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Hey people,

I am TKDrift.

My favorite franchises (Or whatever you want to call them) are:

-Disney (This includes Kingdom Hearts)



-Kamen Rider


-Power Rangers


-Star Wars

-Super Sentai (somewhat)


I personally am not a good writer, or it's just me being humble. But if I am not, please tell me so or point out things that I can improve on. How? the button that says "review".

Like some of you, I am a speed reader.

If there's anything I can say about myself, I'm East Asian and I grew up with all those franchises listed above.

I hope we can get along well.

As a writer

I will have my own last names for canon characters that don't have one.

Things I reposted:

If you're a fanboy or fangirl and proud of it, copy this into your profile.

Too many kids and teens are smoking and using marijuana. If you haven't tried it, copy this into your profile.

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The Freedom

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There are rules for everything. And FF writing is no exception. While borrowed from the awesome writer we know as Bookworm Gal (, the ten rules she has technically must be followed, thus making them general rules rather than her own (Sorry if it sounded offensive). And like she said herself, I also may end up breaking these myself at times, but I'll try to stick to these as much as possible.

1) Do not make canon characters act completely out-of-character. The only reason you should do that is if you handle it carefully, it is short term, and you have a very good explanation as to why. Nothing throws a person for a loop like their favorite character acting weird all of a sudden. This also means that you shouldn't treat your least favorite character like they're an idiot just because you hate them. Try to be fair to all the members of the canon, not just those you like. In fact, take it as a challenge to write them well, despite your personal feelings.

2) "There," "their," and "they're" are different words with different meanings. The same goes for "it's" and "its." Learn them and know which one is which. It makes a world of difference in your writing if you use the correct word.

3) Reread and double-check your work. Spell-check is not fool-proof. Sometimes just going over something will help you spot dumb mistakes. I end up writing out on paper my story first, then type it. That takes care a lot of mistakes, just copying it to the computer. Then, I reread it a little later to spot the rest. Find your own system, but you need to reread your work!

4) One word, people: grammar. Do not fear it; love it. Nothing can scare off a reader like horrid grammar in a story. And if they do stick around, chances are they can only barely understand what they're reading.

5) All pairings are fair game, if it makes sense. If there is no hint at a character having feelings towards another, good or bad, why act like its been there all along? Those new feelings can develop, but don't create them all at once. It's not nice to break up an established couple just to stick the hero with your original character either. And not every boy and girl (or boy and boy, or girl and girl. I'm not against that, if there is a evidence of that in the canon to support that kind of relationship. Please don't do that just because you can) has to be a couple. Friendships can be just as important and difficult to craft, but worth the effort in the long run.

6) "Ain't" is not a word. The only reason I will allow it in a story is in dialog. People can say it in conversation, but other than that... NO!

7) Be descriptive in your work. Don't just say "It was a black cat," say "The feline rubbed his midnight fur against her leg, blinking his amber eyes with pleasure." Much more fun to read.

8)There are hundreds of ways to say "said" (yelled, cried, whispered, begged, questioned, wondered, remarked, called, announced, gasped, laughed, smirked, growled, groaned, screamed, smiled, joked, hissed, explained, described, muttered, grinned, wept, panted, sighed, asked, coughed, snarled, shrieked, snapped, chuckled, choked, shouted, giggled, moaned, whined, complained, whimpered, breathed, mumbled, assured, purred, informed, babbled, yelped, lied, suggested, complimented, blabbed, snickered, commented, replied, grumbled, summarized, declared, etc). Use them. They're more descriptive of the tone, volume, style, and emotions of the speaker and really take a good story to a great story.

9)Don't be afraid to try new story ideas. Just think them out first. How many times do you find a fanfiction that is incomplete because a writer doesn't know where to go from there? It helps to have a rough plan for the story of how to get from point A to B. It prevents you from writing yourself into a corner. You can always change it as you go, but it will give you some structure to work with.

10)Original characters are fine to add to a story, just beware of the curse of Mary Sue. Make them believable. This means faults, imperfections, a back story (not a overly sappy one with either too much perfection or too much angst! That's not a back story; that's a soap opera), and real personality. Don't just photocopy yourself in so you can date your favorite character, either. Create an original character, meaning not existing elsewhere (including the real world). In all likelihood, not every canon character will like the same person equally. Some may hate them (shocking, right?) and they could be very well justified in their hate. Some personalities just clash. (This does not mean that your least favorite character must be mean to your original character so you can show the world why you hate that character. Try to be better than that.) The more realistic you can make them, the better. If possible, create an individual that could easily have existed since the beginning, even if they didn't deal with the canon characters directly, and seems to belong in that universe.



Black Crayons Spin-Offs

This continuity is a Spin-Off of BookWorm Gal's Black Crayons Stories. But it's more of an AU, to be perfectly honest. The timeline of this kicks in after Nightmares (


New Arrivals

Star Wars

Similar to Bookworm Gals having in-between stories and retelling the Transformers Movies, I will rewrite some episodes of Star Wars: the Clone Wars, perhaps even create my own OCs, and if possible, create a whole new AU entirely.


What it means to be a soldier (Plan of Dissent and Carnage of Krell retelling)

Coon Vhod (Coming Soon)

Vode An (End of Republic Commando video game retelling) (Coming Soon)

Super Sentai

I started watching Super Sentai as well as continuing to watch Power Rangers. Personally, anything pre-Shinkenger (except for a bit of MagiRanger, Boukenger, Dekaranger and Go-Onger) I like their PR Counterparts better. As for Shinkenger, Goseiger and Gokaiger; I like them WAY better than their PR Counterparts.

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