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Welcome! My name is Nitz_X, want to be writer.

Why I write:

I write in order to better myself. It is my hobby in life and I take great joy in trying to improve my storytelling ability. This joy comes in only second to providing a fantastic story that someone (or hopefully, many someones) will enjoy.

What I write:

I write fanfiction set in the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic universe. I am (currently in the process off reuploading on here) My numerous stories, as well as one previously unpublished story. Below I have defined the universes I work with.

1. The 'Silverfield' Universe: The Silverfield universe largely revolves around Princess Luna and her Night Guard's interactions with a city-state that is a southern neighbor to Equestria. It is a medium magic (by MLP standards) world. The universe was later expanded to include several Changeling hives, the "Southern Territories" (lands that Equestria either controls as territories or is allied with), and the dreamscape. Stories in this world usually have characters that are going through a lot of rough times and have little reason to be happy, but a select few who don't give in and keep pushing on earn their happy endings.

2. The "Fallout:Equestria" Universe: The Fallout Equestria Universe was made by an author named Kkat, who's initial story chronicles the tale of The Stable Dweller, who sets out to rescue her crush and is drawn into facing the terrors of the Canterlot Wasteland. Many stories exist in this universe, and I am currently working on my contribution to this excellent sub-fandom.

3. I will sometimes dabble with other universes that don't fit into Silverfield or Fallout:Equestria, but they are rare.

About Me:

A long long time ago, as in, 7 years ago, I joined this site. At that time I wrote several pokemon stories as that was what held my interest at the time.

Less than two years later, I found myself drawn into the show known as My Little Pony:Friendship is magic. I published stories on another site they used for fanfiction, and erased my stories I had on here. I do not have any copies of what I used to write on here, so they won't be reuploaded. However, with this other pony site preparing to crash and fail as times change, I am going to be backing up my stories here, as well as publishing new ones.

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