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Bio: Hello, my name is Escadia. Well, that's not my real name, of course, but it's the name that I go by. Occasionally... Moving on. I love writing. I even used to want to make a living at it, heading off to the University of Iowa for their undergraduate writing program. But then I got older and realized that, yeah, it's kinda hard to make a living at that. So, I headed home, much to my chagrin, and started seeing what I wanted to do with the rest of my life that would actually pay. But I never stopped writing. Well, that's not true. I've gotten so caught up recently that I've haven't been able to write much at all, so being a Doctor Who fan and wanting to keep in practice with writing, I started working on a series of fan fictions. That, of course, brings us to the present :D


{GQ} General Questions
{PQ} Personal Questions
{SQ} Story Questions *spoiler warning*

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{GQ}General Questions

When are the new chapters published?
Each chapter should be released on Tuesday at some point. Depending on when I get it finished and what time zone you're in, it could be anything from late Monday night to early Wednesday morning.

How many chapters are in a story?
Seeing as these are supposed to be short, episodic stories, something akin to an actual episode, they tend to be 5-7 chapters in length, plus an epilogue.

How long are the chapters?
Most average around 4 pages, but you can probably expect them to be between 3-5.

How many stories are there?
I've planned around 8-10. At the moment, there are only three, The Station of DoooOOOOooom *wiggles fingers* The Captain and the Yard, and The Not-So Forgotten Planet.

I've found a typo.
By all means, tell me about it. I'm serious, no sarcasm there. I have someone who reads over my stories to check them, but I can't always get them to them in time. So, stories are definitely published in a first draft basis (in case you're wondering, that's being published with no editing from either the author or an editor). I'm contently putting up corrections, usually by the end of the week, but sometimes there are longer breaks, and if something is bugging you, please, tell me.

I'm British/European/a Trivia Head, and you used the wrong word/slang/phrase.
I won't try and hide that I'm American, through and through, and that while Doctor Who may has become an international show, it still very British, through and through. So, that being said, I try to keep a British voice throughout the story, but I'm sure I mess up. If it bugs you and you want, please tell me where I messed up. I'll do my best to correct it.

Hey, I didn't like * or *.
Criticism is always accepted, but I do prefer if it's constructive. If you don't like something, please tell me why. Also, I'm stating now, if you just show up to troll, I'm probably hushing you.

Laem, this stor y is stoopid liek u. Die n a fire.

What's up with the occasional hiccups in the update schedule?
I have, let's just say, writer's block. Not, mind you, the kind where I can't think of what to say. Instead, the kind where I just can't think of how to say something.

Wait, if you know what you want to say, how is that writers block?
... I'm trying to think how I can say this without coming off as a total prick... Ah, screw it, nothing comes to mind. If you ask any real writer, they'll tell you coming up with what you want to say is easy, but coming up with how you want to say it is much more difficult. Words have a great deal of meaning and carry a lot of weight. If a story is well written, then the words flow together and create an amazing experience. If it's written badly, then the words end up running over each other and the story is disjointed and confusing. It's a very difficult thing to do, and I can bet you, any of your favorite stories, went through draft after draft to get to where they are today. How is just as important as what, and if you can't figure out how to say something, it can be very discouraging.

Oh, I see... Real writers, eh?
Yeah... I should explain what those are... Look, saying someone is a real writer is not a reflection on their skill. Real writers can be both amateurs and professionals I would definitely argue that I'm at best, an amateur near being a weak professional. Those two distinctions can be argued over, about skill, experience, published works, and so on. What defines a real writer from a pretender is simple: Why do they write? Real writers don't write for themselves. People who fill up volume after volume of journals and diaries aren't real writers. It doesn't matter if anyone reads their works, that's not why their writing them. You do see that in books and published stories too. This is a fanfiction site, think of all the Mary and Gary Sue stories you can read here. Those are most certainly not written for anyone besides the author. A real writer, they write for others. I know, that seems weird, saying that while earlier admitting the whole reason I'm here is to keep myself in practice. Yes, that's why I am writing these fanfictions. But that's not why I write. I write because I honestly want people to enjoy the stories, and maybe, just maybe, if I'm lucky, use their own imaginations to expand on them.

{PQ}Personal Questions

Are you a guy or a girl?
A guy.

Dude, only girls write fan fiction.
Hey, just because we're on Mars, doesn't mean we can't write. We have very good WiFi.

How old are you?
Ancient. No, that's not true, but it feels that way sometime. I blame the internet. I'm only in my early twenties.

