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We are temporarily inactive. But we'll be back! :)

Official AMR* Review Count as of 2011: 30

*Official AMR reviews are those for the wishes and those for other fanfics which have mentioned AMR.




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Welcome to the page for 'A Million Reviews'. :)

Although we are situated in the 39 Clues fandom, we can also review stories from other fandoms. A list of all fandoms that our sponsors are from as well as the number of individual sponsors in each fandom is below. Please refer to it so you can make your wish accordingly.

Please be sure to check out our forum and our webpage as well. Thanks! :)

Go ahead and 'pm' me if you have any questions at all (I will set up an FAQ on the webpage as soon as I can). If you want some advice, then request for a review (third option under what you can wish for). If you just want to chat about writing and reviews in general, feel free to pm me too :) I don't bite!

All our sponsors are under 'Favourite Authors'. Wishes are under 'Favourite Stories'.

We are currently working with The Prompts, which are a series of challenges started by Reading-and-Bubbling and Vanelo159. You can find out more at their profiles, or at The Prompts Forum and The Prompts Community. As part of the collaboration, sponsors from A Million Reviews will be reviewing the winning entries for The Prompts.

While you're at it, you might want to check out Syberian Quest's prompt forum as well. Here's the link--> www.fanfiction.net/forum/39_Clues_Monthly_Prompt/91680/


31/12/11-1/1/12: Hullo :) Just popped on to wish all of you a very happy new year's and a wonderful year ahead. All the best for 2012! :D Also, the Hall of Fame no longer exists. We might set it up again one day, though. The welcome letter concerning being a sponsor has been reviewed and the profile will go under construction as well. And as of today, we have more than 120 fandoms and counting! Thanks for all the support everyone :)

28/12/11: Hello everyone :) An update has just been sent to every single sponsor. Glad to finally be back on track!

19/12/11: Hey! Sorry for disappearing off the face of the earth :/ But I'm back and have replied to all pms, and I'll quickly settle everything as soon as I can. Thanks for understanding, everybody :) I'm already putting together a new update and there is also a new wish, which I will officially inform everyone of in the next update.

16/10/11: Hey everyone :) I've just cleared out the previous profile updates. An official update has already been sent out, and those who do not reply might be taken off the sponsors list.


This whole thing was started one day when a friend was asked what she wanted for her birthday. Laughing, she answered, "A million fanfic reviews!" Of course, that couldn't be granted, so we gave her something a little less satisfactory.

But that got me thinking. Really, is there any fanfic writer out there who wouldn't like a million fanfic reviews? We don't even need that many- just a hundred would do, or maybe just 50. Heck, for me, 25-30 would be just fine!

Reviews are like the basis of fanfic writing life. Without reviews, we'd be nowhere because:

1. Reviews show that someone is actually reading the story. Kind of useless to keep writing if no one's reading, isn't it?

2. Reviews contain helpful advice and feedback that can really go a long way.

3. In short, reviews just make you feel better. Even if they're flames, just knowing someone actually bothered to review is kind of a nice feeling. And in the long run, really, they're just trying to help you.

So, this is how this came about. We want to help deserving authors who aren't getting enough attention and fulfill their review wishes.

Also, if you are in need of a beta, scroll right down to our Sponsors Section. If the sponsor is a beta, it will be specified. Have a look and choose from the list :) All the betas will be very helpful.

What can you wish for? Well, you can wish for:

1. A certain number of fanfic reviews, but of course there will be a limit as to how many you can ask for.

2. A review from a particular someone, but we'll need to check first, of course. We might have a list of people who have accepted our invitations, so you can consult that, or not.

3. You can ask for a special review from us. Check out the 'Our Reviews' section below.

(Note: Only option 1 and 3 is available as of yet. We'll be looking at Option 2 soon, though.)

