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So here's what happened. I know I haven't posted for a while, but life's gotten the best of me for the past little bit. I'm working on it. However, 3 o'clock this morning I got an email saying they were taking down The Book of Shadows, Truths, and Lies because it violated one of the guidelines by having previously published works in it. If anyone has an idea of what I should do, send me a private message, because I loved that story, and I know a lot of you loved that story, and I was well underway writing the next chapter.

Alright, I'm going to list my ideas for potential stories, more so I don't forget than anything else. Most are for Vampire Academy (because that series totally rules!!):

Vampire Academy/Frostbite/Shadow Kissed/Blood Promise/Spirit Bound/Last Sacrifice in Lissa's POV

Frostbite/Shadow Kissed/Blood Promise/Spirit Bound/Last Sacrifice in Adrian's POV

VA characters reading the VA books (I know it's been done before, but I have plans for a lot of dialogue between them, them being them while they're reading it, not them as we've read them. If that makes any sense at all. *Shrugs* Makes sense in my head. Yay for Lacey world! But I digress) (I want to do two versions of this. One before any of the books, so everything is in the future, and one after all of the books, so it's in the past. I haven't decided yet if I'm going to do them both as part of the same story line [where they've read them when the books are in the future for them, and then they read them when the books are in the past] or if I'm going to do them as separate fanfictions . . .) (Scratch that. I've decided to do them separately. I know how I plan to end the future one, and that won't work for the past one)

What Would Have Happened If . . . (Also VA, writing what would have happened in the series if certain things had or hadn't occurred. For example, one chapter will probably be: What Would Have Happened If Rose and Lissa Had Gotten Away From Dimitri. Probably would be a collection of one-shots, maybe some twos or threes thrown in there.)

Road House written in the VA world (I've wanted to do this ever since I first saw the movie. It's gonna be super easy!)

Road House/VA crossover (After RH written in VA world. Might just be a continuation of that story . . . It'll be after the fact for both)

Me In The Episode (A Supernatural fanfic. I had it posted as a quiz on Addicted to Supernatural on Facebook called You In The Episode, but they shut that app down. And, since we're not supposed to do second-person stuff, it's now first-person instead. I'm going to alternate chapters between a Sam-girl and a Dean-girl, since before it was a 'choose-your-guy' kinda thing. For a summery, it's basically where you would fit into the episodes of the show, and have a relationship with whichever guy the chapter is for. Confusing, I know)

Dante Valentine (Possibly, just because I loved the series so much and there's nothing on here about it yet. I have no idea what I'd do, though)

Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The Novel: Season [insert number 1 through 7 here] (If you're like me and process things much better when you can read them instead of watch them, this is the story for you. Episode by episode, I'm gonna go through the series and write out what goes on. Much better than a synopsis. Haven't decided if I'm going to do it in first person and alternate POVs, or try my hand at third person. I really don't like writing in third person, though.)

Angel, The Novel: Season [insert number 1 through 5 here] (Same as for the BtVS one, basically)

And, Stories I'm currently working on :

Game's Night (VA, no idea where it's really set in the plot line, but at this point, Lissa's not queen, Dimitri has been strigoi and turned back to dhampir, and everyone knows about Rose and his relationship. It's set at St. Vlad's. Adrian's cool with everyone, and Liss and Christian are dating.) (Also don't know how long it's going to be. Hypothetically, it could go on forever, provided I don't run out of ideas.)

Vampire Academy/Frostbite/Shadow Kissed/Blood Promise/Spirit Bound/Last Sacrifice in Dimitri's POV

Sunrise (my Twilight fanfic. It's a Jalice story, and rated M, so if you like that kind of thing, read it! Pretty please?)

The Book of Shadows, Truth and Lies (my VA reading VA story, the one with the books set in the future)

Does anyone actually even read these?

Okay, favorite book series:

Vampire Academy (#1!!!)

Dante Valentine

The Hollows

Nocturne City (Really don't think Daemon's Mark was the ending, but can't say for sure. Kinda annoying)

The Georgina Kincaid series

Unbound series

Favorite TV shows:

Supernatural (# 1 show ever!!!!)

Vampire diaries (Books were better, but Ian Somerhalder is hotter than I'd envisioned Damon to be)

Lost Girl (okay, tied for # 1, I suppose!!)


True Blood (Again, books prevail)

Rookie Blue (Awesome!!)

Being Human (okay, i watch a lot of TV. Sue me. I still read more.)


Impractical Jokers

Buffy the Vampire Slayer


Favorite Movies: (I don't like to do fanfics based on movies, because I find it harder to really get a feel for the characters. However, there will probably be an exception or two)

The Crow


Road House

The Losers!!!

Dirty Dancing (okay, so virtually anything with Patrick Swayze in it)

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