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Trivial Information [Story Info @ Bottom]

ManInTheHat here.

Salutations my chickadees. I suppose you're here because... well in all honesty I have no idea why you're looking at my profile page. But I suppose you'd like some trivial information about me to fill whatever time you spend here.

I am male. Big surprise there.

I am a member of the Conservatory Theater Ensemble, also known as the Kool Kids Klub (or KKK for those of you who are so inclined). One might call me a "drama kid." In my defense I'd like to point out that drama is better then band, but then again that's kind of a non sequitur so feel free to disregard that comment.

I've been called pedantic, which led me to establish the two man "Pedantic Coalition" with a classmate from my history class, in which we discuss scholarly things over bubbling glasses of apple cider while using leather bound books as coasters.

I own a riot shield, which I fully intend to emblazon with an Anarchist 'A' for use against Fascists, should the need ever arise.

In my Boy Scout Troop my name has become permanently associated with inadvertently lighting your boot on fire.

I watch Fox News for my comedy and the Daily Show for my news.

At the moment all I'm listening to is rap, bluegrass, and Chopin.

I hope these tid-bits of autobiographical information have either provided you with a modicum of entertainment, or to some extent illuminated who I am as a person.

Fair thee well shrews.

Story Info

Shades of Gray:

"There is no such thing as innocence, only degrees of guilt." For longer than most can remember, Shibusen has held evil at bay. But with Maka and the gang busy facing their own enemies, who can Death rely on to meet other looming threats?

Shades of Gray is the first of a three part series chronicling the adventures of Meister Roland Frey and Demon Weapon Alexa Whelan. Roland's quest to turn Alexa into a Death Scythe begins in the cobblestone streets of Death City, but after a strange encounter they quickly find themselves drawn into a desperate struggle as an ambitious witch prepares to unveil a terrible new weapon. Can they, together with their new friends, avert tragedy and protect Shibusen from this emerging threat?

Working Title:

(under construction)

Everything changed after Hedgeton. Kyla, barely recovered from her grievous injuries, returns to service with a grim clarity of mind and the understanding that Shibusen and the DWMA are ultimately unable to protect their student fighters. With Roland dead Alexa pushes herself to dangerous extremes as an Autonomous Weapon, determined to never again be a burden to her friends in combat. Isabelle and Jackson's new lease on life slowly begins to unravel as the Demon Axe Meister slips back into old habits, and Sonya struggles to hold the group together under some semblance of normalcy in a world that is becoming increasingly hostile to their organization. Dire forces move in the shadows, eager to answer the question on everyone's tongue: "Do we really need Shibusen?"

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