How are we going to fulfill these wishes? Well, that's where you come in! For those who want us to fulfill a wish of theirs, you'll have to put up the following short passage on your profile about us. You can simply copy and paste this message:

Have you ever wanted a million fanfic reviews for a story? A Million Reviews helps deserving writers who aren't getting enough recognition to fulfill their review requests. Would you like to help out? Or would you like to get a wish fulfilled? Well, visit A Million Reviews today to see how you can make a difference.

We'll also have 'sponsors' who agree to help fulfill each current wish and post the passage on their profile. In return, we'll add a link to the person's profile + all the person's stories (and summaries) on the 'Sponsors' page on the website (which is being improvised on as you read this). On fanfiction, you will be added to our favourite authors list.

You do NOT have to be a sponsor to help review the current wish :) If you have been referred to a story because of AMR but are not a sponsor, then let us know in a pm. This way we can credit you for helping to fulfill a wish as well.

For those who help to review the current wish, we'll credit them and add a link to their profile under the wish they helped fulfill.

Those who helped review a lot or contributed significantly could make it into the Hall of Fame :) If you do so then we'll help you achieve a wish too!

So what do you have to do to ask for a wish? (The Requirements)

1. Your story must have been at least 3 days old.

2. You must have less than 10 reviews per chapter.

3. If you got less than 7 reviews for a new chapter, you can also ask for a wish.

4. You can actually ask to grant a wish for a friend. But if it's a birthday present, you'll have to tell us at least 1-2 months in advance so we can prepare the reviews.

5. As we have previously said, you'll have to copy and paste the short passage about us on your profile.

6. You can request reviews for stories from other fandoms, but please refer to the Fandom List (below) first and base your wish off the number of people available in that fandom. For example, if only one person is active in the fandom you want, it is not practical to ask for 10 reviews (though we'll try).

Our Reviews

When we review, we take the time to review every single chapter (unless you have more than 7. However, if we feel obligated to/want to, we might review all of them ^^). We try to be very in depth and offer a lot of constructive criticism and advice on how to improve your story.

If you request for a review from us, you can ask us to have very specific details in our reviews.

You can ask us:

- to focus on certain aspects of your story.

- for ideas and writing help.

- to review certain chapters, or all of them if you wish (please do not ask us to review all chapters if you have 10 or more, because at the moment I am running this alone, and I don't have as much time on my hands as we would all like.)

- to review as if we were beta-ing your story.

Just a note: whenever there's a review from A Million Reviews, it signs off with:


A Million Reviews
~Fulfilling wishes, one review at a time~

If you're reading this, we'd love it if you'd help out! It would mean the world to us. Make sure to tell us and we'll credit you. Thanks!


Did you make a wish? Well, here you can see how it's going:

STORY: Keeping the Faith by Chick With Brains

FANDOM: Percy Jackson and the Olympians

SUMMARY: Faith's life has never been ordinary, and it just gets stranger after coming to camp. Add in a kidnapped camper, an important quest, and the fact that she might not be just an ordinary demigod, and what do you get? One big adventure.

OTHER EXPLANATIONS: It's about an OC of mine, Faith, that comes to Camp Half-Blood and goes on a quest to find a kidnapped camper. (The camper hasn't actually been kidnapped yet, but I promise that it'll happen next chapter.) Along the way, she will find out that she's not an ordinary demigod, and that the others like her are in trouble. Don't worry, it's not one of those stories where they have two godly parents.

GOAL: 28

SPECIFIC REQUESTS: I would like for it to be reviewed for two reasons: One, because it only has approximately 2.67 reviews per chapter (6 chapters, 16 reviews). Two, I've had people tell me that they like the story, but I want to know what it is that's good about it, along with what I could improve on.



REVIEWERS- A BIG THANK YOU TO: FallingStar17, CelesteMarshmallow, Vans321, CyilEib



STORY: A Broken Man by Wisdom is All

SUMMARY: "He was a foolish man. He never understood what it meant to love until he lost her." But I should've known better. Kabras do not love. He was no exception. In the end, all he was left with was a broken heart and realization. Realization of love. (Ian K.)