Do you have any hobbies?
Writing, obviously. I also dabble in art, though I'm terrible at it. I do a lot of physical things, like hiking, camping, etc. Also, if it has more than two wheels, I drive it. Cars, trucks, even my piece of crap motorcycle. I don't get along with unicycles, though. Or airplanes. I almost crashed, it wasn't fun. In fact, the only vehicle I've never actually driven or flown is a helicopter (and I suppose a space shuttle). I did do a simulator at the Auto Show once. Apparently it was okay, since the Marine recruiter went out of her way to give me this big ol' packet of information that she didn't give anyone else during my 45 minutes wait in line.

You've flown a plane?
I was 12 and it was a glider, but yes. It plummeted 200 feet as soon as I touched the stick.

What's your favorite?
The motorcycle. There's just something about being in the open air going 75 down the highway that's invigorating. I haven't gone much faster than that, though, because A) I'm not suicidal and B) I'm not kidding when I say it a piece of crap. Even at 75 it's straining. But it is 30 years old and burning oil out of the right exhaust, so I suppose I should be thankful it runs.

What's your favorite drink?

Favorite alcoholic drink?
Rum and Coke.

Favorite colors?
Navy, black, and silver.

Favorite Doctor?

Next favorite Doctors?
3rd, 8th, and 11th.

Favorite Companions?
Sarah Jane, Rose, and Donna.

Favorite Enemy?
The Daleks.

{SQ}Story Questions

What's Season ? about?
Season ? is a series of short, episodic Doctor Who stories revolving around the Doctor and his newest Companion, Jenny. They're designed to be quick, fast paced reads, somewhere between an 1-2 hours. Each story after the first will have a guest star from the Doctor Who series, and will change every week.

When is Season ? supposed to take place?
At the moment, it's launching off of Season 6's mid-point continuity. It will eventually go into AU (Alternate Universe) territory at some point, but I'll try to keep it as much in cannon as I can.





*Spoilers Below* I suggest you finish reading up to the end before you read these.




Why did you regenerate the Doctor?
There are a couple of layers to this. First of all, I wanted to stay in cannon as much as possible. The problem is, I still don't know the 11th doctor very well, and while I certainly know the 10th amazingly so, 10 never runs into Jenny again. I found, when I was planning out the story, trying to figure out what 11 would do was tripping me up. I kept second guessing myself. Plus, I wanted to bring in the Valeyard as a villain, and I was having trouble figuring out how. When it occurred to me to regenerate the Doctor, it solved both problems, giving me a good reason to bring in the Valeyard plus it let me craft my own Doctor so he wouldn't mesh badly with 11. It's not a decision I took lightly, since doing so made the Doctor an OC (Original Character), technically, which would alienate readers. I've gambled, in other words.

The 12th Doctor is such a Gary Stu!
I'm sorry you think that. I went out of my way to distance myself from him. The problem any writer finds when creating a character is how to make them real. We usually base them off of real people to give them depth. A lot of newbie writers base the characters off themselves, which can cause problems when they lose track of where the character stops and they begin. This is the reasons why so many OC descend into being either a Mary or Gary Stu. I won't deny I drew on parts of myself to create the 12th Doctor, but I put strict limitations. So that why we might share a couple of traits, but if we ever sat down to have a conversation, we'd probably disagree a lot. Besides, I'm in every story, you just have to look.

Okay, so why did you regenerate Jenny?
I like Jenny, I really do. I just don't like what they did with her character. Jenny is defined as a programmed soldier girl who finds, by interacting with the Doctor, she is more than she ever imagined. Sound familiar? How about this: She's just a shop girl, but by interacting with the Doctor, she finds she is more than she ever imagined. She's just a med-student, but by interacting with the Doctor, she finds she is more than she ever imagined. She's just a temp, but by interacting with the Doctor, she finds she is more than she ever imagined. Jenny was cast to be a companion, which is fine, but I think it's a waste. She's the Doctor's Daughter. By regenerating her, I'm hoping to make her into an almost Proto-Doctor, a Doctor in training. I want her to be more than a companion, I want her to be his daughter.

So what's with her outfit?
*cough* Yeah... I suppose I could feed you some BS about it causing conflict in the father/daughter relationship, but I'll admit it. It was completely Author Appeal. I'm sorry, but I had a free hand to decide what her outfit was. Can you blame me?

What's up with all these poofy haired guys?
He's Count Abidon Leof O'Toole Ikbaid the Eighth, Lord of the Sea of Nabronia Kliraquaka, Ruler of the Planet WIOFPJS. He's got a very developed back story, I think you'll like it.

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