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Author has written 3 stories for Powerpuff Girls, and Touhou Project.

OL Awards

You might be wondering, what the heck is this? I'm trying something an author I like did, the person who writes the 25 review, the 50th review, and

whatever number of review will get a spot here. OL means Online Love by the way, they'll also get stuff like making their own character in the story,previews

of ideas for future chapters, and whatever I feel like giving, now on to the awards(No one has one right now)

20th Reviewer: 30th reviewer: 50th Reviewer: 75th Reviewer: 100th Reviewer:

Hidden in the flameS meSTDSD cartoonlover03 None None None

My aim is to get at least 100 reviews each story, so that's why the awards stop there.

Somehow all my stuff on the profile got deleted...

((«´¨`·..¤ Welcome!! ¤..·´¨`»))

Hello my name is Elecfox, my original name was foxgirl100, but I liked the ring of Elecfox better. I write Powerpuff Girl Stories, but might also write stories for many other things later.

Stories in Progress:

Online Love: The RRB go to the PPG's high-school, and they both end up making acoounts on an online game known as I.S.W. They become good friends online, but remain enemies in real life. "Will they ever find out who their friends are in real life?

Adventures in Collage: The PPG and the RRB go to collage, and become a little friendly with each other, but two new trios of super-powered teens are ready to ruin their relationships. But how is Him in on this?

Story Ideas:

Life(Name might be changed): Follow the PPG and RRB through the ages! They start off in elementary school, as enemies, all the way to collage,(as lovers) Drama, Humor, and Romance ensures! This will probably be a really LONG story, maube 100+ chapters.

Amnesia(Name might be changed): The PPG end up losing all their memories, and the RRB are big players, now that they don't remember them, will they try to get the PPG? Or will they actually try to form a decent friendship? Find out in this story. It probably will be a little long, maybe 30 or so chapters.

I might write for Percy Jackson, Harry Potter, and lots of other things when I just feel like writing it.

Random Funny Questions (Or some that make you think)

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I read all of those, some are actually a little funny, and some make you really wonder. There is 158, by the way.

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