GOAL: 16 (Reached)

Reviews from AMR: 12

Reviewers: omg-KITTENS, Ballet Reader, Pumpkin Caramel Latte, Another Artist, Evanescence456, Syberian Quest, memories will last, A Million Reviews, Snowstorm xD, CyilEib, purplephantasms, xXxShiniXKazexXx


Story: Never Apart by Syberian Quest

Summary: He follows her, not knowing where it will lead, and she will do anything to protect him, no matter what the cost. Anything to keep him safe. (Amy C./Dan C.)

Goal: 10 (Reached)

Reviews from AMR: 11

Reviewers: Reading-and-Bubbling, Kaye Nightshade, Ballet Reader, My Heart of Blue, SMKears, Amy Stardust, SilverArrow12, Sanity Optional, FallingStar17, Iris Cornelia Jade



This is where all the stories which reviews are being requested for go.

Reading the Books - Hello2323

Ninja's Party - Kowalistair Fanatic

[Title here] - MuseGoddess (Wish submitted by Vans321)

Soul Reaping Janitor of the Justice League - Bunnie Munchies (Rated M for language)

All This Love Is Fading Away - aleki98 (Wish submitted by bookluva98)

Incantum School of Witchcraft and Wizardry - bestgyrl


These are all the fandoms that our sponsors are involved in. When asking for reviews from a story that's not about the 39 Clues, refer to this list. Also, if you are not involved with the 39 Clues but are part of other fandoms and would like to be involved with A Million Reviews, please pm us. Although you will not be an official sponsor, you will be credited and alerted whenever reviews for stories from your fandom are being requested.


13th Reality series (1):

A Million Reviews

A Series of Unfortunate Events (4):

My Heart of Blue, Iris Cornelia Jade, Sanity Optional, Snowstorm xD

Adoration of Jenna Fox (3):

memories will last, SilverArrow12, Syberian Quest

A Mango-Shaped Space (1):

memories will last

Airman (1):

Snowstorm xD

Alpha Force (1):

Snowstorm xD

Artemis Fowl (3):

Iris Cornelia Jade, FallingStar17, SilverArrow12

Avalon Web of Magic (1):

Snowstorm xD

Babysitters Club (1):


Beka Cooper (2):

SilverArrow12, Snowstorm xD

Black Beauty (1):

Snowstorm xD

Blue Bloods (1):


Chronicles of Narnia (5):

A Million Reviews, SilverArrow12, Iris Cornelia Jade, Syberian Quest, Snowstorm xD

Chronicles of Vladmir Tod (1):

Snowstorm xD

Circle of Magic (2):

SilverArrow12, Snowstorm xD

Circle Opens (2):

SilverArrow12, Snowstorm xD

City of Ember (1):

memories will last

Companions Quartet (2):

A Million Reviews, Snowstorm xD

Darkest Powers (4):

SilverArrow12, My Heart of Blue, Sanity Optional, omg-KITTENS

Deltora Quest (2):

SilverArrow12, Snowstorm xD

Diary of a Wimpy Kid (1):

Snowstorm xD

Dragonriders of Pern (1):


Ella Enchanted (1):


Everlost (2):

Evanescence456, Iris Cornelia Jade

Fire Within (1):

Snowstorm xD

Flipped (1):


Forensic Mystery (1):


Gallagher Girls (3):

A Million Reviews, omg-KITTENS, Vans321

Gone (1):

Chick With Brains

Half-Moon Investigations (1):

Snowstorm xD

Harry Potter (8):

A Million Reviews, SilverArrow12, FallingStar17, Reading-and-Bubbling, memories will last, Iris Cornelia Jade, Snowstorm xD, Vans321

Heartland (1):


House of Night series (2),

My Heart of Blue, SilverArrow12

Hunger Games (8):

Amy Stardust, PinkLemonade519, Wisdom is All, memories will last, Iris Cornelia Jade, Syberian Quest, Snowstorm xD, Vans321

Immortals, Tamora Pierce (2):

