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Hello folks! So mostly I read stories on here, but on rare occasions I might write something. I hope whatever I write either keeps you entertained through average writing skills or that my horrendous writing makes you laugh so hard you can forgive. At any rate I hope to alleviate some of my boredom with storytelling. Who knows, maybe I can even alleviate your boredom.

As for the profile name *shrugs shoulders* I began to imitate some of my volleyball teammates and their favorite sayings so here we are. You like? Whatevs.

I'm in college and play volleyball and softball. Basically that means that if I ever do write anything updates may be slightly erratic. Sorry to anyone who cares. Life is busy and this is merely a relaxing side project.

As for personal info I've been warned throughout my life not to do this, but if anyone wishes to stalk me go ahead... I dare you.

I'm a woman who likes sports, video games, music, reading, dogs, meat, trucks, not cats (never cats), other women, and life in general. And yes I did and still do watch good cartoons which include: ATLA, Invader Zim, Teen Titans, Kim Possible, Justice League, Family Guy, King of the Hill, and American Dad. Adult Swim is god.

Anything else about me is off-limits. Not that it matters to anyone I don't know, and even for the people I do know tmi still comes into play ;).


If you want to get in touch with me about my stories (and only my stories) and you don't have an account that you can just pm me with here is my newly created email just for that:


Excuse for Hiatus:

Life has been... (insert a word describing multiple life-changing events occurring in the relatively short span of a year).

Long story short I have been unable to write for the better part of a year, but now that things have finally started to calm down I really want to start writing again. Therefore I am going to hopefully kickstart my writing by revamping the first parts of Almost Isn't Good Enough. With all the horrid grammar mistakes and just the all-in-all brevity of the first couple of chapters I want to fix them before I continue. Besides after almost a year of abandonment I need to reconnect with the story.

Thanks for reading!

UPDATE: Operation revamp is a no-go! After a helpful review I have decided to push on with the story. We can all edit when we are dead, right?

Letter To A Reviewers:

I just received a very interesting review from an anon source on My "Almost Isn't Good Enough" story. Normally I like to apply to reviewers via pm if I find it extremely interesting or helpful, though I thoroughly enjoy all my reviewers/reviews!

Anyways, since this was an anon source and in case I get them in the future I've decided to put my email up here so I can communicate with you all if you want.

On this particular occasion a reviewer told me that I need more interaction (agreed), yuri is tender and dramatic (disagree with the generalization), and that they would like to see less flashbacks (interested).

I am definitely going to up the amount of interaction between Azula and Ty Lee. I personally love watching or reading them interacting with each other and I am finally getting to the stage in the story where they can do a lot more of that. Before this point Azula has been in a "spirit-world coma thingy-mc-bobber" (official healer diagnosis... JK) and so it has been impossible for them to interact within the story's present timeline.

Which brings me to the flashbacks comment and why it interests me so much. As I said, it has been impossible for Ty and Azula to interact in the actual timeline of the story. However, there is only one way I can think of to have these characters interact before Azula woke up, and that is through flashbacks. It is also a very good way (in my opinion) to enrich the personal lives of these characters that got minor characterization in the tv show in comparison to the heroes. This is not a dig at the gods of ATLA. I would never! However due to time constraints and the fact it was a tv show marketed for children, I feel that we missed a lot of in depth explanation of not only Ty Lee and Azula's relationship, but also their characters. I kinda wanted to fill in those holes a bit and I plan on continuing to use flashbacks to do so.

All that being said, I am curious if anyone else thinks I am over utilizing flashbacks. I do have a tendency to go overboard with certain and things and I would hate for this to ruin the reading experience for anyone. Therefore I am putting up a very rudimentary poll about my flashback usage.

Lastly I found the comment about yuri being tender and dramatic curious. It had me thinking all morning honestly. You see I have been in a relationship with my gf for nigh on 2 years now and I have gay male friends in relationships and mostly straight males and females in relationships too. We all love the same way and all of our relationships have more to do with the people we are and the people we date than the gender of ourselves and our partners. Basically what I want to say is that just because the story is about a romance between 2 women I don't think I should write the romance differently than if it were hetero or yaoi. Of course there will be tender moments (it is Ty Lee) and there will be dramatic moments (it is Azula), but that is all about the character's personality and nothing to do with their gender.

Phew! Well that was silly of me and I doubt that anyone will read this, but I did just want to show you all that your opinions and reviews mean a lot not only to me, but also to the story. I pretty much have everything planned out, but your critiques help make the story less like a plan and more like a...story!

Anyways, thanks to anon and all you other reviewers for your lovely critiques. I will be back in about a month (ALASKA HERE I COME!)

Peace out,



See 1st section for updated email info

A Word On Polls:

Poll results may or may not be reflected in stories. They are tools to help me better understand the people who read my stories.

Thank you for your time!

Peace out

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