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Author has written 3 stories for Dragon Ball Z, and CrossGen.
Ack!!!!!! I can't believe I haven't written in like forever. Wow. I must apologize to all those who have been waiting for my chapters to come out. I promise I will get right back into it. Life just got realllllllllyyyyyy busy. Please forgive me for ignoring my writing fans. Gomenasai!!!!!!! V_V

(Guess I will leave this here)
Penname: Ala, Silver or Dweardan Darkmoon! (I have others but these are my most common one's.
skin colour: white like a ghost and the rest of my family
height: 5"6
Sex:Female (no I'm a green alien from outerspace with antennae...ooops that's my boyfriend)
Eye Colour: Blue
Hair colour: Golden Blond(i am not kidding it is a golden blond and has been since I was born)
Favorite Colours: Blue, White, Green, Black, Red and Silver
country:Canada(I do not say aboot or eh...and I don't live in an igloo so don't ask)
Favorite food: well probably anything foreign, chinese food pretty much all of it I also like perrogies and holapshi. (Russian dishes)
Favorite anime: Dbz of course I also like the first 3 seasons of Sailormoon, Hunter X Hunter, Naruto, Sman King, Sand Land etc uhh and any other anime I can get my hands on...
favorite Scion character: Exeter
favorite dbz character:Piccolo (he is so hot!)
favorite books: the anita blake novels by Laurell K. Hamilton, any and every scotish romance and some horror novels.
favorite authors: Laurell K. Hamilton, Karen Marie
Moning, Alice Borchardt, etc (many more but can't concentrate at the momment)
favorite animal(s):any reptile, wolves, felines, horses and whales.
favorite comic books: Scion, Lady Death, Ascension, Witchblade, The Darkness, Dragonball Z, Shonen Jump etc...
hobbies: well watching anime, reading, collecting dbz stuff, collectng trading cards etc.
PS: As I have said far above I apologize deeply for not doing my job and handing out books like candy. Gomen. I am such a baka. Gomen Gomen Gomen please fogive this writer for the error of her ways.

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A 17 year old girl dabbles in magick and ends up in the world of Scion wher she tries to help out Ethan and Ashleigh end slavery for the 'lesser beings' and all genetic mutations
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Piccolo is having a bad day and to make it worse two strangers have appeared and he is getting a weird vibe from one....(ps this story has been created by Midnight-Sierra and I)
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