I'm open to any kind of reviews after I start posting my stories. However, I'd like to put in that my favorite comments are constructive. If you want to flame me because some of my ideas are over the top or I took a character out of their norm, please do. Maybe if I get yelled at a few times it will prevent me from making the same mistakes in the future. (If you flame be prepared for me to be ugly right back. I might try to be polite most of the time but I have a dark side, too. >:D)

And let me tell you now. I honestly do try when I write stories. Grammar, punctiation, and spelling matter to me. If you see any mistakes in any chapters I post, I would appreciate it if you could notify me.

This always looked like fun so I'm going to do it!

Top Ten Favorite Naruto Characters:

(Note: Not in any order because I have none--except with Itachi. I really like Itachi :D :D :D)

1.) Naruto

2.) Itachi

3.) Hinata

4.) Kushina & Minato

5.) Jiraiya

6.) Tsunade

7.) Pain/Nagato

8.) Shikamaru

9.) Lee

10.) Third Hokage/ Sarutobi

I look forward to being on here, and thank you for reading! :)

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