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Okay, honestly I'm not sure what to write here, so I'll just write some random shit.

Okay, here goes!

Gender: Girl. Woman. Female. Chick. Broad. Running out of words for it...

Age: I've just celebrated my eight hundredth year old birthday. Okay, plus/minus a few years (mostly minus)

Species: I wish I could say I'm a goddess or an elf or something cool like that... but wait. This is anonymous! Nobody can check if it's actually true! I mean I AM a goddess or elf or musé or something else unbelievable cool. Defiantly NOT human. Nope. Being human would suck. They're boring.

Religion: I guess atheist, but not really. I don't have a religion, but I do believe there's more between heaven and earth than humans can explain.

My favourite stories include:

- The Hallow Kingdom (If you haven't read it you seriously should. At least if you're as crazy about the Persephone/Hades myth as I am)

- Harry Potter (But who doesn't have that on their list)

- Twilight (Okay, I admit, perhaps a little bit too sugary for my taste, but how AWESOME wouldn't it be to be a vampire. That reminds me. Add vampire to the list of the possibilities of what I might be.)

- Tamora Pierce (Read it. Just... read it.)

Favourites pairings:

Bill/Fleur from Harry Potter.

George Copper/Alanna by Tamora Pierce. They're so perfect together I don't even want to steal him from her, despite being so in love with him. I mean he's the ROUGE! How cool is that?

Rosto/Beka by Tamora Pierce. For the same reasons.

Nawat/Aly by Tamora Pierce. He's adorable. There's no other word for it.

Alice/Hatter from the tv-show Alice. Well I love HIM. I'm not so sure about her. But thank God she didn't end up with that stupid Jack.

Things I love:

Quotes. I have like a billion favourites. Maybe I'll write them later.

Barney Stinson. He is AWESOME. No he's more than awesome. He is legen-wait-for-it-dary! Legandary!

Chocolate. Because. Wait, it's CHOCOLATE. Nobody ask people why they love chokolate. It's pretty obvious.

Sparribs. (Yeah, I love food.)

FanFiction. It's beyond awesome.

School. Hahah, got you fooled, huh? Of course I don't love school. What kind of psykopath do you take me for?

Parasols (Don't know why. Just do.)

Tony Stark from Iron Man (I just hate how the heroes always have to be absolutely PERFECT)

Beauty and the beast (I was like mayor disappointed first time I saw it and the awesome beast turned into another dull prince Charming. How ordinary. Of course later as I got older I realised the beast size maybe would have been a problem, when they decided to... let's say consumate their mariage.

The word awesome - obviously.

Well, I guess that's it for now...

Here's my favourite quotes:

If you see someone you recognize, even though I've written it's mine, then I DID made them up. Someone else obviously just did as well. Or maybe they were even in my sub-conscious. If you see any, please let me know, so I can correct the error.

(No, you don't have to read them if you don't want to)


I find beauty in power and power in beauty, so why do people insist on holding them up against each other as if they were contradictions? (Mine)


Everyone can fly, if only for a minute. Few can fly twice.

It is not the fall which kills you. It is the sudden stop at the end.

No, I would not be afraid to fly. I would be afraid suddenly not to fly

The knack of how to fly is to attempt to throw yourself at the ground and fail.


It is not that I hate you .It is just… well; I hate you.

Love your enemies. It pisses them off.


Do not judge people by what they might do, but by what they do. (Mine)

Every saint has a past and every sinner has a future.

The only two things truly everlasting are the universe and the stupidity of men. And I am not completely sure about the universe.


Mom said alcohol is my enemy. Jesus said love your enemies.

Someone will always be there when you fall. This someone is called the floor.


Every fool thinks himself wise and every wise man knows himself a fool.


Life cannot possible be constantly unpredictable. We usually live lives with nothing more than a little unpredictable in them, and even if we live life as constant unpredictably, they would not really be unpredicted, predicted as they are, would they? (Mine)

Never take life too seriously. Nobody gets out alive anyway.

Sometimes I find my self mull over the big questions in life. Why do we live, why do we die, is there a God is there a meaning with why I am here? Then I usually get a headache and stop. Why cost yourself pain over questions you do not have the answers to? Either you will find out eventually or you will not care any longer. (Mine)


I will never settle for anything but butterflies.

Love is indescribable. So why do I bother trying? (Mine)

Love isn’t blind. Love is freaking retarded.


Men are like drugs. Sometimes they get you down, but sometimes, oh sometimes they get you so high.


I once was asked if I was not a morning person. I answered I had absolutely nothing against morning. I just hate being woken up, no matter what time of the day it is. (Mine)

In the morning I take absolutely no responsibility for what I do. If you wake me in the morning whatever will happen to you is your own fault. If you walked over and kicked a sleeping bear or a lion, would that not be your own fault as well? It is not my responsibility if I kill you or torture me. You simply should not have dared to wake me up in the first place. (Mine)

Warning: From zero to bitch in three seconds.

Peace & War

Fighting for peace is like fucking for virginity.


A diplomat is someone who can tell you to go to hell and actually make you look forward to the trip.

I have always thought that what was needed to be a successful politician was the ability to let out shit from both ends. What would make you a good politician would not matter. You would never make it very far as one. (Last part mine)

Politicians and diapers have one thing in common. They should both be changed frequently and for the same reason.


A once was asked why I loved to read. Stupid as I was I tried to explain. I explained that when you were reading, you were travelling to a different world. A world filled of magic and excitement. I tried to explain her that when you read you share the characters sorrows and joys. That you are with them on their adventures. You cry with them, you laugh with them, you hate and you love with them. When you read you live a little extra life filled with everything, you could not possible have in you own. She told me she did not understand. Of course she did not. Why did I even bother trying? Either you are a Reader yourself, and I would not have to explain or else you could never even hope to understand. (Mine)


If we need the threat of punishment to keep us good, we truly are hopeless.

Reputation & Womanhood

A good girl lives for the approval of others. A bad girl simply lives. (Mine)

A good girl live for Death. A bad girl live for life. (Mine. Death meaning Heaven as she lives her entire life being appropriate, so she'll end up there)

Behind every great man is a greater woman.

I often find that those who mind, doesn’t matter, and those who matters, doesn’t mind.

If a man is strong, determined, ambitious and intelligent, he will be called a real man. If the woman is the same, she will she will be called a fake one. (Mine)

Sticks & stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.

Throughout history anonymous has most often been a woman.

We women can do anything that you men can do. We can just do it in a pair of high heels.

When a good woman is told not to give after for the temptation, she does not. But while she might be morally correct she will also remain hungry, thirsty and sexually frustrated. (Mine)

Women gets a smaller pay check for the same kind of work, are being called a scandal for things men does every day and gets half the credit for twice the effort simply because they don’t have a penis between their legs. Am I the only one who thinks something must be wrong with that sentence? (Mine)

Women who wish to be equal with men lack ambitions.

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