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Poll: Himi. Should I add her into the story sooner than the actual game does, giving the group a bit more girl power earlier on than normal and allowing me to give her a full fledged personality? She will not have the third eye untill the appropriate moment in Vote Now!
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Author has written 4 stories for Golden Sun, and League of Legends.

Latest update 25-09-2011

Listen guys. I am so incredibly busy with school right now. I am literally pulling 12 hour school shifts. 7 am up, 6 pm home and busy till 7-8 pm. It is wrecking me.

Putting it bluntly, I can't write anymore, not like this. It never was my main hobby to start with. I prefer gaming over writing anytime of the day and only ever did it when I got inspired, fell bored or felt guilty to you guys.

I liked writing because people cared. I got reviews, regular comments and the likes and people complimented me for something I was /good/ at. I've got Autisme and though you'd never guess I had it if you met me now, it was really bad in my youth. I was never complimented honestly. Being liked for my skill meant the world to me. But then it declined. I took two weeks longer to publish a chapter and it went downhill from there... From seven comments per to a meager three if I got lucky.

With comments being what kept my boat afloat, losing that was a very painfull affair. It taught me how easily people move on. The hard way, the only way anyone will ever learn that lesson.

I was getting bored as it was. Commitment isn't one of my best features try as I may. Even now I'm having a hard time not get uninterested in the girl I really like. It's like a daily battle to me. It wouldn't be the first time I made a wow guild and disbanded it a week later...
So I tried to write something else. I wrote a few collaborations, a crack fighting story but nothing caught on. That 'glory' I once had never even came close to coming back. With me being uninterested in tLPoF that left me in a pickle. So I had to make a decision: Is writing worth the hastle and difficulty to me?

The answer was simple: No. No it isn't. It's not worth it even by a long shot.

So on that note I am going on a personal writing Hiatus after I finish-rush chapter 7.
Someone, somewhere out there might be wondering when I'm coming back. If at all... (Not you Jetzul, down boy, down!)

The answer is simple.

Dramatic pause for effect...

I'm /not/ leaving. If I figure out how the hell I'm supposed to do that (comments, make me proud) I'm opening a donation pool and I'm going to write commission stories for those crazy enough to want to pay me a meager fee for them.

Any kind of story. Fan fiction or otherwise. Golden Sun to Scrubs, I wont care. I'll do my research into the universe if I don't know it. Public publication or not, though the latter will require a minor extra fee because I think you're a prick if you pick that.

So that's all I've got to say... I'd better get back to my project. Reports don't write themselves. See you when I've got Ch. 7 out or when I figure out how to start a donation pool...

Kaleopolitus, out.


My profile is, again, the primary information source.
Still, if you want to read the topic, down below.



My name is Blackraider78, call me Black, Raider, Raid, Blazer (Old nick I dropped but I still respond to it...) or even my more recent alias, Peanutorgy if you so desire. Also if you want to please Ultaflame, my nickname seems to have become Birbrain. I am -not- complaining ^^

I'm a fresh rookie writer from The Netherlands, currently working on my first work - which is a multi chapter Matthew/Karis pairing from Golden Sun Dark Dawn set during the actual game's progression (with some flashbacks of course). I plan on letting it

I passed my exams. Fuck yes. HBO here I come!... That one line, just that ONE line depressed me beyond anything else ever. Fuck school >.

For any official business not related to reviews, normal chatter and so forth you can ALWAYS contact me at Blackwwjc@gmail.com, no spam/commercials/idiots please. I will epicly rant at you causing you to lose all self confidence if you do. I have the techn- Power.

My favorite things are...

Anime: One Piece; for everything. FMA: Brotherhood; for even more than everything. Katekyo Hitman Reborn; for being like One Piece only with less story and more epic fights.

Games: Golden Sun TLA. Assassins Creed Brotherhood, which recently came out, is an amazing game too... Best of the year so far I'd vote, but then again I haven't tried the highly appraised Crysis 2 yet. All this gollowed by Fire Emblem, Fallout New Vegas, Black and White 2 (+expansion pack) and last but not least Civilization 5. Also high on the rankings is Magicka. Youtube the Yogscast playthrough with Totalbiscuit of Magicka!

TV shows: Scrubs; it's got some valuable advice, packed in epic jokes... Really... It's -good-. NCIS; Amazing characters, superb actors, what more needs to be said? Note that I dont actually actively watch these shows. But I do whenever I think about them.

I have no favorite books in English or any favorite music. I do enjoy battle themes alot though. Youtube Greatest Battle Music of all Times to get an idea of what I mean... Dragon Rider if you're really a swell guy.

Random objects: Pc's, bottles, razors and above all else: My vests. "You know what I don't hate? I don't hate vests." You tell 'm Francis!

Foods: Anything with salt. Hard boiled eggs... With salt. Never drink ANYTHING aside from water. Grapes, banana's and M&M Peanut's. Gotta love those M&M's. I'm also not shy from most vegetables and eat two banana's and an apple each day.

Pairings I support...

Golden Sun:

Matthew/Karis, with a hint of spices ala Matthew/Sveta. Ooh yeah. Himi/Eoleo. *Brainfart*

One Piece:

You wish, nothing. One Piece isn't made for pairing darnit :/ It just doesn't work out in my mind.

Katekyõ Hitman Reborn:

Not persé any, but I'm more for Tsuna/Kyoko than for Tsuna/Haru, simply because Haru keeps saying her own name. If it wasn't for that horrible rage factor I'd be totally for Tsuna/Haru. Aah balls to it.

Thats about it. Like I said. Rookie. I've never tried to imagine pairing characters out of other games...

Next Chapter status: 1%!

First writing.
Low speed.
--> On hold.

Just for a day or three, four right now. I don't feel like writing much at the moment.

This is something new to my profile page that i'm going to try to keep up-to-date. Put bluntly, whichever the arrow is in front is the state of the up and coming chapter/story.

The first writing is as it says, the first writing of the story - it's initial phases.
The rewrite is me deleting 30% of the darned thing in favor of better ideas.
The double-checking is also self explanatory - I'm checking for anything bad.
Low speed indicates that I am still trying to write the story, but am finding either too little time or too little enthusiasme to do so.
If the arrow is in front of on hold, then that means I am: 1. Not writing any story/chapter at the moment. 2. I have put writing the next story/chapter on hold.

You should be able to figure which of those two it is on your own...

Final note:

Kudo's to TheOneAndOnlyT for inspiring me to finally write! Golden Sun fans, check out his AWESOME "The Angel and the Slayer" GS1 story. It is an -amazing- read.

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