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Author has written 2 stories for Persona Series, and Super Smash Brothers.

Hiya, readers! :D

10/29: Yeeeeeoooooooowwwwwwwwwwww

Name: Memorii Makiko (Mem)

Gender: Female

Age: I am one year younger than what would be Lucas'(Mother3) age in present day 2013.

Favorite Color: Pink

Favorite Food: EelSushi. ALL THE WAY.

Favorite Animal: Kitty

Favorite Video Games: Super Smash Bros., MOTHER 3, Persona 3 and 4, Pokemon, Animal Crossing, Harvest Moon

ALSO: I'm the proud creator of the Magicant Chatroom series, inspired by LordLenne, PsiPaula4, and Malbrou095!

See me on DeviantART!

I usually update more often on DeviantART than Fanfiction. So if you're wondering where I am, or what I'm doing- you'll find it in my journal entry. I occasionally talk about fanfictions there too, so go ahead and stalk me. I'd actually be very happy.

Hm. How can I say this?

I'm Memorii Makiko! Back in 09, I used to Roleplay a lot on a website called Gaiaonline. One main roleplay was Shugo Chara... And my character's name was Memorii Makiko. T-The whole entire thing was pretty embarrassing if you ask me, but I wish I could go back to those times and be as ignorant and innocent as hell. I kept the name Memorii from then on, because everything just clicked with it. But if you were to call me by my REAL name... Well, my real name is Michelle. So it's nice to meet you, reader.

I've never actually completed a fanfiction before, and it's very discouraging. Probably because of the lack of one-shots, and more multi chapter thingies. I really need to hold back on those! But I've been spending my time on DeviantART more recently, and I discovered I could use my talents for certain authors, one being LordLenne, and make them fanart covers to their stories. Anything that makes you guys happy, will make me happy. After all, if I can enjoy your fanfiction- it's worth it.

I'm currently highschool. I'm 4 feet and 9 inches in height. My feet are a size 2(IT'S TRUE). I'm also Filipino, so in other words, Asian! People call me tiny. And I even have one friend calling me a penguin, because I act like such a "little kid." I don't mind really. I like being cute. Also, I'm fragile, but my mentality is tough(but I DO cry a lot). Also, many regard me as scary if I spend too much time with them. It's easy, reading people like a book... I hate reading books. Also, can anyone guess how old I am? :D (because people on the internet tend to thing I'm extremely old. I've been pretty self-preserved on here. UNTIL NOW) Reading this, you might say- oh yeah- 13, right? ... Well, it's up to your own interpretation of things. I'm not revealing my age until I see fit... But if you'd like to know, my birthday is on February 2nd.

Hi! If you read everything that used to be in an existing paragraph, I probably was very depressed a long time ago. I've been busy with the Magicant Chatroom series, my hobby and Youtube styled kind of fanfiction! I'm currently a Sophomore with pretty bad grades, and an amazing boyfriend that I WILL get married too, cause I really love him alot. He's the light of my life, even when he calls me fat or clingy, it doesn't matter. I'm really happy with him and couldn't ask for anything more. Maybe more time to be a kid, but either way, my future is set. We're gonna go Trick-or-Treating on Halloween, I'm so excite! ; w ;


Like all of you readers do, I have my fandoms! Yes. Fandoms. Which means I fangirl. A lot. Over mostly yaoi couples, but straight couples are cute too. I'm not into Yuri, but the only exception to that is PrincessBubblegumXMarceline. They're a cute couple. I most definitely enjoy the genderbent pairing- PrinceGumballXMarshalLee!

But speaking of couples now...

My Wonderful OTP is:

NessXLucas. They're such a sweet and gentle couple. Lucas, the shrinking violet means fun times for Ness tho.

But my OTP actually has a rivals!

NessxClaus: Because it's a Tsundere Claus paired up with a Daring Ness is kinda hot.

NintenxClaus: Cause they're kinda cute together. But always pictured Ninten to be a little more goofy and hot-blooded.

RedxGreen: You HAVE to love our silent Red and his Pikachu! Give him his smug partner for life, Green, and he's technically married. "Bonjour, Motherfucker!"


In-Progress Story Statuses.

I wanted you to be Happy CHAPTER 4 STATUS: You guys still want a Chapter 4 after me finally posting 3 after so many months!? xD


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