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Hi, I'm Knightcrawler. I spend my time making things up, writing them down, and trying to convince people that I am, despite all the evidence to the contrary, actually quite smart. So far, I have completed several stories on this site, including the novel-length "Demon of Bayville", the one-shot canon-compatible "International students", the novella length, "The Foundling" and "The Island of Legend", and, most recently, "The Marriage Proposal". You could say that I am practically addicted to making up stories, including fanfictions. I am very grateful to all of those wonderful people who have reviewed any of my stories, especially those who have reviewed many of my chapters, keeping me going through real life and writers block. It means a great deal to me to know that there are people reading and enjoying my stories. I try to give these stories the same level of attention and devotion that I give to my original stories; I may not always succeed, but at least I'm trying. As always, any and all feedback is always welcome.


New for 2014 - Person of Awesomeness (POA) - January's POA is the wonderfully talented film director and animator, Hayao Miyazaki, who has recently celebrated his 73rd birthday. This Oscar-winning Japanese film director co-founded Studio Ghibli in 1985, and has since produced a series of highly acclaimed animated movies, most of which ace the Bechdel Test, and usually star strong and independent girls or young women, who use thier wits and courage, and develop as fully rounded characters during the course of the film. The films are worth watching for the breathtaking animation alone, with art-work that would not look out of place in an art gallery, but it is the character-centred stories that are the main attraction in all of Miyazaki's movies. As Miyazaki himself explained in an interview; "Many of my movies have strong female leads -- brave, self-sufficient girls that don't think twice about fighting for what they believe in with all their heart. They'll need a friend, or a supporter, but never a savior. Any woman is just as capable of being a hero as any man." Miyazaki has further stated that he tends to reject simplistic stereotypes of good and evil, and that he prefers to show children a positive world view. I therefore think that he makes an excellent start to this Person of Awesomeness section.

August's Person of Awesomeness (POA) - the wonderfully talented British author, Diana Wynne Jones, who would have turned eighty yesterday, had she not sadly died in 2011. I was lucky enough to discover the literally and metaphorically magical worlds of this wonderful author at a relatively young age, and indeed some of her books, including Archer's Goon, Eight Days of Luke, The Ogre Downstairs and The Chronicles of Chrestomanci, were some of the first real novels that I ever read (along with J. R. R. Tolkien's The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings, Michael Ende's The Neverending Story and Momo, and Lloyd Alexander's Prydain Chronicles) at around the age of ten and eleven. There is a great deal of variety within Diana Wynne Jones' work, but there is usually a relatively young protagonist, and the reader does not quite know what is happening until around halfway through the book. This is not a criticism, though, as the books are so well written that the reader does not usually mind this mystery, and indeed longs to read more to find out what wonderful secrets are to be revealed. Of course, this means that the reader will soon finish the book, but fortunately she has written quite a few, to keep fantasy bibliophiles engrossed for hours on end. Her The Tough Guide to Fantasy Land affectionately parodied many of the tropes associated with fantasy literature, lovingly mocking the stereotypes involved in this genre.Diana Wynne Jones' Howls Moving Castle was made into a film by the wonderfully talented Hayao Miyazeki (January's POA), and, just in case that was not awesome enough, Neil Gaiman has claimed that she was one of his favourite authors.

September's Person of Awesomeness (POA) - The incredibly talented creative genius, Jim Henson (born 24th September, 1936). Arguably the greatest puppeteer in history, Henson began airing a short puppet show called Sam and Friends in 1955. It was upon this show that Kermit was introduced – at the time a lizard-like creature made from an old green sweater, with a pair of ping pong balls for eyes. Kermit was later refined in his design into a frog with a collar, and became one of the first Muppets, originally appearing in advertisements for coffee, then the Muppets appeared as popular features on variety shows. It was with the pre-school show Sesame Street, that the Muppets became an institution. Henson, along with talented Muppet performers such as Frank Oz, Jerry Nelson, Richard Hunt, Caroll Spinney, Fran Brill, David Goelz, Kevin Clash, Karen Prell, Kathryn Mullen and Steve Whitmire (who shares his birthday with Henson) went on to work in various Muppet projects, including The Muppet Show and various Muppet movies. In the 1980’s Henson produced the fantasy films The Dark Crystal and Labyrinth. The Jim Henson Company was also responsible for producing The Storyteller, Dinosaurs, Farscape and Bear in the Big Blue House – whew! All pretty awesome in itself, but none of it the main reason why he is this month’s POA. That is because of a one of his most beloved shows – Fraggle Rock. According to legend, Henson was on a long and boring trip, when he decided that he would like to make a TV show that would bring about world peace and end wars. And then Henson, being an idealist but also practical enough to put time and effort and dedication towards his dreams, created Fraggle Rock – a colourful (in every sense of the word) and fun world with a relatively complex ecosystem. The different races were connected by symbiosis; although largely unaware of how connected they were to each other. Creating this allegory of the human world allowed the programme to entertain young and old while seriously exploring complex issues of prejudice, personal identity and social conflict. The ideals of friendship, being true to yourself and learning to love those who are incredibly different were the cornerstones of Jim Henson's work throughout his career, and he considered Fraggle Rock to be one of the purest and most successful expressions of that vision. In turn, many Henson fans have agreed that Fraggle Rock may be his masterpiece.

November's Person of Awesomeness (POA) - is the wonderfully talented Mr Neil Gaiman (b. 10 November, 1960), the sort of person who wins just about every literary award on the planet, in between taking his beautiful rescue dogs for walks, and taking notes from his cat (for his story Stardust, beautifully illustrated by Charles Vess). According to Stephen King, Gaiman might well be the greatest storyteller alive today; and I have to concur with Mr King's judgement on this issue. Gaiman is particularly famous for his urban fantasy works, including the renowned Sandman comic series, the only work in comic form to win a World Fantasy Award (they have since changed the rules so that comic books cannot be judged alongside prose works - possibly the only way in which they can stop Mr Gaiman in his habit of winning literary awards). He has also written Coraline, The Graveyard Book, American Gods and Anansi Boys, as well as the scripts for projects such as Mirrormask and the Neverwhere TV series, and Princess Mononoke (from famed director Hayao Miyazaki - see January's POA), and episodes of Dr Who. His more recent works include the brilliantly silly Fortunately the Milk, as well as works meant for younger audiences. He also corroborated with Sir Terry Pratchett to write Good Omens, which just goes to show the wonderfully funny work that can be produced when you let two of Britain's best writers spend time together. If that isn't enough, he has appeared on The Simpsons and Arthur, and writes fanfictions. He has some wonderful quotes, one of my favourite, which relates to all form of stories, not just fanfictions, is from The Sandman;

"Everybody has a secret world inside of them. I mean everybody. All of the people in the whole world — no matter how dull and boring they are on the outside. Inside them they’ve all got unimaginable, magnificent, wonderful, stupid, amazing worlds… Not just one world. Hundreds of them. Thousands, maybe."

And this, which is probably the best advice he gave when someone told him that they wanted to be a writer when they grew up;

“…Growing up is very overrated. Just be an author." – words of wisdom worth listening to, from quite possibly the greatest living author.


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