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Author has written 10 stories for Roswell, Jack & Jill, Gilmore Girls, Life Unexpected, Gossip Girl, Nashville, and House of Cards.

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STATE OF THE FANFICS (as of 02/16)

I am 100% committed to finishing my AU Dan/Blair Gossip Girl fanfic, "For the Ones We Leave Behind." At the moment, I can't give you a timeline. It will probably take longer than it should, but I have every intention of completing the last two parts.

As for my other unfinished fanfics, we'll see. To be honest, it's not really looking good at the moment.


Fringe, Breaking Bad, Supernatural, In Treatment, Damages, Gilmore Girls, The Killing, Six Feet Under, Friday Night Lights, Bates Motel, Better Call Saul, Orphan Black, The Leftovers, Dexter, One Tree Hill, The Simpsons, Whose Line is it Anyway?, SYTYCD.


Rory/Jess (Gilmore Girls), Dan/Blair (Gossip Girl), Linden/Holder (The Killing), Rayna/Deacon (Nashville), Rachel/Tobias (Animorphs: The Books)


Norma/Alex (Bates Motel), Jimmy/Kim (Better Call Saul), Remy/Jackie (House of Cards), Connor/Oliver (HTGAWM)


"Somewhere in This Wide World" is a five-part multi-fandom fanfic series which spans 15 years and a handful of cities around the country. The title is taken from a quote from the Robert Fagles translation of Homer's The Odyssey: "Yet I tell you great Odysseus is not dead. He's still alive, somewhere in this wide world, held captive, out at sea on a wave-washed island..." (83-84). Why is the series named after a quote from The Odyssey? It'll all become clear with time. ;)

So how did this idea get started? In 2011, it had been over 6 years since I'd written a fanfic, and frankly I didn't think I would ever write one again. Recently, however, I realized how many of my favorite TV pairings over the years have gotten little or no closure. The year prior, I was re-watching the whole series of Jack & Jill for the first time since it aired in 1999-2001 and was surprised by how much the constant shots of the World Trade Center bothered me, especially during season 2 which aired in spring 2001. I began wondering how and if they would've addressed the 9/11 attacks on the show had it continued. Beyond that, I wanted to write short future fics for my other two OTPs: Jess/Rory (Gilmore Girls) and Michael/Maria (Roswell). Originally, the stories were not supposed to be linked in any way, but I began to think that a crossover might actually work after adding my two current obsessions to the mix: Eric/Lux (Life Unexpected) and Dan/Blair (Gossip Girl). It's actually the perfect group of people to bring together because between them you have two journalists (Jack Barrett, Rory Gilmore), two writers (Jess Mariano, Dan Humphrey), and an English teacher (Eric Daniels).

I did a lot of research while writing the first part of the series, reading articles from 2001 and listening to interviews with witnesses. I even went on YouTube and watched some of the news footage from that day for the first time since it happened. It was a difficult thing to do; a part of me can't believe it's been almost 10 years because the second I started watching, I remembered exactly where I was the first time around, and I remembered what it was like to be 14 again. I've tried to be as sensitive as possible about the subject, but I should mention that I've never been to New York in my life. I've also never been to D.C. or Minnesota. I've actually driven close to Marathon, TX (of all places!) before, but haven't been there either. So although I plan to do my research for all the parts, there will probably be inaccuracies that are out of my control.

In addition, I want to acknowledge the song "Street Map" by Athlete which was one of the many inspirations for the creation of this group of stories. Typically, I'm not much of a romantic, but once in a while, there are certain people who just seem to be perfect for each other. The idea that two people can make the wrong choices, be in a situation where the timing is never right, but can hold onto the hope that one day, regardless of what else happens, they will meet again and things will fall into place--that idea is really the heart of this series.

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