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Hi all!

I've been writing almost non-stop for the last 7 years, and broke away from fan fiction to start self publishing.

I have recently slowed down with my writing because I'm now a babygirl submissive in the lifestyle, and my Daddy Dom keeps me very busy. I love being in the lifestyle, and have found where I truly belong.

That being said, I have also discovered that the stories I wrote before I joined the BDSM lifestyle do not accurately reflect who I am or what I am into. I had advisors in the lifestyle guiding me along. Some of the information they shared with me has not been true to my own experiences. It doesn't mean they were wrong, just that the Doms I have played with or gotten to know don't go by the same rules. Feel free to ask me any questions about my experiences. I'm hoping to someday publish a fiction about what it's like to be in a Daddy/babyirl relationship and how intimate and tender it is, along with being kinky as hell. It's the softer, more romantic side of the D/s dynamic without all the strict rules and harsh punishments.

Cuffs has been translated into Russian, so I'm happy to share it with more people in the fandom. :D

If you want to know what I've published and when, or maybe just want some visuals to my fan fic stories, then check out my blog:

My story, Sleeves, my scifi erotica is my first, and is now on Amazon:

Slick as Ides, the published version, twice as long as the fan fic version, and the 1st of 2 books in the series is now live on Amazon: If you want a free ebook of it in either mobi or epub, then contact me by email and let me know which format you'd like at I'm happy to share it for free with all my fan fic readers! :D

Knots is my tender BDSM love story with a more formal D/s arrangement with protocols and rituals.

Harkham's Case is my contemporary erotica romance, first published as a fan fiction on my other account under the name of Scarlett Play. It's been my most popular fan fiction to date, and I was blown away by the positive response it received.

Here are the summaries:


Kel isn't at all the animal locked in a cage that he appears to be. Secrets keep him there, hidden from those who hunt him. But what does a man do when he needs physical contact to survive, but can't stand the burning pain that comes with another's touch? He’s found a way to get a small fraction of his needs met at the nightclub, Sleeves. What happens when he lets in an unknown woman with a healing hand? Casey can see past the vulgar mouth to the affection-starved man hiding inside. When she does, all hell breaks loose, and the past finds him. Will he be able to avoid the agency, or will they add Casey to their twisted experiments? She entered the cage with him, and now it seems there's no way out.


Jeanie's life has been turned upside down. She's lost her husband at an early age and with him, her way. An offer from a man she's avoided, a man that was her husbands best friend, may be the only thing that can bring light back into her life. Mark isn't like most men. His dominant nature helps him see a different side of Jeanie: a submissive woman with a deep capacity to love and please a man. But having a relationship with him so soon after her husbands death causes strife with her in-laws; the only family she knows. Can Mark set her free, or will she walk away, missing out on the chance for an all-encompassing love?

Harkham's Case

Mari squinted. “Well, if it’s not Asperger’s, then what is it?”

Samara paused before answering and gripped the door handle. “We don’t know what he has. He was the first documented case. For now, he’s called Harkham’s Case number one.”

Mari smiled as a tear leaked out. “Okay.” But nothing was. This changed everything.

“He needs you, Mari. I’m not sure why or how he even decided that. It took years before he’d let Dad touch him.”

Mari pulled over on the side of the road. “Years? His own father?”

“Dustin’s not his biological father. It’s complicated,” Samara said, turning her head to look out her side window.

“Okay, it’s complicated. Whose family isn’t?”

“Ours is more than the Brady Bunch. There’s no laughs when somebody breaks their nose from a football, because Adam can be taken away from us, and we’re all he has left,” Samara replied.

Mari gripped Samara’s arm. “Tell me. He’s dragged me into this—I need to know.”

Adam Latham looks like any other charming, good-looking high school senior, but underneath, there’s a lot more to him than anyone could ever guess. He has an uncontrollable need for constant touch to ground him, to keep the numbers from invading his brain when anxiety gets the better of him.

When Adam resolves to finally complete high school and get his diploma, the social demands amongst his younger peers prove to be much more challenging than he’d imagined.

Lucky for him, his first class holds Marissa Cole, and she’s willing to let him hold her hand so he can keep control. Adam’s family sees him as a danger to himself if not strictly regulated, but to Mari, he’s a boy with the most pure soul—one so intriguing, she can’t resist him, and he quickly steals her heart.

How will she cope when he invades her world and turns her life upside down, unearthing her own past traumas and issues? Will Adam find a way to help her find peace and forgiveness through love, or will their own problems keep them apart?

The sequel, Harkham's Choice is due for release September 15th (I'm now taking ARC reviewers for this story) and the final story in the trilogy, Harkham's Corner will be released October 15th. Harkham's Case has already been removed from fan fiction, but Harkham's Corner will stay up until September 21st, and then it will come down as well. If you want to check it until then, here's the link:

Also, Cuffs is in the process of being translated into German. Here's the link:

If you want to join my facebook group, where I post teasers for my stories or talk about what I'm reading and writing, either friend me and send me a PM to manually add you, or send an invite here:!/groups/157946840950900/

If you've enjoyed any of my stories, I'd sure appreciate it if you'd give my author page on facebook a "like."

Don't expect canon characters in my stories, and pretty much anything goes.

Feel free to email me anytime:


Facebook page: I'd appreciate a like if you've enjoyed my stories in case you missed that hint. *wicked grin*

I'm on goodreads:

That's all I feel up to sharing for now, other than I'm a rope enthusiast, so you might find more and more rope play in my stories in the future. If you want to find me on Fetlife, feel free to ask for my profile address, and I may share it with you.

I created these separate accounts so I can talk about these stories I write without my real life family and friends having to hear about how I'm writing this raw, uninhibited stuff. :D So if you talk to me on facebook (outside of my group), please don't mention my real name, my other fan fic account, or my other stories or even my published stuff. Thank you!

Oh, I don't respond to flames, just so you know. I don't get into all that drama. Rather be writing stuff I enjoy than telling somebody to get their thumb out of their butt--anal beads work much better, folks.


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