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Poll: Seeing as how I am one who loves a good M-rated lemon, should I write additional, separate, more graphic/mature and detailed mating scenes for my Inheritance Cycle stories? (to be posted as stand-alone oneshots) the ones in the stories will remain...these are to be bonus one-shots not relayed to the actual stories. If so, which ones would you like to see them for? Once choice hits 40-50 votes, I will write the lemon(s) Vote Now!
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Author has written 7 stories for Inheritance Cycle, Pokémon, and Spyro the Dragon.

Manitoba, Canada

Update: March 10th, 2016:

To all my faithful readers and followers;

I realize I have been absent for many MANY months, and for that, I humbly apologize.

For the past several years, I have been writing adult furry fiction on SoFurry, and as such, that is where my focus has been. I found my calling in that community, amd have made a commitment there

Not only that, but i spend every day spending time with my boyfriend whom I meet three years ago this February. He is someone I hope to spend the rest of my life with, so anyone in a similar situation should understand. Real life and other projects have kept me from returning here...but my unfinished stories here haunt me nearly every spare minute.

Sorry for the long wait, kids.

Suffice to say, I cannot see myself returning to FFN anytime soon. Real life, as well as my writing tastes/ideas and desires have taken me away from this fandom and site.


These stories will not be deleted, or forgotten! I still have all the files, and will be most likely posting them on SoFurry where all my new (adult) writing projects are. I shall take my Eragon and Saphira adventures, post them there, and who knows...they might even get a new breath of life?

My account can be found here:

Please follow me there, so that I may continue to write fiction for all those readers and fans I love to please!

Im an advid sci-fi/action/fantasy fan. I've been meaning to join a community like this for a while, as I constantly daydream about things, and it would be interseting to see them put into a story format. I LOVE the Inheritance Cycle and everything related to it. Eragon and Saphira are my all time favorite fictional characters and its great to see so many stories on the site from people who feel the same.

Im a EragonxSaphira type too!! They are perfect for each other and the bond they share means they'll always love each other more than anyone else. Personally, the fanfics that have ExS ending up together (whether as E-dragon/S-dragon or E-human/S-dragon) are my favorite, and I believe thats the way the books should end (wishful thinking I know... Its too bad CP didn;t listen to us fanfic-ers)
...anyone who doesnt like it, well thats your opinion. I don't critisize you so don't critisize me...

Currently Working On:
Blood of a Dragon -
Auron gets more than he bargained for when he decides to join life-long friend Eragon and his young dragon Saphira on their journey...alot more. SaphiraXOC later on. Rated T for now.

Uncertain Future - After Inheritance. As Eragon and Saphira leave Alagaesia behind, a gift from the Eldunari may alter their future once more...but will it be what they really want?

Rangers: A Pokemon Journey - After waiting for years, three friends finally decide to start their own Pokemon adventure. But they never could have imagined where it would lead. And for one trainer, a friendship becomes so much more. HIATUS

=Member of the Brotherhood of the Pen=


STATUS: Writing whenever possible.

Due to the enormously contagious plague sweeping through the Brotherhood as of late, I have come to accept and embrace my status as a Brony.

Let's face it, life as a Brony is at least 20% cooler... :)


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Everything else in life I look at with a critical eye. I'm a scientist, but also a believer of miracles and the supernatural. (Yes, I believe dragons once did and still do exist! Until someone shows me concrete, undeniable evidence that they don't!) No one can tell me they understand eveything about our existence, because it is simply impossible. I mean, look up at the stars at night, those millions of points of light, and just try to tell me you understand everything about the universe. I dare you.

Cheers and happy reading!!

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Uncommon Love by Guardian117 reviews
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