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Nothing to see here. Let's see... my uni degree is in genetics. I'm completely addicted to Anime/Manga/Light Novels/Visual Novels. This account is just for reviewing. I haven't written anything in ages.


Fate Emiya Shirou - A Peggy Sue story which tries to fix everything but Heroic Spirit Emiya Shirou will not escape his Fate so easily. Surrounded by his family and friends of past and future, he cannot help but try and save them. But how much selflessness can he afford before he unwittingly adopts the same ideal that brought him damnation?

I've always wanted to write one or more FSN fan fiction. Unfortunately, I always put it off because I'm waiting for FHA. I'm still waiting for FHA so I might have to do some heavy research.

Other plot bunnies but I'll limit it to one per series.


An idea from years ago, Naruto fails to become Hokage so he tries to go back in time. Epic failure results when he meets his past self. As a result, Naruto ends up in an alternate dimension in a 12 year old body. There is no Naruto in this dimension but Naruko is around. Does Naruto become Hokage stealing Naruko's dreams? Or does he raise her as the parent she never had. (He does the former because he really wants to be Hokage, Naruko would fail anyways, and the latter to assuage his guilt for the former.)

One Piece

Have you ever wondered what would happen if Luffy never ate a Devil Fruit? Other than Luffy dying. I mean Zorro does fine without.


I'll admit someone else already did this idea but I had it at the beginning of the series before all the power ups and power loss and what not. What if Ichigo sneaks into Soul Society and attends the Shinigami academy?

Muv Luv

Takeru actually mans up after being mind screwed for the nth time in his dimensional looping.


Shinji wasn't quite the wuss I thought he would be in the manga at least. That should be the standard. Gendo has dementia due to medication and isn't such a bad guy anymore. He still has issues. The Evangeline pilots are closer to each other. SEELE are the big bad.

Darker than Black

With a little help from Amber, the time line diverges. Actually a little interaction between Amber and Hei results in a small show of faith and the world changes. Hei joins Amber though he still makes the same choice, to be both human and contractor. However, Hei advances his power and suppresses Hell's Gate. Result? There is no Izanami. The world stops changing and slowly finds a new balance. But stability is delicate and the syndicate seeks to upset status quo.

Kaze no Stigma

If I could find out what the last volume and the Ignition stuff was about, I'd continue the light novel to the best of my ability.

To Aru

Touma once awakened is at the same level or beyond Angel Accelerator. What if he had a different power? Telekinesis? Chronomancy? Something strong but he'd still be so strong an esper that luck or god's blessing fails to reach. Mikoto-sama wants to fight him more. Such Misfortune.


I've always wondered about this but why has there never been a Negima crossover where Evangeline is a main character. Sure she's OP but she's deep, philosophical and highly amusing in a sadistic tsundere way. Then again, she's a Lottery Weight at minimum and more likely a Deus weight, as the almighty bystander of Negima she'd highly unbalance everything except a shonen protagonist.

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