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Isabella | Izzy | Iz | Bella | Bee | Bellabear | B

I was born in London with the regret that I didn't have an awesome American accent, they're simply the best - although I do have a habit of saying 'The United Mistakes' a lot when I'm chatting to my loser of a friend from NYC ] I blame madtv for teaching my that, I'm very impressionable but madtv is sooooo good.


My Vampire Diaries Roleplay. JOIN! n_n

I study @ college, laugh a lot and wear cool sunglasses when I'm "rolling" with homeskillet biscuits called 'My Friends' ]

I live for the rainy days that make me smile, laughing so much I get light headed and high fives; things that I feel are highly underrated! - I also love to write stories, read books and flicking endlessly through the television channels.

I'm into all kinds of music but I tend to prefer listening to it live, give me a guitar player and a drummer over my iTunes any day of the week! I swear I've made iTunes a small fortune from all of the music I download.

I have a severe case of Arachnophobia and the tendency to sing at the top of my voice in class when my headphones in; I also sleep walk a lot, a few times a week and scared my mother after I tried to get into the backgarden after I forced her to watch Paranormal Activity.

I tell bad jokes (that I think are hilarious), I like dinosaurs and silly things that are deemed unimportant, driving, saying the word Antibiotics and watching OwnagePranks on youtube.

I pull all-nighters for no apparent reason, drink way too much sugar and abuse my metabolism i.e. I eat loads and stay thin! My bestfriend likes to say I'm storing food for the winter, niiiiiice.

I love American guys because they genuinely are awesome, Spanish/Australian Accents, Facial Hair, Green Eyes, 'Surfer' Hair, Ginger hair, Freckles, Dimples, White teeth, Guys with long hair'headphones&flipflopsā¤, The smell of Chocolate Lynx and the brightness of Rihanna's red hair.