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Author has written 10 stories for Legend of Dragoon, Evangelion, Now and Then, Here and There, Record of Lodoss War, Mega Man, Gundam Seed, Teen Titans, and Star Fox.

Well let’s start with reviews. If you can take the time to review a story that I’ve written, I would appreciate it greatly. Reviews are almost like my bread and butter, and they keep inspiring me to write more and more. These prove that someone is reading a story and has an opinion about it. I always feel excited knowing that there are other people who are just as interested as I am to see how “this” or “that” story will end.

I started reading and writing fanfiction a long time ago, about 13 years ago, so I’m a bit of an old hand at this. I started reading them because of some of the lackluster endings that came from certain video games. The ones that affected me the most were Final Fantasy VII, and Legend of Dragoons. So instead, I started writing stuff that continued those stories.

My first story was the Prince of Dragoons, and at the same time it’s pretty much been my most successful story. To be honest, that’s a little embarrassing cause those chapters were pretty badly made. I didn’t know how to write good grammar, or how to write a story correctly. I made it difficult for readers to go through the story, but for some reason they did. And I’ll always remember that.

Right now, I am focusing my writing on the Diary of a Pilot story because in it I'm using everything I’ve learned when it comes to story writing so far, though I keep learning just from writing the story itself. My intention is to finish writing this before I go back and rewrite/continue the other stories I have, and that’s mainly because I’ve let myself get carried away by the distractions of everyday life. But, I expect that this will be a permanent part of my life in the future anyways, since this is what made me realize that I love to tell stories.

Shoot me an e-mail if you want to talk about a story, or if you’re a writer, we can also brainstorm some ideas.

Thanks for reading,

Hawk Strife

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Soul Caliber: Of Souls And Swords by Bios13 reviews
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Love Hina Next by Kouji Tamino reviews
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Second String Fighters reviews
With the disappearance of Fox McCloud and the disbanding of Star Fox, the Lylat system is filled with dangers thanks to the notorious Star Wolf. Todd, a young pilot with a shady past, attempts to make his living as a freelance pilot, with dreams of one day reaching the skill and fame of the Star Fox team. Will he succeed? Or will his past catch up with him in the dangers of space?
Star Fox - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Drama - Chapters: 1 - Words: 6,674 - Reviews: 2 - Follows: 2 - Published: 7/16/2013
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Three years after Third Impact, and the world is still trying to overcome the many challenges it brought. Now, with technology pushed back to that of the early 20th century, a war brews on the horizon, one that may break the bruised Earth and humanity.
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Now and Then, Here and There: Return and Repent reviews
2 years after coming back to Japan, Shu begins to wish he could return and find Lala Ru. That wish is granted and this time he brings along 3 friends. Can Shu find what he's been looking for and what of the new companions?
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