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Author has written 2 stories for Soul Eater.

OMG I LOVE fanfiction.net it is awesome. ALSO PLEASE REVIEW!!!! even if you absolutly hated it! I just need to know that people are actually reading it and not just clicking on it for the fun of it.

I have 2 storys up here right now both are for Soul Eater. One of my Soul Eater one's is called The Young and the Spaceless-nice play on words don't ya think?. My next story which is also a Soul Eater story is called No Longer a Scentless Flower. I have a third story in the process its an InuYasha story about a origanl character of mine named Kearia. She is the daughter of InuYasha's unknown twin brother.. :) there is your sneak peak

My fav. pairings are:

-InuYashaKagome (InuYasha)

-RoseDemetrei (Vampire Academy)

-SoulMaka (Soul eater)

-MakaKidd (Soul Eater)

-SangoMiroku (InuYasha)

-MinfuneTsubaki (Soul eater)

-TsubakiKidd (Soul Eater)

-HaroiMori sempi (Ouran High School Host Club)

-HaroiKyayo (Ouran High School Host Club)

-HaroiTamaki (Ouran High School Host Club)


sorry I like a lot of people with Haroi...

My favoirite shows are:

-Law and Order:SVU

-Soul Eater

-South Park




-George Lopez

-American Dad

-My Wife and Kids

EKK btw im a fangirl... dont judge me!! and if you havent already guessed I'm very very starange!!! lol

Anyway sadly I own NONE of the characters from my story's unless they are MY ORIGINAL CHARACTERS cuz well they were my idea's and if you steal them you will be receiving a very angry message from me... be very scared.

I'm the girl who:

Waits til the last minuet to paint her nails.
Fixs someones hair she doesn't even know.
Says I LOVE YOU! if someone she barley knows gives her candy.
Bites her lip when nervous.
Stutters when shes scared.
Laughes to defuse tension.
Dances randomly just cause.
Decides to wear shorts on a rainy day.
Walked around her house all weekend with a bed head and pj's. ...
Listens to screamo one second and country the next.
Doesn't want to join the 'status quo'
Would rather hang out with the 'dudes' then 'chicks'
Hates drama but loves to hear the gossip.
Makes weird faces when she thinks no one is looking.
Jumps to conclusions then feel stupid afterward.
Gets confused when she is told someone has a crush on them.
Wonders what people see in her, she isn't anything above average.
Doesn't care what people think.
Moves to the beat even though she doesn't know a word to the song.
Talks/acts like a little kid becasue she is tired of acting like the adult.
Smiles even if she hurts.
Tries to make EVERYTHING better.
ALWAYS defends her friends.
Is ashamed of her past, when she cared what people thought.
Loves her boyfriend with all her heart.
Thinks songs relate to her life.
Pretends she is a popstar to act stupid.
Writes to vent her feelings.
Argues everything people throw at her.
WON'T stand to be classified as a steryotype.
Yells at people for using the word 'gay' offensivly.
Says sorry when she acts stupid even though know one is there.
Acts strong, even when she is weak.
Wish's to change things about herself.
Wants to try new things all the time.
Never stays in one style for to long.
Dyes her hair for the fun of it.
Acts like she doesn't care when she screws up, even if she feels stupid.
ALWAYS sobbs when she cries, never silently.
Isn't the best in PE.
Thinks guns are cheating and would rather get in a fist fight than a gun fight.
Laughs at racist jokes, then gets in someones face for being racist.
Hides her face when she smiles and doesn't want to.
Pretends to hate being tickleish, even though she LOVES it!
Rocks out to youtube while she is on the internet.

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