SilverArrow12, Snowstorm xD

Infernal Devices Cassandra Clare (1):


Inkheart (3):

A Million Reviews, SilverArrow12, Snowstorm xD

Kane Chronicles (10):

A Million Reviews, Kaye Nightshade, SilverArrow12, Amy Stardust, FallingStar17, PinkLemonade519, Wisdom is All, memories will last, Chick With Brains, Snowstorm xD

Little House (2)

SilverArrow12, FallingStar17

Looking Glass Wars trilogy (1):

Another Artist

Magic Thief (1):

Snowstorm xD

Matilda (1):

Snowstorm xD

Maximum Ride (3):

FallingStar17, Reading-and-Bubbling, Snowstorm xD

Melting Stones (1):

Snowstorm xD

Mortal Instruments (1):

Another Artist

Mysterious Benedict Society (3):

A Million Reviews, SilverArrow12, memories will last

Percy Jackson and the Olympians/Heroes of Olympus (15):

A Million Reviews, Kaye Nightshade, SilverArrow12, Amy Stardust, FallingStar17, Reading-and-Bubbling, PinkLemonade519, Wisdom is All, memories will last, Iris Cornelia Jade, Chick With Brains, Sanity Optional, Another Artist, Snowstorm xD, Vans321

Peter Pan (1):


Power of Five (1):

memories will last

Pride and Prejudice (1):


Protector of the Small (2):

SilverArrow12, Snowstorm xD

Sammy Keyes (1):

Snowstorm xD

Secrets of My Hollywood Life (2):

A Million Reviews, omg-KITTENS

Septimus Heap (3)

A Million Reviews, SilverArrow12, Snowstorm xD

Shadow Children (2):

SilverArrow12, Syberian Quest

Skeleton Creek (2):

SilverArrow12, memories will last

Song of the Lioness (2):

SilverArrow12, Snowstorm xD

Tricksters/Daughters of the Lioness (1)

Snowstorm xD

Twilight (4):

A Million Reviews, SilverArrow12, Reading-and-Bubbling, Amy Stardust

To Kill A Mockingbird (4):

memories will last, FallingStar17, Syberian Quest, Snowstorm xD

Uglies (1):

Chick With Brains

Unwind (1):


Vampirates (1):

Another Artist

Warriors (3):

Evanescence456, Iris Cornelia Jade, Snowstorm xD

Will of the Empress (2):

SilverArrow12, Snowstorm xD

Year of the Secret Assignments (1):

A Million Reviews


Anastasia (1):


Balto (1):

Syberian Quest

Beauty and the Beast (1):

Syberian Quest

How to Train Your Dragon (5):

A Million Reviews, FallingStar17, Reading-and-Bubbling, Iris Cornelia Jade, Snowstorm xD

I Am Number Four (2):

Kaye Nightshade, Snowstorm xD

Inception (3):

SilverArrow12, Reading-and-Bubbling, Snowstorm xD

Kung Fu Panda (7):

Million Reviews, Evanescence456, SilverArrow12, FallingStar17, Iris Cornelia Jade, Sanity Optional, Snowstorm xD

Lemonade Mouth (2):

Evanescence456, FallingStar17

Tangled (5):

A Million Reviews, Reading-and-Bubbling, Iris Cornelia Jade, Syberian Quest, Chick With Brains

Thor (1):

Chick With Brains

Tron (1):

Chick With Brains


Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1):


Calvin and Hobbes (1):

Syberian Quest

Charmed (1):

My Heart of Blue

Dream High (1):

A Million Reviews

Emperor's New Groove (1):

Syberian Quest

Glee (3):

A Million Reviews, Reading-and-Bubbling, Snowstorm xD

Good Luck Charlie (2):

FallingStar17, Amy Stardust

Het Huis Anubis/House of Anubis (1):

Kaye Nightshade

iCarly (5):

Kaye Nightshade, SilverArrow12, FallingStar17, Sanity Optional, Amy Stardust

Playful Kiss (1):

A Million Reviews

Phineas and Ferb (4):

