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You are a 17 year old boy who enjoys JAPANESE STYLE ANIMATION. You have a tendency to WANDER THE INTERNET AIMLESSLY. You currently have a collection of HUMOUROUS PICTURES on your computer. You attend school regularly as a HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT and often play VIDEO GAMES.

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Zach Gallows

Voice Actor: Edwyn Tiong

Zach Gallows lived a fairly normal life with his mother until he found her dead and her body ridden with bullet holes. For the next few days after his mother's murder, Zach refused to leave the house until the scarf that his mother made for him to wear in the winter started to whisper to him, "Zach, we can undo my death, you just have to listen to me. The Skull Heart can grant one wish to a woman who is pure. If we can find it, I can live again. This scarf will provide me with a means of protecting you from the dangers that guard the Heart."

Desperate and maybe a little crazy, Zach took the voice's advice and went in search of the Skull Heart with the scarf in tow. In reality, the voice coming from his scarf was not his mother, but a spirit impersonating her to get her hands on the Skull Heart and become a Skullgirl. Unaware of this deception, Zach begins his journey for the mysterious artifact…


Age: 17
Birthday: February 28/29
Bloodtype: O
Height: 5'7
Weight: 147

Likes: His mother, The Black Egrets, Cold weather, Filia, Hot soup, Mice, Steamed vegetables, creamsicles

Dislikes: People thinking he has an 'interest' in his mother, Looking like a crazy person, Chaffing, Losing people he cares about, Churches, Suspicious people, Fondue, Being lied to

Appearance: Hair is a medium blonde bob cut(It's cut similar to Waver Velvet from Fate/zero); eyes are a deep blue; the scarf is a light red color with stitches visible on it; wears a simple black gakuran. In the story mode, he wears a matching black cap.

Personality: At school, Zach keeps up the appearance of a hardened delinquent, but in reality, he's an insecure emotional wreck, especially after his mother's death. He prefers to approach his problems head on with little to no thinking involved; this often leads to problems. Zach can be intelligent when he wants to be, but he'd much rather get things done as quick as possible.

Filia: Zach harbors a massive crush on Filia, but a combination of being unwilling to reveal his status as a delinquent and Samson prevent him from confessing. Filia considers him a good friend for his surprisingly chivalrous treatment of her.

Parasoul: Zach's father is in the Egrets; other than that, they are strangers to each other. Zach at least knows who she is and respects her for keeping the peace in the Kingdom.

Painwheel: Painwheel's constant screaming and growling gives Zach a headache. As such, he absolutely loathes her. She was a former friend of his back when she was Carol, but naturally, he doesn't recognize her.

Stranghoul: Stranghoul acts as motherly as she can to keep the façade up. Zach truly believes she's his mother.

Kubat and Milo: Zach's friends at school. Milo is short, stocky, and wears glasses, while Kubat is a barracuda Dagonian with a slightly build. They joined when Zach beat the two of them in a two-on-one fight, while the other member, Rocky (ABSOLUTELY INSANE raccoon boy) joined out of boredom. Milo is hotheaded and dumb, while Kubat is quiet and stoic.

Entrance: Zach throws his his hat off screen, and Stranghoul stretches his scarf out to twice the original size.

Win Pose: The scarf is returned to normal size as Zach wraps the scarf around his neck while smirking.

Time Out Pose: Wrings the scarf around his neck while having a fit, he slowly turns blue from lack of air.

Special moves:

Ne'er-do-roll: Zach does a combat roll followed by the appropriate punch.

Slider Kick: Zach does a combat roll, but this time Stranghoul propels him at an angle and feet first to the opponent.(Inspired by Richter Belmont's famous slide move)

Scarf Spin: Zach twirls around with the scarf stationed at different heights. When Zach is in this animation, he can reflect projectiles back at the opponent

Slip Up (*Laughs*): Stranghoul lays the scarf down on the ground in preparation for the opponent. If the opponent steps on the scarf, they are tossed into the air.

Right Back at Ya': Stranghoul wraps the area in front of Zach with the scarf at different angles and can reflect projectiles. (Inspired by Rose's Soul Reflect move from Street Fighter Alpha)


Kick of the Hot-Blooded Delinquent (Easter Egg variation: Rider Kick): Zach runs forward and does a high speed flying kick at the opponent. If the kick hits, the opponent will be bounced against the wall.

Stretch Panic: Stranghoul attaches to the… health bars? Stranghoul then swings Zach around like a pendulum while he flails his legs and holds the scarf to prevent from choking himself. This move does three swings around. (Inspired by Hsien-Ko’s Senpu Bu move from Darkstalkers)

Winterbrook Mice Rule!: Zach blows a whistle and his friends/underlings Kubat (Tall Barracuda Dagonian, wears a gakuran with the second button from the top missing) and Milo (Short, stocky, black hair styled into a short pompadour, and wears glasses along with a gakuran) come from opposing sides and ram into the opponent, and if the move connects, knocking them into the air. Kubat and Milo then lift Zach up feet first and throw him into the opponent head first. Kubat then catches him and sets him down, Milo squirts water into his mouth, and Zach utters either “Winterbrook Mice Rule!”, or ”Winterbrook represent!”, or “Wolverines!”, all before the opponent gets up. The two run off screen and the fight resumes.


Character Selection: "Huh, me?"

“Time to open up a can of Zach Fu.”

“Are you asking for a CHALLENGE?!”

“I won’t go easy on you!”

Ms. Fortune Vs. “A stitch in time saves nine lives.”

Vs. Ms. Fortune “Well, I can tell you’re going to be a pain.”

Vs. Filia “Y-you!.”

Vs. Peacock “Bang, zoom, to the mooooon!”

Vs. Double “Forgive me mother, for I am creeped the hell out.”

Valentine Vs.“That scarf won’t be the only thing with stitches when I’m done with you.”

Vs. Valentine “Sheesh, lady, would it kill you to put some clothes on?”

Painwheel Vs. "ZAAAAACH!"

Vs. Painwheel “What... are you?”

Marie Vs. "Your blind trust towards your ally will be your undoing."

Vs. Marie “I. Will. Not. Lose.”

Mirror Match “AAAHH! I’ve been Secretly Invaded!”

Tagged in: "WhatImiss?"

Tagged out: "Hey, you!"

KO: “*Gasps for breath*”



Time Out: *Choking sounds*

Win: “It’s called style, look it up.”


“Well that defied expectations.”

Ms. Fortune Vs. "I'm not seeing what Matt's deal was with you, you're not so tough."

Win Against Ms. Fortune “I call that a CATastrophic PUNomena!”

Filia Win (Samson): "Leave my host alone!"

Win Against Filia “Please, forgive me.”

Win Against Cerebella “Clothes don’t make the man, it’s the man that makes the clothes.”

Win Against Valentine “I’m looking at your X-Ray, and I’m afraid YOU SUCK!”

Win Against Painwheel “I... I have to go!”

Win Against Parasoul “Give my father my regards, your majesty.”

Mirror Match “He may love me, but he certainly doesn’t love you.”

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