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Author has written 4 stories for Laws of Magic.

The first thing you should know is: I am not an Author-note person. So if there's something I desperately need to tell you about one of my fics, it will be here.

The second thing: I think the best thing about fanfic, the real reason why it exists, is fragments. Those brilliant bits that you think of, where the characters are doing something that's just so them, or just so NOT them. Hence I have a tendency to write these fragments rather than going in at the start of a story and writing through steadily to the end.

The result of this is that sometimes, I may write lots and lots of middle bits of fanfics, but not have a start for them. Only when I have a start will I begin uploading...probably. So sorry if it's a long wait between posts sometimes.

Also I'm a busy person. Sorry again.

HOWEVER. I respond brilliantly to peer pressure. So do please send me a comment or a PM if I've been radio silent for a while.

And you can email me at

(Which, incidentally, I just made, and am so proud of. Isn't it the coolest email ever? Ohyus!!!)

Anyway. As you can probably tell, I'm a LAWS OF MAGIC FAN HURRAH HURRAH. If I ever feel the need to wear a political slogan on my chest, it will say "I love the Fitzwilliams... and I vote!" So this is going to end up as a solely LOM penname. Probably. The result of my adoration of LOM is that I love reading LOM fanfic. ANY LOM fanfic. So if you need a Beta reader, or a second opinion, or a person to bounce ideas off or just somebody to squee to... send me an email. It will make my day. Guaranteed.

And finally, if you're reading this you're a LOM fan. And if you're a LOM fan...PLEASE join the Laws of Magic Appreciation society on Facebook! Albion needs you.

Notes re. Force of Will:

We're looking at a post-MoT, pre-HoN context. And I haven't so much screwed with the timescale designated in HoN's opening chapter, as ignored it completely. Sorry for any confusion.

Also, I KNOW that the accent in Master Delroy's name goes the other way, but owing to the limitations of my laptop keyboard, this will just have to do. On the plus side, I know how to pronounce it! Of which I am ridiculously proud.

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All Manner of Love But The Obvious: some drabbles reviews
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Force of Will reviews
"Caroline Hepworth was nettled. Uncompromisingly, categorically, demonstrably nettled to the core... overall, her situation rated high upon the "To Be Improved" scale. Moment of Truth spoilers. I own nothing, not even the computer I wrote this on.
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