A Million Reviews, FallingStar17, Syberian Quest, Chick With Brains

Pretty Little Liars (1):

My Heart of Blue

Monk (1):

Syberian Quest

Sonny With A Chance (7):

A Million Reviews, SilverArrow12, FallingStar17, Another Artist, Syberian Quest, Amy Stardust, Snowstorm xD

Spongebob Squarepants (2):

FallingStar17, Sanity Optional

Star Wars: The Clone Wars (1):


True Jackson VP (1):

Kaye Nightshade

Victorious (1):


Wizards of Waverly Place (4):

A Million Reviews, SilverArrow12, FallingStar17, Amy Stardust


Alice 19th (1):

Sanity Optional

Bleach (1):

Bunni Munchies

Card Captor Sakura (1):

Pumpkin Caramel Latte

Ceres: Celestial Legend (1):

Sanity Optional

Detective Conan/Case Closed (2):

Pumpkin Caramel Latte, Bunni Munchies

D N Angel (1):

Bunni Munchies

Dragon Ball (1):

Bunni Munchies

Dragon Ball GT (1):

Bunni Munchies

Dragon Ball Z (1):

Bunni Munchies

Fruits Baskets(1):

Bunni Munchies

Fushigi Yugi (1):

Sanity Optional

Gakuen Alice (2):

A Million Reviews, Bunni Munchies

Genbu Kaiden (1):

Sanity Optional

Hetalia Axis Powers (1):

Pumpkin Caramel Latte

Imadoki (1):

Sanity Optional

Nana (1):

Sanity Optional

Ouran High School Host Club (1):

Pumpkin Caramel Latte

Pretty Cure (1):

Sanity Optional

Sailor Moon (2):

Pumpkin Caramel Latte, Sanity Optional

Tokyo Mew Mew (3):

Pumpkin Caramel Latte, Sanity Optional, Evanescence456

Vampire Knight (1):

Pumpkin Caramel Latte

Yotsuba&! (1):

Sanity Optional


Neopets (3):

A Million Reviews, Sanity Optional, Snowstorm xD

ToonTown (1):


Vocaloid (1):

Sanity Optional

MISC. Plays/Musicals (1):

My Heart of Blue

-end of FANDOM LIST-


Our wonderful sponsors who we are immensely grateful for :) A huge thank you to:

(Those with 'Pending' are those who have either not posted the passage on their profile or have not replied to the message regarding their sponsorship, as specified.)



Agent Megas






Bunni Munchies

E.C. Scrubb


Aardvarks Live In Russia


echoing noise (Pending)


Chick With Brains (Active Beta)

Snowstorm xD

Evanescence456 (Active Beta)


memories will last (Active Beta)

Pumpkin Caramel Latte (Active Beta)

Another Artist


Amy Stardust

Kaye Nightshade

Wisdom is All - inactive

Syberian Quest

Ballet Reader

My Heart of Blue


Iris Cornelia Jade

Reading-and-Bubbling - inactive

Website Managers:

Kaye Nightshade


Wisdom is All

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Keeping the Faith by Chick With Brains reviews
Faith's life has never been ordinary, and it just gets stranger after coming to camp. Add in a kidnapped camper, an important quest, and the fact that she might not be just an ordinary demigod, and what do you get? One big adventure. R and R, please!
Percy Jackson and the Olympians - Rated: K+ - English - Adventure/Friendship - Chapters: 6 - Words: 7,476 - Reviews: 27 - Favs: 16 - Follows: 15 - Updated: 5/27/2011 - Published: 2/1/2011
Never Apart by Syberian Quest reviews
He follows her, not knowing where it will lead, and she will do anything to protect him, no matter what the cost. Anything to keep him safe.
39 Clues - Rated: K+ - English - Suspense/Hurt/Comfort - Chapters: 1 - Words: 2,701 - Reviews: 15 - Favs: 12 - Follows: 3 - Published: 3/3/2011 - Dan C., Amy C. - Complete