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yup, name's Azariah (pronounced uh-zar-ree-uh) and i got an account now so i can write my stories on instead of writing in journals. my hands can rest from writing but now they have to get pumped up for the keyboard. i think they can handle it though. wow, I'm talking about my hands like they're people :s.. aaaaannnnyywaaaaayyy, I'm not gonna bore you with my likes and dislikes and all that so I'm gonna stop talking... or writing rather. unless you want to know more about me then just request it. kay, bye!... Okay, fine, I'll tell u somethings about me.

Full name: Azariah Black (yes my lastname really is black)

Birthday: December 10, 1995

Ethnicity: Mostly black, with traces of Native American and German

Siblings: 3 brothers and 3 sisters (not all from the same mom)

Favorite color(s): Green, Blue, or Both

Favorite books: Twilight series (duh), Maximum Ride, Outsiders, and Percy Jackson series.

Favorite characters: Seth (of course), Paul (yummy), Renesmee, Max, Fang, Iggy, Johnny, Ponyboy, Percy, and Annabelle.

Okay, that's it. I don't want any stalkers. Just friends. I'm not a loner without friends I just like havin friends around. Kay, see ya.

Raine Waters

Ryan Waters

Sadie Adams

Scarlet Summers

I have a cover for B.H.A.S., but I don't know how to put it on here as link. You could just ask me to email it.

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Fifth is the Wiliest by teemedup reviews
Fifth story in my chronicles of the imprinted series. Shani visits La Push and meets the jerk off Collin who she can't stand and yet can't seem to stay away from even though she should. True love was never easy.
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Kim is a sweet but shy girl who has been in love with Jared for years. Jared finally notices her when he imprints on her and her unrequited love is finally returned. The first in my "Chronicles of the Imprinted" series
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This is the long awaited 4th installment in my chronicles of the Imprinted series. Carmen Dean absolutely was not about to date Brady Fuller, first of all he was only 16 and she was 19, second she liked flirting too much, he was just gonna have to deal!
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This is the second story in my Chronicles of the Imprinted series. Rachel moves back home for the summer and meets hot but too young Paul. He's sexy but she refuses to date someone her brother's age! Ugh!
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Love Is Strange by kimmmz reviews
She was a slightly strange girl – funny, but weird. All of her and her friends were. But there was just something about her that attracted him. And then, his whole life changed. Brady phased and imprinted, changing his feelings for her dramatically.
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Sicko by 6AwsumPossum9 reviews
Seth imprinted on baby Lola, which pushes him to the breaking point concerning his deepest secret. How will he cope, or will he take things too far? And to make things worse, a full-blood werewolf also imprints on Lola. Sequel to She's Mine!
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Teenage Dream by SophieHadfield reviews
Jealousy, School, Lies and Cheating, this is just the beginning. Will 17 year old Charlotte fall for Paul's charms or will she fight the chemistry she knows they have? "I want you Charlotte, and hasn't anyone told you? I always get what I want."
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