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Hola people! I'm extremely new to this entire fanfiction thing so I guess I'll just bs it till I know what the standard is. Basically I'm a super chillaxed 18year old girl my name is Lilian aka Lily (hence the entire flower theme). I'm not one of those kids who typically likes to write, I'm not one of those kids who orgasms everytime the teacher says the word essay. But in a lot of other ways I am a complete nerd but I try and hide it completely even from my parents. I mean I like wrestling (how much can one girl get made fun of for liking a simple T.V. show? IDK ask the chick who wore a John Cena shirt to school last month...I wonder what ever happened to her.) my paents say it'll make me stupid if I watch big greasy (sexy) men throw each other over ropes, but I love it anyway it's definately my dream to be an ROH wrestler (but what about WWE?!) Yeah WWE is great for men but I'm a girl if I want to be awesome I'm betting on ROH. Anyway moving on, I also am completely in love with reading anything and everything, of course my friends are neanderthals so whaen they found I like to read what happened? "HAHA YOU WANT TO BE SMART BUT THAT'S LAME!" I especially like reading manga which is funny cause my mom is korean and for those of you who don't understand what that means, let me just say Koreans don't heart Japanese. Sooo umm yeah I'll probably mostly end up writing about wrestlers cause that is my obsession but I guess that's subject to change...depending.

My Faves!

WWE Superstars (in order of love):

1.CM Punk

2.The Miz

3.Cody Rhodes


5.Chris Jericho (even though he's not coming back)

6.Randy Orton

7.Ted DiBiase


9.Dolph Ziggler


M'kay so I only like a few divas and 1 of them it is for completely outlandish reasons but hey what can I say.


2.Michelle McTaker (teehee get it? Cause she's with taker?) :D

3.Beth Pheonix (because she has most likely slept with both Cody Rhodes and CM Punk which makes her utterly amazing in my book.)

TNA (yeah actually not a lot of them either.):

1.Jeff Hardy! (of course he was my favorite on WWE way back when too)

2.Shannon (awesome)

3.Chris Sabin

4.Alex Shelley

5.AJ Styles

Anime/manga I might be obligated to write about one day!:

1.Prince ofTennis! (I can't help it Ive been playing for 10 years straight!)

2.Full Metal (all the shows I love die!)

3.Death Note

4.Cowboy Bebop


6.(idk if I can count this cause I didn't finish it but... umm) D. Gray-Man

7.Fruits Basket

Hmmmm I think that covers all the ones I might be willing to actually write about.

Other shit I'm completely obsessed with and that might jump into my brain for writing:


2.Tales of Symphonia

3.Any Tales Of game.

3.Repo! The Genetic Opera.

4.Breakfast Club (don't judge me and I won't judge you)

5.A few of the Ellen Hopkins books (I swear Tony and Conner shouldve ended up together in impulse.)

4.Criminal Minds (My newest obsession! & something my parents actually approve of! :)

M'kay so that's about it...I promise any story I start I will finish (even if that's only 1 story.)

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